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About Anna Johannsen

A writer of taut and tense mystery thrillers, Anna Johannsen is well-regarded for writing engaging and intriguing mysteries. Creating a brand for herself that has fast become recognized the world over, the German author has a lot to say and offer as a novelist. Reaching scores of readers from around the world, she’s a hugely gifted novelist, drawing in readers from both far and wide. Instantly grabbing her audience from the outset, she knows and understands her readership, giving them what they want, while saying something different in the process.

Getting to the heart of some serious themes and ideas, she has become a household name for many, reaching the top of the bestseller lists worldwide. Establishing herself as very much her own author, she sets herself apart from other writers currently working within her field. This approach to her craft has really worked for her, allowing her to become the writer that she currently is to this very day. Keeping her readers constantly guessing throughout each of her stories, they’re never quite sure what’s coming next as they turn the page.

This attention to her writing also translates into her characters, as she creates realistic personalities that feel wholly three-dimensional. Staying with the audience long after they’ve finished the book, her protagonists often take on a life of their own for many. Not only that, but she manages to create a realistic ambiance and atmosphere that feels wholly immersive on every level. With so much more to follow yet, she isn’t a writer who will be finishing her writing career any time soon either, as there’s plenty more in the pipeline.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in North Friesland, German, Anna Johannsen has always had a keen and passionate interest in everything literature. This interest of hers would develop throughout much of her life, allowing her to essentially become the writer she currently is today. Setting much of her own work in the North Frisian islands, she has a kinship for the area in which grew up, which is evident in her writing.

Over time she would develop her craft as a writer, really allowing her work to fully establish a true and authentic voice of its own. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, she would put much of it back into her work, ultimately giving it a life of its own. Currently working and residing in Germany, she continues to work to this day, as her writing career carries on growing upwards and onwards.

Writing Career

The first novel that Anna Johannsen would publish was titled ‘The Body on the Beach,’ and it would come out in 2019. Later, in 2020, she would go on to publish another follow-up book, this time called ‘Death on the Beach,’ which was another mystery. Both of these books would be mystery novels and were part of her much loved ‘Island Mystery’ collection of novels.

Focusing on the fictional detective DI Lena Lorenzen for much of her literary career, Johannsen would come to make a name for herself. In time her books would reach far and wide, setting them in near to where she grew up, as they’d take place on the North Frisian islands. Maintaining a presence as an author, she practices her craft regularly, reaching her readers both online as well as off.

The Body on the Beach

Originally released on the Kindle platform back in 2017, this would first come out on the 24th of October to much acclaim. Setting up the ‘Island Mystery’ series, it would establish both the style and the tone of the series to follow, with its own self-contained mystery story. It would also be translated for an English speaking market by Lisa Reinhardt for an international audience of readers worldwide.

Shocking the close-knit community of Amrum to its very core, a coastal town in Germany discovers the body of the dead man on the beach. Investigating the case, DI Lena Lorenzen must now get to the bottom of the mystery, finding who the real killer is before it’s too late. Recently returning to the area herself, her past catches up with her, as the investigation leads to a children’s home, where it seems that the murder victim may have been guilty of abuse. Who is behind the murder, can they find out the truth of the victim’s own crimes, and what became of the body on the beach?

Immediately engaging the reader from the outset, this first novel from Johannsen really is an intriguing page-turner. The character of DI Lena Lorenzen is fully introduced, making for an interesting protagonist to help lead the series in the novels to come. It makes a real powerful impact and can be read on its own, but it also paves the way for the second story to follow in its footsteps.

Death on the Beach

This book would be the second in the ongoing ‘Island Mystery’ series of novels, as it would carry on from the previous title. Providing another self-contained mystery story, it can be read on its own too, although many arcs are brought over from the first book. Initially released on the 6th of February in 2018, it would come out through the ‘Thomas and Mercer’ publishing imprint, carrying on in much the same vein as before.

Vanishing from the small island of Föhr, a fourteen year-old-girl disappears and it’s up to DI Lena Lorenzen to find her. After her body is found on the beach with slashes to the wrists, Lena fast realizes it’s likely been made to look like a suicide. That’s when Lena comes to learn that everyone on the island won’t cooperate with her investigation, including the girl’s parents, as it appears many of them are members of a cult. Will Lena be able to get to the bottom of this case, why are the islanders so secretive, and who is behind the death on the beach?

It’s an intriguing mystery with some serious themes and ideas that are handled sensitively, making for a highly immersive story. There’s a lot happening here, as the world of the series is fully brought to life for the reader, along with the character of Lena. Instantly capturing the attention of its audience, the entire story moves along at an engaging pace, not stopping or falling back at any point.

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