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The Futures (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Necessary People (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Our American Friend (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Helsinki Affair (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anna Pitoniak is a literary fiction and thriller author from New York City. As a teenager, she studied English at Yale where she was also the “Yale Daily News” editor.

She would then work for many years as a book publisher and still works at Random House as a senior editor.

Pitoniak was born in the United States but spent much of her childhood in Canada. She was very young when the family moved to Canada, which meant she failed a lot of spelling tests.

It is perhaps as a tribute to this that she wrote the double perspective novel “The Futures” with one Canadian and one American character.

Pitoniak lived in Whistler a small town on the Canadian west coast, where she could see the mountain peaks of a ski resort from her driveway.

She used to love the views from her home but even better, the fact that she could skip school if it snowed a lot during the night.

For a time before she turned sixteen, she wanted to become a brain surgeon having read Saturday by Ian McEwan and became fascinated with the lead.

But her high school counselor asserted that she had never shown much interest in science and maybe she was just obsessed with fiction and she could not have been more right.

In college, Anna Patoniak loved working for the “Yale Daily News,” the college paper. She has asserted that she learned a lot more working for the publication than from any class she attended.

She used to be in charge of editing and writing the headline, which was a challenging but ultimately satisfying task that pushed her limits. As such, it is no wonder that she would grow up to become an editor.

She still works a day job as an editor in New York City and writes her fiction during the very early morning and on weekends.

Working as an editor, she had the chance to witness the brilliance and creativity of writers up close, which provided a very good education.

Besides working as an editor, she also loved dancing which she started doing when she was in university. In fact, she at some point thought she would become a backup dancer if her dream of becoming a brain surgeon did not pan out.

She now uses dancing to break up her writing sessions when she has been spending hours at her desk.

Anna Patoniak got the idea for her debut novel when she graduated from college in 2010. It began to crystallize in that first year out of college and by 2012, she started writing a rough draft, which she finished in 2015.

She was lucky enough to be offered a book deal in the same year. She has said that it all had to do with her many years of experience working at Random House as an editor.

She had spent so many years learning what good writing was that by the time she decided to give it a try herself she had the tools and courage needed to do it.
While many people would have preferred enrolling in a creative fiction program she was lucky enough to soak up all the knowledge she could from the rough drafts submitted to her and the editors around her.

Patoniak now makes her home in a sunny but small apartment on the Upper East Side of New York and usually has to walk for half an hour to get to her office in Midtown.

When she gets home from work, she relaxes by putting on some soft pajamas and pouring a glass of white wine.

“Necessary People” by Anna Patoniak is the story of best friends Violet and Stella who knew their roles right from the moment they bumped into each other in college.

Stella is a reckless, privileged, and beautiful girl who craves the spotlight. On the other hand, Violet is a laser-focused and hard-working girl who willingly cleans up the mess her friend leaves behind.

When they graduate, Violet heads to New York and starts working in cable news and climbs through the ranks to go from intern to assistant and ultimately producer. She finally gets free of the shadow of her more flamboyant friend Stella.

Violet is soon thriving and becoming even more ambitious, only for Stella to use her charisma, beauty, and connections to get herself hired at the same company out of envy.

Stella makes headway fast and it is not long before she is front and center as the face of the stories Violet works hard to produce. She is basking in the glory while Violet can do nothing about it as a producer.

Stella might have the right friends and a rich family but violet is not one to give up so easily. As they strive for success, they both show how far they are willing to go to achieve their highest desires.

Anna Patoniak’s novel “The Futures” is a heartwrenching novel about two people trying to find out what they want in life. Evan and Julia fell in love as Yale undergraduates and have been going strong ever since.

Evan had grown up in a Canadian small town and hence Yale is a strange new world. Julia is a rich, beautiful blond girl who he sees as part of his future life.
Upon graduating, they both move to New York City and Evan gets a job working for a hedge fund. He believes he is on the way to having the life he envisioned for himself when he set out to go to college.

Having known a life of privilege, Julia gets her degree in art history and does not know what she wants to do thereafter. She gets a job at a nonprofit as an assistant and wonders how everyone else’s life seems to be so ordered.

With banks failing and markets crashing all around him, Ewan finds himself dealing with high-stakes transactions and realizes that privilege sometimes comes with some risky and unpleasant strings attached.
In the meantime, Julia is reconnecting with someone from her past that has been offering her a different type of life.

“Our American Friend” by Anna Patoniak is the story of Sofie Morse, a Washington correspondent. She has increasingly become fed up with the outrageous antics of Henry Caine the president and the dysfunction in Washington.

She is planning to quit her job and never have to work on anything related to politics. But then she gets a call from Lara Caine the first lady asking her to come in for a private meeting.

She is curious about the First Lady as just like every correspondent she knows very little about the Soviet-born Lara.

She had been born in the Soviet Union, grew up in France, and then worked for several years modeling before she moved to America to get married to the president.
When she meets the first lady, she learns that she wants her to write her biography and bring her story to many more Americans.

She begins spending more time at the White House and soon they are developing a special bond that soon transforms into a surprising friendship.

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