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Anna Smith, the author, is the prized journalist that has worked for her entire life for a newspaper where she reported from ground zero. She was previously a chief reporter for The Daily Record. She was a newspaper columnist, a journalist, and now a great author. She has committedly covered battles from one end of the world to the other with an authoritative voice. In her own way, she has perceived the quandary of catastrophic immigrant issues alongside massacres and repugnant ethnic purging as well. Trusted officials have contracted her skills in order to conduct investigations as they worked to find drug dealers, law breakers, and pedophiles. She even worked on the Dunblane Massacre and the attack on September eleventh.

It has been said that life imitates art and vice versa and that is not too hard to see in Anna Smith’s most recent work as she applies all that she learned while working in the field of journalism into building her chops as a creative writer. Some say it takes a leap of faith and she took the leap with all that she had on her way to building highly dimensional and complex characters through which to tell her story. She does not hold anything back as she fights for what she believes in, by putting the spotlight on heinous crimes that are commonly occurring in the world today. And she does it in such a caring way that the reader that flip the page fast enough.

The Dead Won’t Sleep

Anna Smith has applied all of her field work in an effort to write novels for herself. She envisioned and created the Rosie Gilmour atmosphere who is a persistent Glasgow journalist that blows through a world of exploitation as she tries to get to the bottom of things. She conveniently shares her life while living in her home in Scotland, but then also lives in West Ireland as well.

She cleverly spends time in Spain as she appreciates not having to deal with the unsightly British weather. Anna Smith’s first written novel was appropriately named The Dead Won’t Sleep. This book later became the first in a series of books. Inside of the book, she worked to highlight fraud and child abuse simultaneously. And then as she went on, she discovers that the higher up the establishment that she reached the worse it got. There is always an element of current and present news stories in how she writes that adds dimension to her writing.

To Tell The Truth

In the second book of the series, Anna Smith writes about how Rosie goes on a petrifying investigation where there is an untimely kidnapping in the city. There was a three – year-old girl taken from her loving parent’s arms and it is critical that they get her back before something bad happens to her. The child is from a seashore in Spain which is where her family had chosen to spend their holiday on break from their everyday life. The parents are terrified that when they realize that there have been so many people taken for the common role of people trafficking and they fear for the worst to happen to their little girl. And they become even more worried when they hear about the unnerving spike in international child pornography that is happening and they know that could be a very hard road to travel down. The story is set in the middle of Morocco, the outskirts of Glasgow, and then in Spain too.

Screams In The Dark

Screams In The Dark is the third book in the series that is also written by the talented author Anna Smith. It is a distressing story where there are many refugees that ultimately go missing and no one can find them for aa long time. The story is set in Glasgow and because there are so many refugees all around, it might not be taken any too seriously if something bad were to happen to any given one of them. They are kind of looked at as if they are an unfortunate burden on the system as a whole. It is only when a disturbing body part, a torso, shows up and is actually floating down the River Clyde that attention is drawn to the story. Some say that the story is near and dear to the writer’s heart because when she reported from Kosovo that there were parallel events occurring there where refugees were going across the border by the droves. She felt it was a story that had to be told. The lead character Rosie moves down a path of international offenders down from London to the Belgrade area as she exposes a grid of evildoers.

The Betrayed Story

The most recent book in the series is named Betrayed. It is a story where the lead character Rosie devotedly goes out in the field to take on the bad people face to face, not caring about her own safety and security. The criminals are actually within the Ulster Volunteer Force and they are located in the Glasgow area when she finds them. There are many things going on in parallel such as cocaine smuggling in the background of the story. With so many terrible things happening around her, she struggles with her place in the world and if she really belongs where she is. But her uncertainty seems to drive her even harder towards her goals because she feels a deep sense of commitment and devotion to the cause under which she fights for.

Rosie seems to discover that there are now alienated loyalties between all of them, unfortunately. There is also an underpinning of love and remorse but the fireworks really start to pop off when the underpinning of betrayal becomes the key component in their lives. Lives are forever changed during this period of time as the writer pays homage to their struggle through their lives. She brings a realness to the reality of the hardship in that part of the world, by shining the spotlight on its crime spree.

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    I’ve read all Anna Smith’s books I’m reading end game she is a fantastic writer she’s brilliant at what she does

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    I have read the 9 Rosie Gilmour books and the 4 Kerry Casey books do you have any more books please Anne Mitchell 🥰🥰

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    please can you tell me the name of the next book after The Hit , love your books from a castlemilk girl
    living in london for the last 45 years.

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    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Unfortunately as of this writing the Hit is the last novel in that series.


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