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Anna Snoekstra is an Australian author of fiction. She graduated from Melbourne University where she studied Cinema and Creative Writing. She also studied screenwriting at RMIT University. She has also made music videos and short films that have been shown around the world and written short fiction that has won awards and been showcased in various publications.

Snoekstra is the author of her debut novel Only Daughter, published in 2016, and Little Secrets, published in 2017. Only Daughter has since been optioned to become a movie.

The main character of Only Daughter is Rebecca Winter. She is sixteen years old, or at least she was when she went missing in 2003. Rebecca was supposed to have been relaxing on her summer break. But what is supposed to be an idyllic summer starts to turn into a nightmare. Strange things start happening and Becca is not sure what to do. She’s been experiencing blackouts, blood in the bed, and feels that she is being watched.

But despite all of these strange things, Rebecca was able to just shrug them off. Sure, they’re a little weird, but what was she going to do about them? So when something happens years later and a young woman comes forward, everything seems strange. It has been eleven years and this woman was just arrested for a shoplifting charge. Homeless, dirty, and with very few options available to her, the memory of a missing teen post comes to mind and knowing that she looks a lot like her opens a possible door to her. She claims that she is, in fact, the missing girl and soon it is no time at all until she is living Rebecca’s life.

The girl knows that she is not Rebecca. The truth is that she had nowhere to go after being arrested and thought she could stand to gain by slipping into Rebecca Winter’s life. She gets along okay with her friends and family but starts to suspect that they are not all that they seem. On top of that, she has to try to stay out of the way of the detective that is looking into the case or else she might find out that she is an impostor. The real Rebecca Winter disappeared sometime after her shift at McDonald’s ended.

As the new girl starts to get deeper into Rebecca’s life, knowing that the real girl is still out there somewhere, she starts to become concerned about the real Becca Winter. The further she goes into what happened, the more she realizes that whoever it was that took her is still out there and that perhaps both of them are in danger as a result. This crime thriller is one that you will not be able to put down so check out Only Daughter and see how this book ends!

Little Secrets is Anna Snoekstra’s second book. Sometimes in order to keep smaller secrets, bigger lies are told. A family deals with an unknown threat in this chilling book. A town is dealing with a recent tragedy. Someone set a fire in the town of Colmstock in Australia that ended up burning down the courthouse. The real tragedy of all of this is that a young boy was trapped inside and ended up perishing in the blaze. Everyone in the town is devastated and they are on the lookout for an arsonist among them.

Not only that, Rose Blakey works as a bartender and it’s not covering the bills. Rose has nothing but newspaper rejections for her attempts to make a little side cash. She likes her job okay, but pulling beers to serve to cops at the tavern in town is just not paying the rent. Rose wants to be a journalist, but nothing is panning out. Rose really needs a big story to break in order to get anywhere because as things are she is going nowhere fast.

Rose is desperate to find a story and it seems like she may have found one just days later. Little dolls can apparently hold big secrets. In the weeks following the arson at the courthouse, dolls start turning up on doorsteps. Not only that, but they are replicas of the daughters in town. Rose might just have her story.

When a porcelain doll is placed on the doorstep of a family’s home, they freak out. The small doll has rosy cheeks, blonde hair, and is wearing a blue dress– just like their daughter, only six years old. The doll seems like it is intended to be an exact replica. Who could be out there doing this? The parents of this small town are terrified and it’s giving the already strained police force a run for their money as they scratch their heads over the creepy phenomenon.

Rose begins covering the trend and when her articles pick up, she is thrilled. But the boundaries of what she is investigating blur and the town is seized by doubt and paranoia as a result of the dolls and what they mean. Rose eventually turns to the stranger that is living in the rooms behind the tavern as a main suspect.

It’s easy to write this off as a mistake at first. But when letters start coming to the families of this town in the mail, it’s not as easy to write it off. The letters are from someone that calls themselves The Doll Collector, and they really mean business. In this small town, it’s even creepier because no one truly seems like they are capable of doing this. At least, that’s what you would hope. However, as the letters keep coming the family begins to become more suspicious of the people that live around them in this small town.

It becomes clear that they cannot really trust everyone. When you don’t know who the suspect is, everyone becomes a potential fit for The Doll Collector. As neighbors eye each other and it seems that no one can be trusted, will this small town be able to pull it together– or will they fall apart? Check out this riveting second novel from Anna Snoekstra and find out!

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