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Publication Order of Anna Sweet Mysteries Books

Anna Sweet Mysteries is a series of mystery suspense novels written by Brenda Chapman. Set in Ottawa, the books follow the exploits of a pair of former female police officers who run a detective agency.

+The Story

The Anna Sweet Mysteries series began publication in 2013. Kicking off with ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, the series introduced readers to Anna Sweet, a waitress with a sordid past.

Anna was a police officer. And she was pretty good at her job. But then she killed someone. Anna was in the right and the authorities proved as much. She wasn’t charged or condemned for her actions.

However, the event changed Anna. Unable to deal with the consequences of her decision, she left her career and became a waitress. When readers meet her in ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, Anna Sweet is traversing the United States.

She spends her days hopping from bar to bar and living on whatever tips she receives whenever she secures a waitressing gig. Anna is in Kermit, Texas when an opportunity to change her life comes knocking.

He sister Cheri is in the hospital in Ottowa. Someone messed with her brakes, or at least that is what Cheri claims. Cheri is certain that someone is trying to kill her. She wants her sister to come back home and make sense of things before her would-be murderer succeeds.

A message like that would send most people running to their sister’s side. However, Anna actually hesitates here, and for good reason. Once upon a time, Anna Sweet was engaged to Jimmy.

She thought they had a future together. But then Jimmy cheated on her with Cheri. If that wasn’t bad enough, the two of them got married and had a son. Suffice it to say, Anna and Cheri are not on the best of terms.

Anna isn’t even sure she accepts the notion of Cheri’s husband trying to kill her. Even if Jimmy wasn’t in the picture, it occurs to Anna that Cheri might be making the whole incident up just to get attention.
After considerable thought, Anna eventually returns to Ottawa where she is given an unexpected opportunity to start over. The heroine might have left law enforcement but her skills never abandoned her.

And it doesn’t take her long to resolve her sister’s situation. And as Cheri does what she can to salvage her life, Anna realizes that she might have been too hasty to abandon her career as a police officer.

Her sister’s case shows her just how satisfying the process of investigating mysteries and resolving crimes can be. The heroine decides to stay in Ottawa. She opens up a detective agency called Storm Investigation with another former police officer called Jada.

The Anna Sweet Mysteries series follows Anna’s exploits as she tries to find her footing as a Private Eye. Despite’s its quiet façade, Anna’s town is anything but peaceful and there is no shortage of mysteries.

The first few stories find Anna and Jada struggling to land cases significant enough to keep them afloat. However, it doesn’t take long for the heroine to become inundated by the problems of her friends and family, many of whom contribute to her ever-increasing workload.

You have Jada whose relationship with her conniving brother leads her down a dark path. Then there’s Nick Roma, a gentleman the company eventually hires and who boasts a suspiciously secretive past that eventually comes back to haunt him.

Over time, Nick Roma becomes Anna’s love interest. The Anna Sweet Mysteries series is pretty short. The books are more like novellas that are rarely longer than a hundred pages.

Brenda Chapman’s writing is simple and very straightforward, easy to comprehend for people of all ages.

The author has been commended for the suspenseful environment she generates, not to mention the decent plots of her novellas and in-depth character development.

+The Author

Brenda Chapman was born in Ontario. She attended Lakehead University and Queen’s University, Kingston, earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Degree in Education. The qualifications drew her into the education arena where she taught reading, math, and language to children and adults.

She eventually left the arena to write and edit for a government program. A wife and mother of two daughters, Brenda wrote the Anna Sweet Mysteries series for an Adult literacy program. The books are designed to be comprehensible to people that are learning English as a second language.

The series has been nominated for an Arthur Ellis and Golden Oak Award.

+My Sister’s Keeper

Two primary incidents shaped Anna Sweet’s present predicament. First, she was engaged to a man named Jimmy. But then Jimmy slept with her sister Cheri and eventually married her. The two of them have a son.

Second, Anna was a police officer. But then she killed someone. The Powers That Be cleared her of any wrongdoing. But Anna was never the same, so she quit her job. Now Anna is bar-hopping across the United States, getting by as a waitress.

She is forced to face her past when Cheri calls her claiming that she’s in the hospital. Apparently, her brakes failed and now she thinks someone wants to kill her. Cheri wants Anna to put her policing skills to good use by finding her attempted murderer before its too late.

Anna would rather stay away from her hometown. She isn’t even sure that her sister isn’t making up stories to get attention.

+The Hard Fall

Paul Taylor was a wealthy businessman. He was also married to a former swimsuit model. But then his world was shaken when his lover was found dead in his bed. Now Anna has been brought onto the case.

Taylor’s wife is standing behind him. She doesn’t think he would ever stoop to murder. But she’s starting to have her doubts. It doesn’t help Taylor’s case that he’s the only suspect the police can find for the crime.

Anna Sweet knows that the odds are against her. Her chances of proving Taylor innocent are practically non-existent. But she’s desperate. She just opened her detective agency and she needs good cases if she wants to succeed.

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