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Anna Todd is an American author best known for her ‘After’ series which, interestingly enough began as fanfiction about the band One Direction.


Anna Todd was born in 1989 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She never really went anywhere. She went to the same school district her whole life, which is why she has, more or less, had the exact same friends since she was a child.

Because she grew up in a small town, Anna had little else to occupy her time besides books. Her love for reading manifested at a very young age. And while she cannot remember how she began reading and which books appealed to her during those early years, Anna Todd definitely remembers the thrill that books gave her.

One title that has stuck with her since those early days is ‘The Babysitter’s Club’. The book series were amongst her favorite, competing with the likes of ‘The Goosebumps’ for her affections.

The teenage years saw Anna change somewhat as her interests went the way of classic literature.

One of Anna’s fondest memories is her encounter with her husband. They met in high school and began dating. While most high school relationships never last and often fizzle out during the early college years, Anna and her husband beat those odds when they chose to get married the moment they left high school

It was a difficult decision for Anna to make and justify, but she believes everything worked out in the end. She spent some time in Texas because that was where the army stationed them.

There were a lot of moves, and it was no picnic for Anna to push through her husband’s three deployments to Iraq. But they survived, even though Anna Todd will be the first person to admit that the journey to her current situation has been an insane and chaotic one.

+Literary Career

Anna Todd’s writing career began with Wattpad. The application gave her a platform from where she could put her passion for writing into action. And she did so by producing fanfiction about the band One Direction and Harry Styles in particular.

Wattpad was an amazing find for Anna, giving her access to a realm where people like her congregated to read and write. It was the community of likeminded people she had been looking for, where parents, teachers, students and everyone in between put their writing skills to the test.

Anna Todd compares finding Wattpad to falling down a rabbit hole. She started writing and she couldn’t stop. The platform consumed several hours of her time. And her efforts paid off.

Within a year, Anna’s work had hundreds of millions of views. So she began ruminating on the possibility of turning her writings into a book. Success for Anna began when she met Adam Wilson, an Editor from an Imprint of Simon and Schuster called Gallery Books. Despite meeting so many publishers, Anna found that she clicked with Adam and he seemed to understand her vision.

Anna’s stories were soon published as books and have since been translated into more than thirty languages. Most aspiring authors can only dream of achieving everything that has come Anna’s way.

And one can only imagine that greater things will come down the line, especially with all the talk of a movie adaptation of her series. The ‘After’ books were optioned for a possible movie adaptation by Paramount Pictures, with Susan McMartin having come onboard as the screenwriter.


Tessa Met Hardin shortly after moving into her freshman dorm. A good girl with a sweet boyfriend back home, Tessa didn’t think Hardin would have such a drastic impact on her life, with his cocky British accent, lip ring, and tattoos.

She had every reason to hate him, not only because of her mother’s warnings but because he was rude to the point of cruelty. But then she found herself alone with Hardin in his room and he sparked something explosive in her spirit.

Now Tessa isn’t quite sure what to feel, not when Hardin will call her beautiful one moment only to suddenly disappear. His recklessness pushes Tessa to dig beneath the layers if only to see if she can’t find the real Hardin beneath.

The first book from Anna Todd tends to attract a lot of fierce debates, mostly because for everyone that absolutely loves the novel, there is someone who truly loathes it. The book can be categorized as YA and has been compared to Fifty Shades of Gray for good reason.

The story has a nice girl who runs into a bad boy, and they develop a rather disturbing and obviously unhealthy relationship. The Boy, Hardin, is abusive. The girl, Tessa, knows that Hardin isn’t good for her and she says as much on a number of occasions. That doesn’t stop her from falling for him, even if she has a nice, reliable boyfriend back home.

There is very little plot in this book. Rather, Anna simply throws as much drama at her readers as possible in order to keep things interesting, with Hardin and Tessa entering a seemingly unending cycle of fights and resolutions.

+After We Collided

Tessa and Hardin were certain they could make things work, but that was before a revelation shook Tessa’s world. Now she isn’t so certain that she knows Hardin.

It occurs to Tessa that she might have to walk away but she knows it won’t be so easy, not after all their nights of electric passion. Tessa is putting everything on hold for Hardin’s sake; however, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep it up.

Sooner or later, she will have to move forward with her life.

If Anna Todd’s first book was divisive, the debates that surround its sequel are even more passionate.

The book immerses readers once more into Hardin and Tessa’s chaotic romance. In the grand scheme of things, little actually changes. Hardin is still abusive. Tessa is determined to forgive him no matter how many lines he crosses.

The one thing almost all fans of Anna Todd’s series will tell you about this book is the fact that it is extremely addictive. Anna’s storytelling abilities make this book very difficult to put down.

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    Just as addicting as the ‘Gray’ series. I have read them all thanks to the Public Library and if I could I would add all of them to my personal library to read over and over.


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