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Publication Order of Anna Travis Books

About Anna Travis:

Anna Travis is a fictional character who features in the Above Suspicion books by Lynda La Plante. She is a Detective and the books pick up when she is a trainee detective. She gets her first murder case in the first novel. She has to win over the respect of her male counterparts and takes a risk with a high risk suspect.

The books then go on to follow Anna Travis’s career in the police. In the second book, she is now a Detective Inspector and she is still working with her partner, James Langton.

Above Suspicion

Lynda La Plante’s novels were turned into a TV show in 2009. The TV show was called Above Suspicion, after her first novel. The TV show is based on the books, which are about DC Anna Travis.

Series One

This series was based on her first novel and it sees DC Anna Travis, who is still a trainee at this point, getting her first murder case. It is a cold case from eight years ago, with a new victim being found. With the new victim, Anna is able to find new evidence but the case is still very confusing because the type of victim has changed.

Kelly Reilly was cast as Anna Travis and the series was broadcast in 3 parts over consecutive nights. The show was very successful and was picked up for a second series.

Series Two

Series two was based on La Plante’s second novel of the same name, Red Dahlia. Reilly reprised her role as Anna Travis and La Plante did the adaptations for the show herself.

In the series, Travis discovers there is a copycat killer on the loose who is copying the famous Black Dahlia case from California. The case begins with the discovery of a young girls body, which has been brutally mutilated.

The second series was equally as successful and was broadcast in two parts. The network was happy and a third series was filmed, again with Kelly Reilly as DC Anna Travis.

Deadly Intent

The third series was based on her fourth book, Deadly Intent. In this book, the team is called in to investigate the murder of a former police officer. Their

investigation takes them to a drug dealer who disappeared 10 years ago but is still on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

The third series was still very well received by the networks but there was a dip in the ratings and it was beaten by some shows in BBC 1. The show was renewed for a fourth season based on Silent Scream, and then it was cancelled.


Backlash was the 8th novel in the Anna Travis series and was released in 2012. It was an instant hit and her fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment (see below)

In this novel, James Langton is haunted by an unsolved case from 13 years ago in which a 13 year old girl disappeared from a street in London. The catch was that the street was very busy at the time, and it was in daytime, but no one saw anything.

The case comes up for review but Langton is off sick and he asks Travis to have a look into it for him. She has more success and manages to get a suspect into custody, but is he who he says he is?

Latest Novel

La Plante is set to release her new Anna Travis book, Wrongful Death, this year. In this book, Travis and Langton are re-opening an old case that was thought to be a suicide.

A London night club owner is thought to have shot himself in the head, but new evidence emerges that it was actually a murder. During the course of the investigation, Travis is asked to join Langton for FBI training and she is assigned a new crime scene investigator, who shines some light on the failings of the original investigation.

Who is Lynda La Plante?

Lynda La Plante was born on March 15th 1943, in Liverpool, in the UK. She is the author of the Anna Travis novels, but she is best known for being the creator of the Prime Suspect TV series, which has been on TV for a number of years.

The TV show itself has recently been made in America and it is very successful. However, she did not start off as a writer. Her background is actually in acting and she attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She went onto appear in a number of Shakespeare plays, under the name Lynda Marchal.

She then appeared in other well-known TV shows such as The Sweeney, The Professionals and Z-Cars. Then her career took her towards kids shows before she decided that she wanted to be a scriptwriter.

Her success in scriptwriting did not become apparent until 1983, when she wrote the TV show, Widows, for Thames Television. The plot of that show was that four armed robbers lost their lives and then their widows took over and started to do the robberies that their late husbands had planned.

Moving to Books?

This was when she got her first book deal with Pan McMillan. Her first book was released in 1987 and was an instant best-seller. Fans of her TV show were also reading her books.

This not stop her writing for TV though and for most of her career, she has written books as well as screenplays.

She wrote one movie in 1992, called Seekers, which starred Brenda Fricker and Josette Simon. This movie was then aired as a 4-part mini series. This show was about a woman who is searching for her missing husband, who is also a police officer. During the course of her search, she makes the shocking discovery of Wife number two.

La Plante Productions

Lynda was so successful with her TV shows and her books that she decided to make her own television production company, called La Plante Productions. Through this company she has written many TV shows in the UK, all of which have been very successful. The one that is still on TV now is the famous Trial and Retribution.

She has also had success on the other side of the water, in the U.S. She has a successful TV writing career over there, which has spanned nearly 20 years now.

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