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Anna Zabo is a published American author of fiction. Zabo specializes in writing paranormal as well as contemporary romance novels.

Anna Zabo perfers to go by the pronoun of them and them as Anna identifies as non-binary. When it comes to using an honorific, Mx. Zabo is acceptable.

The author lives as well as works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even though some people may think that living in that area is boring, Zabo states that it isn’t quite as boring as a lot of people might imagine.

Anna grew up in the wild areas of suburban Philadelphia. It wasn’t long before Zabo came back to their homelands of ancestry located in western Pennsylvania.

One of Anna Zabo’s first fictional series is the intriguing romantic series Close Quarter. The debut novel first came out on November 13, 2012. It has since been released in a subsequent edition due to popular demand. The first shares the same name as the series and the second novel is titled Slow Waltz. It was released on May 5, 2013.

Zabo has also written over books and series. These include the Takeover Series and the Twisted Wishes series. She has also contributed to other book series outside of her creation and worked with other authors to release works as well.

They admit that when they were a child they were let down when they found out that you could not simply choose to be whatever you wanted to be when you grew up. Zabo was hoping to have a choice of being a dragon, a cat, a boy, etc.

Anna instead settled for being ‘themself’ whenever it was going to be possible. This could change on a regular basis, being everything from a cat and boy and dragon to a knight and girl and writer. It could change on the day or depending on who you’re talking to.

When the author is not drinking coffee or reading or writing books, they may be adding to their small hoarded collection of cuff links. Anna also enjoys wearing ties that have a splash of color or are simply colorful in any way. If you want this writer to do something, they could probably be very simply swayed with the temptation of coffee to do something.

Zabo attended Seton Hill University, where they studied writing in the genre of popular fiction. Zabo received an MFA for attendance. While there, Anna met a group of roving romance writers and once in this group went on full steam ahead, never looking back. Zabo also attended Carnegie Mellon University previous to receiving a masters degree and received a bachelors from there in creative writing.

Close Quarter is the debut novel in the series with the same title from dynamic writer Anna Zabo. If you love romance stories full of interesting supernatural element in a unique and fun setting, then this may be the book for you!

Meet the main character of Rhys Matherton here in this debut supernatural romance novel. Rhys is a sculptor by trade and is busy on a cruise that is crossing the Atlantic on its way to New York. He is having a tough time with life in general and doesn’t know where to start. He’s trying to cope with the loss of his mother as well as coming into a rather hefty fortune in the process.

On top of all of that, Rhys is also hit with a gut punch of bad news– the man that he grew up believing to be his father isn’t actually his biological dad at all. It’s a lot to take all at once, so when the news hits him, Rhys is all out of sorts. He doesn’t know what to do with the information and ends up spilling a drink tray on a stranger as a result.

The stranger is handsome and then all of a sudden this grown man finds himself in the middle of a very interesting interaction with a guy that is definitely his type. All of a sudden, he is able to feel the wholeness that he was missing for what seems like his entire life.

Rhys is able to enjoy being with Silas, who seems to be a good fit for him. But it is strange that even when they are in a bar full of people and are busy kissing, no one in the room seems to notice. No one is even paying all that much attention to what they are doing.

At the end of the day, Silas ends up telling Rhys what’s going on. It turns out that he is a forest fae and that comes with certain powers. He has the ability to glamour all of the people around them. But why is he really on this cruise? It turns out that he came not for vacation but to hunt vampires. Is he joking or not?

Rhys isn’t sure at first, but he seems serious. Then he finds out that vampires do exist and they may just want to take a bite of him too. Silas doesn’t want to be put off from his mission by Rhys, and he needs to stick tot he game plan.

On the way to a destination at sea, Silas needs to summon the energy to hunt and kill the vamps. It turns out that Rhys has that energy in spade, but Silas needs to suck it out of him to get it. That would make him just like the vampires in a way.

Will Silas do it or choose to keep Rhys safe? You’ve got to read this first novel in the series to find out!

The exciting sequel in the series is titled Slow Waltz. Rhys and Silas have gotten back to New York after the craziest cruise ever. They feel that they deserve a break from the chaos, but having time to relax just means that Rhys has thinking time alone. Time to think about what it means to love someone that is not human.

He has no idea whether this romance will be able to stand the test of time. They get along great but is that enough to spend a life time on? They are going to find out and one way to do that is to learn the waltz. The couple is having fun. Will they last? Read this book to find out!

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