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About Anne A Wilson
Drawing heavily from her own life and experiences, the American author Anne A Wilson is a well regarded thriller novelist. Previously working within the Navy herself, she has a lot to draw from, creating unique and engaging stories that really draw the reader in. Known for her authenticity, her books are believable, resonating with an international audience all across the world. Not only that, but there’s also elements of romance within her novels too, as she simultaneously provides a sense of escapism through her work as well.

Many of her stories take place within military settings, making the most of her own background and training in the services. Knowing how to craft a compelling narrative around this, she raises the action, creating compelling stories that really come to life. She also has something to say through her work, with a clear message provided through her many themes and ideas present. This adds a level of depth to her novels quite unlike any other, raising her stories and giving them something unique in the process.

Her characters are also noteworthy, as they seem to speak directly to the reader, with their straightforward and matter-of-fact manner. This gives it the feeling of being wholly real and genuine, allowing her readers to fully invest themselves in the action every step of the way. With the correct terminology and facts, she creates a whole world in her stories that definitely leave an impact on the reader long after they’ve put the book down. There’s definitely a lot more to come in the future too, as she’s a writer who doesn’t seem to be finishing any time soon.

Early and Personal Life:
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Anne A Wilson would grow up with a strong love of literature that would follow her into her adult life. Attending college at the US Naval Academy she gained a degree in ocean engineering, and would also become a highly active and competitive swimmer to a professional standard. Going on to serve in the United States Navy, she would work as a helicopter pilot, spending a lot of time in different international locations.

She would also work in search and rescue, as well as spending over a year living in France during her time in the military with her husband. During this time she would be constantly seeking inspiration, bringing it into her work, as well as spending some time working in the world of corporate. Now she coaches swimmers, as well as writing full-time with more books to follow, living with her husband and two sons in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Writing Career:
In 2015 Anne A Wilson would write her first novel, ‘Hover’, which would be a thriller novel featuring a helicopter pilot in the US Navy. She would later follow this up in 2016 with ‘Clear to Life’, as it would contain many similar elements, while also being entirely its own story. Her second book would feature a helicopter pilot working in search and rescue, and both would contain elements of romance to them.

Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she’s become a household name for many all over the world. Appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike, she has gained a lot of attention for her interesting and unique stories. There’s plenty more planned for the future, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength for many years yet.

First brought out back in 2015, this would be the debut release for Anne A Wilson as an author, with it establishing her as an author. Originally published on the 2nd of June through the ‘Forge Books’ publishing label, this would be a stand-alone novel. With elements of thriller and romance, it features some real true-to-life drama unfolding along the way too.

This is an exciting an inventive story filled with real people in realistic situations, as Wilson makes the most of the setting and premise. The characters are engaging and it’s clear that she feels passionate about the subject matter, as this comes across on every page. There’s definitely a lot here to really enjoy for readers, making it an interesting look into the world of helicopter pilots in the US Navy.

Joining the United States Navy as a helicopter pilot, Lieutenant Sara Denning hopes to follow in her late brother’s footsteps, while laying low in what she feels to be a man’s world. That’s when she meets the Lieutenant Eric Marxen, and the two of them share chemistry, followed by her becoming the exclusive pilot for a Navy SEAL team that Eric coordinates for. This then leads to friction with her boss and teammates who feel it’s favoritism, but Sara must overcome these hurdles and her own fears in order to undertake a secret mission that could change everything. Will she be able to make it? Can she complete the secret mission? What will happen when she finds her helicopter and career really begin to hover?

Clear to Life
Once again published through the ‘Forge Books’ publishing house, this would first be released on the 12th of July in 2016. Providing another stand-alone title, it would be the second book to come from from Wilson as an author, while also drawing heavily from her own experiences. Combining romance, drama, and elements of thriller, she brings them altogether in order to create a highly compelling second novel.

After being assigned to the Naval Air Station in Nevada, Lieutenant Alison Malone is a Navy helicopter pilot who’s been assigned to search and rescue there. Based in the peaks of Sierra Nevada, she feels at odds with her mission commander, ‘Boomer’ Marks, as he appears incapable of taking on-board military procedure, and she desperately wants to escape back to San Diego. That’s when she meets Will Cavanaugh, the local mountain tour guide, and he introduces to the real wilds there, before rescuing from a brutal storm atop a mountain. Will she ever be able to go back to her old life after this? How has everything changed? What, exactly, has become clear to life?

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