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Anne Baines is a mystery fiction novelist who is best known for the “Sam Arbichaut Mystery” series of novels.
She published “Hunting Delilah” her debut novel and the first of the “Delilah” series in 2011. She would then move on from that to publish the “Sam Arbichaut” mysteries which have since become her most popular works.

Anne Baines now has at least five titles to her name and has shown no sign of slowing down any time soon. Outside of her writing endeavors, she is a former professional poker player who had quite the name before she quit to become a fiction author.
When she is not writing her mystery thrillers, Baines spends much of her time working on her hobbies.

She particularly loves to get on a horse which she jumps over large stationary objects, kidnapping and transporting rebellious teenagers for money, and traveling all over the United States.
Baines currently makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and a very demanding Bengal cat.

“A Perfect Alibi” by Anne Baines is an interesting mystery thriller work of fiction that will have you engrossed right from the first page to the last.
The lead in the novel is introduced as Sam Arbichaut, a former police detective turned private investigator.

He had moved to Portland Oregon from Florida to start a new life and now spends much of his time investigating just about anything that will get him paid even as he fights middle-age spread.
He has just been contracted to work on a case as old as time. A husband believes that his wife could be unfaithful and decides to hire a private investigator only for things to get very interesting when someone turns up dead.
Now that the case has taken a homicidal turn, he knows that this is not the usual case he has been dealing with and his investigations might just cost him everything.

It is a well-written and characterized whodunit and the levelheadedness of the lead is a breath of fresh air after the many tropes of out-of-whack police detectives.
You will also like the twists and turns and red herrings leading up to a shocking revelation.

“Butcher’s Dozen” is the thrilling second mystery of the “Sam Arbichaut” mystery series by Anne Baines that comes with a great plot and is a fantastic continuation of the series.
In this work, the author builds upon the budding friendship between Sam Arbichaut and Portland Homicide Division’s Mira Kellog and Leo McCullough.

The big question at the beginning of the novel is whether a girl who claims she has been kidnapped was lying to cover her tracks, or if it was true she has been a victim of a horrific crime.

Sam Arbichaut had been minding his own business when he was approached by a police officer who needed his help as a private investigator. The officer asserts that her teenage cousin had come to him with a case that seems incredulous.
Most people say the teenager is a messed up kid, a liar, and a runaway trying to cover her tracks. However, she claims to have been kidnapped alongside several other girls.

Caught between a powerful local church, the police, and multiple families, Sam is at a loss for whom he can believe.

But he cannot take her for granted given that if she is telling the truth about a dozen girls need to be rescued.

Anne Baines’s novel “Cold Sweat” is the thrilling third work of the “Sam Arbichaut Mystery” series of novels.
The big question at the start of the novel is where can you turn when you are certain that someone is determined to ruin your life from the shadows but your loved ones do not take you seriously.
Luckily there is former police detective Sam Arbichaut who now works as a PI and has a reputation for helping people in distress.

When some woman comes to him for help as she fears she is being stalked, he cannot help but take on the case. However the more Sam closes in on the intricate web and the web of lies begins to unravel, he will have to call upon all his smarts and courage.
But then his life begins to come apart at the seams and if he cannot stop a potentially deadly assailant and get to the truth, his new life in Portland may just come crumbling down.

It is an interesting work of fiction with a lot of relatable characters and a great plot that will have you engaged right from the first page and long after you have read the last word.

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