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Reading People (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'd Rather Be Reading (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Overthink It (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Reading Life: A Book Journal (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Reading Adventures: A Book Journal for Kids (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anne Bogel is an American author.

She became an author officially in 2012 when her debut book was released. The book is intended to be a guide for women on everything from finding the time to balance personal and family obligations and time to be creative and work.

Anne wrote a few more books after that. It was five years later that her book Reading People came out. This book delves into the subject of what it is that makes different people have different and distinct personalities.

How She Does It was written to give women windows into how they can make changes that allow them to lead a more productive and fulfilling life. It talks about women who are busy juggling a lot.

The average woman today past a certain age is a mother that stays at home to help raise her children and decides to pursue her passions and hobbies whenever she can find a spare moment. She may be busy working at her part time job and managing a family at home, splitting up the child care time with her partner or members of her extended family.

She may be a woman that is working full time and trying to take care of all of her obligations in the present while trying to plan actively for the future. All of these women have demanding schedules and the same access to twenty four hours in a day to get their work done.

It actually isn’t even 24 hours since you are sleeping for some of those! Ideally you are getting up to eight hours or more of sleep, but if you are a parent, that might be something more of a fantasy as opposed to something that is actually able to be achieved. Getting quality results in your life may also be dependent on getting restful sleep so keep that in mind.

The average woman is balancing trying to get that check and support herself or trying to find work or keeping up with all of the demands of her family, home, and errands. She is not like the generation that came before, that felt guilt if they weren’t home doing everything with the kids and constantly with the family. They know that in this economy, the possibilities for them to earn are there.

Today’s woman may also find that there isn’t a ready to go guide for them to know how they are to navigate commitments, things they need to get done, and what’s important to them. There is endless possibility out there for you to take advantage of, but it only exists if you seize the opportunity. Without putting the energy and the effort in, you don’t get the full effect.

The truth is that you’re never going to be able to get everything you want unless you fully go for it. There is also more happening in life and in our individual lives than ever, especially as we’re adding another candle on top of that old birthday cake. While your life may not settle down in pace, scope, or complexity, you can make choices that will allow you to rise above the fray and even get more organized than ever.

Anne is bringing women her very best advice when it comes to organizing your life. This means exploring work options, planning for the future and knowing what you want before making commitments to a partner or children or seeing what your options are when you do have family and activities to manage.

The idea is to incorporate your goals and your mission for your family or for your career into your life and try to make everything balance as best that you can. Bogel draws upon the individual stories of success and brings the reader the lessons from them and how they can mimic their success by playing to their own strength and finding solutions that work.

Everyone’s family size, work obligations, ability to have or ask for assistance, and financial situation is different. This guide is designed to be sort of a one size fits all that can help any woman find more positive ways to live the life that you want to live.

There are a lot of ways to improve your life, and this book is designed to get you into that mentality and head space where you can actually manifest the changes that you want to see. You may have to let go of some learned behavior or even open your mind to be flexible about what you think your role is and what’s demanded of you and what you are choosing to take on and believe.

These days, you can have it all. You can work and spend time with your family. Or you can have one parent working but still find ways to bond and have fun. Step away from what you think you know or what you think your kids or your partner or friends and family want and start a conversation and start thinking about what they might actually be fine with.

For instance, your children may not mind spending an hour or two at their cousins’ house while you work a little more. You may be able to get the same amount of housework done by hiring a cleaning person to come in and clean for an hour. Stop automatically accepting that you ‘need’ to do this or that and start being creative with looking for ways to literally get what you want.

There are always ways to work around things. Whether you want to earn more, find the time to do things as a family with both parents, or just be more involved with your children, It may be able to help you figure out your priorities, overcome challenges, and figure out a way to achieve your goals for your family, personal, and financial life.

Reading People is a book about who we are. Readers who pick up this book can find out why certain people are the way that they are. An exploration and explanation of the structure of personality, check out this book to see what it’s all about!

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