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  1. Caruso singt nicht mehr (1998)
  2. Wasser zu Wein (1999)
  3. Nichts als die Wahrheit (2000)
  4. Die Fotografin (2002)
  5. Schneesterben (2003)
  6. Russisch Blut (2004)
  7. Sauberer Abgang (2006)
  8. Doppelte Schuld (2007)
  9. Schrei nach Stille (2008)

About Anne Chaplet

Going under the pseudonym of Anne Chaplet, the German author and journalist Cora Stephan is well known for her interesting and compelling political works. Writing a number of crime fiction novels as well, she really understands how to build a feeling of tension, establishing premises and narratives that really ring true. Knowing and understanding the form, her novels are well researched, lending them to a high degree of authenticity that definitely stands out. Publishing a variety of essays too, her work always has something to say, allowing her to articulate herself through her stories.

Working as a publisher too, she’s immersed herself heavily in the literary world for many years now, and it shows in her work. Many of her books are in German, with her being a native German speaker herself, meaning that not so many of them have been translated. Her works still resonates with many regardless of this though, with her books continuing to attract an international audience beyond the German borders. In time this will lead to more recognition, as her novels will reach an even wider audience, resonating with readers worldwide.

It is under her name of Anne Chaplet though that she is well regarded for writing her many crime fiction stories. Using this pen-name, she’s established a brand that has fast become synonymous with the genre, gaining a strong profile on the German literary scene. Setting herself apart from fellow authors in the field, she’d write many of these novels during the noughties, beginning back in 1998. Still writing under her own name, the name of Chaplet continues to draw in readers, whilst Stephan herself also carries on writing as well.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in 1951 on the 7th of April, Cora Stephan was born in Strang, which was near to Bad Rothenfelde, in West Germany. As a native German speaker, she would turn to literature from early on, growing up in Osnabrück, which would come to inspire her greatly. Later becoming an essayist, she would focus on her writing, establishing both her style and voice through the years.

Attending school and higher-education in both Hamburg and Frankfurt, she’d graduate as a teacher in 1973, gaining her PhD in 1976. This would be based on the Social Democracy of the 19th Century, with a look at the history of Germany during that period. Teaching in Frankfurt herself following this, she would work from 1976 to 1984, and she currently lives in Germany, near Frankfurt still, to this day.

Writing Career:
Bringing out her first full novel in 1998, she released the book ‘Caruso singt nicht mehr’, which was also her debut crime novel as Anne Chaplet. In 1992 prior to this, she published ‘Wir Kollaborateure’ under her own name, which was one of the first of many essays she brought out. Before all of this she worked as a journalist, working from 1985 to 1987 for ‘Der Spiegel’, the German news magazine.
Winning numerous awards, she’s received the ‘Deutscher Krimi Preis’ on not one, but two occasions; one in 2001, the other in 2004. In 2003 she would also receive the ‘Radio Bremen Krimipreis’, making her both critically and commercially successful. Highly regarded for her work, she has a lot more to come yet, with plenty more planned for release in the future.

Caruso singt nicht mehr
Meaning ‘Caruso no longer sings’ in English, this would be the first fiction novel that Cora Stephan would write under her Anne Chaplet pseudonym. Originally published in 1998 as well, it would also set-up and establish the ‘Paul Bremer’ series of crime novels too. Brought out through the ‘Goldmann’ publishing outlet, this would introduce the character for the first time, whilst also providing a stand-alone crime thriller narrative of its own.
There’s a clear and concise narrative here, drawing heavily from Cora Stephan’s own knowledge of German history throughout the ages. Establishing herself as a writer of fiction for the first time as well, she makes sure to make the most of her wealth of knowledge. The crime story itself is also brought to life through its strong use of character and setting, making for a highly engaging and compelling novel.

Previously working in advertising in Frankfurt, Paul Bremer looks to escape to the country, but his peace is soon disturbed after the husband of the organic farmer next door is murdered. Not only that, but Paul has fallen for the farmer herself, Anne Burau, and Inspector Kosinski is now on the case. Soon he makes the discovery that the husband was also known under the alias of ‘Caruso’, and he was in actual fact an ex-Stasi informant. Will they be able to discover the truth behind it all? Can Bremer ever find his peace? What happens now that Caruso no longer sings?
Schrei nach Stille

In ‘Cry For Silence’, as it’s known in English, this is the seventh book in the ‘Paul Bremer’ collection of novels, once again written under the Cora Stephan name. First coming out in 2008 on the 13th of August, this instalment would initially be released through the ‘List’ publishing outlet. Providing another mystery for the lead character to solve, it was a self-con crime thriller novel, fitting in as part of the overall series. Drawing from real events in the news, this case deals with its subject matter in a realistic and genuine manner, investing the reader fully throughout.
Keeping her secret hidden in the past for well over forty years, the dark history of Sophie Winter threatens to rise to the surface once again. With her wild past coming back to haunt her once more, a young woman has went missing from the hippie movement, which the police are now interested in. Looking at the darkness behind the summer of love, murderous truths come to light, as Paul Bremer attempts to help Sophie, seeing the rejection she’s shown after moving in, having only just moved himself. Will he also be able to stand against the wrath of the local villagers though? Can Sophie overcome her own past? What really happened after there was a cry for silence?

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