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Lady in Waiting (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whatever Next?: Lessons from an Unexpected Life (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anne Glenconner is a published author, British socialite, and peeress.

Her full name was Anne Veronica Coke, also known as Baroness Glenconner and Lady Glenconner. Born in London on July 16, 1932, she is known for being a lady in waiting to Princess Margaret (sister of Queen Elizabeth II) from 1971 to 2002.

She is the daughter to the fifth Earl of Leicester, Thomas Coke, and Lady Elizabeth. Her father’s father was Thomas Coke and her mother’s father was Charles York, the eighth Earl of Hardwicke. Anne had two sisters, Carey and Sarah. Carey was born in 1934 and passed away in 2018. Sarah was born in 1944.

Anne Glenconner grew up at Holkham in Norfolk, the estate of her family. When World War II arrived, Anne and Carey stayed with their great-aunt Alexandra at Cortachy Castle, along with her husband and their children. Holkham was just ten miles away from the Sandringham House of the King and the Queen Elizabeth, and so she would regularly play when young with the young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. Her parents were friends with the King and Queen and so they would often spend the holidays at Buckingham Palace attending the royal family’s Christmas party.

Anne was picked to be a maid of honor in 1953 for Elizabeth II’s coronation at Westminster Abbey. Three years later she would get married. On April 21, 1956, she married Colin Christopher Paget Tennant. Princess Margaret and the Queen attended, along with the wedding photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones who would later marry Princess Margaret. Lady Glenconner would have five children with her husband. The first three children were sons Charles, Henry, and Christopher, and then twin daughters Flora and Amy. Lord Glenconner would pass in 2010 and had made up a new will before that giving assets to one of their employees, something that was contested and won after several years in legal proceedings.

Her husband would receive the title of Baron when his father passed away on October 4, 1983. He inherited The Glen, his family’s Scottish Borders estate. They would spend time there as well as the United Kingdom, St. Lucia, and Mustique. Upon Princess Margaret’s marriage in 1960, the married couple offered the newly married couple some of their land on Mustique, the island they privately owned and had purchased in 1958. They would build the couple their own house on the island too and called it Les Jolies Eaux, the pretty waters in French, designed by Oliver Messel.

She would become the Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Margaret in 1971 as part of her service until she passed in 2002. During this time, she would go along with the princess on tours abroad, even standing in for her one time on a Philippines trip once she became sick. Her husband and Lady Glenconner also introduced her to a man named Roddy Llewellyn. They entered into a relationship in 1973 for eight years while she was still married, and it was a large part of the ending of her marriage with Lord Snowdon.

Anne was made a Royal Victorian Order Lieutenant as part of the 1991 Birthday Honours for her services to the royal family. She was married to her husband until he passed in 2010. She lives in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. She would publish her international best selling memoir Lady in Waiting in 2019.

Lady In Waiting is a personal memoir written by Anne Glenconner. It was named memoir of the year by The Times U.K. Drama, secrets, and more abound in this page turning book from a woman who was intimately part of the royal’s social circle and served as Prince Margaret’s lady-in-waiting.

Anne has belonged to the royal family’s circle ever since she was young. As a child, she met Elizabeth II and became friends with Elizabeth and Margaret, her sister. She was the first child to her father, who had one of England’s largest estates. However, she was proclaimed ineligible to inherit the estate and a disappointment. The resilience she developed would help her navigate life in court successfully, still with a sense of humor.

In her life, she has seen lots of good times and lots of tragedy. She has also been there for major events in the royal family’s timeline. She was maid of honor at the coronation of Elizabeth to be queen, and companion to Princess Margaret until she died as one of her close friends and confidantes. This memoir contains many stories from her royal days as well as her life serving the princess and her own life.

This includes a first engagement that was broken off, her marriage to Colin Tennant, often volatile and at times not faithful to her. Going through him leaving the fortune to a servant, her two sons’ adult deaths, the accident involving her remaining son, and more. She’s kept on with things despite everything and has even seen the world.

Trips to the White House, stories of her development of the island Mustique, and tales of interactions with celebrities, politicians, and high ranking figures, this book has it all. This is an intriguing tale of a life thoroughly lived from the one person that lived it herself.

Murder on Mustique is the fictional novel from Lady Glenconner set on the island that she knows so much about. Full of escapism, this is the perfect murder mystery to read if you’re looking for entertainment.

Mustique is experiencing the calm before the tropical storm as Cristobal is coming quickly towards it from the Atlantic. Most owners have left, but some of the socialites stay behind wanting to enjoy the rest of the summer and not wanting to let the party end. But then Amanda Fortini, American heiress, never returns from the morning swim she set out on.

The only police officer that is trained on the island is 28-year-old Samuel Wilton, a detective sergeant. He realizes the best thing to do is to get in touch with the owners of the island, Lord and Lady Blake. Lady Veronica is available and flies back while her husband is busy with his designs. She’s concerned about Lily, her god-daughter, being stuck on the island when her mother disappeared similarly years back.

Then the body of Amanda is discovered and the investigation into her death begins officially. If it’s murder, the suspect’s still on the island. When another of their number disappears, the need to find out who’s doing this grows. Can they find a killer? Read this book to find out!

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