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Publication Order of Black Rock Dragons Books

with Tara Starr
Drakhana's Treasure (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drakhana's Claim (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drakhana's Secret (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Grumpy Dragons Books

with Milly Taiden
Grumpy Dragon Daddy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grumpy Dragon Cowboy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Mates of the Precursors Books

with Athena Storm
Pet For The Primal (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Toy For The Primal (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taste For The Primal (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Mates of the Shadow Kings Books

with Celeste King
Hidden by the Shadow King (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Precursors Books

with Athena Storm
Alien Primal's Prize (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alien Primal's Claim (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alien Primal's Mate (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alien Primal's Treasure (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Prothekan Monster Pets Books

with Celeste King
Monster's Mate (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster's Good Girl (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster's Pet (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster's Property (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Thistle Charm Academy Books

with Corrine Winters

Publication Order of Vahking Horde Books

with Celia Kyle

Publication Order of Worlds of Protheka Books

Monster's Pleasure (With: Celeste King) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster's Toy (With: Celeste King) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken By The Orc Crime Lord (By: Celeste King) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Lord's Little Human (With: Celeste King) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Burned By My Dragon Mate (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pack of Flames (With: Kala Aster) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Big Hot Red Alien (With: Nina Siren) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster's Little Princess (With: Celeste King) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thawing The Ice King (With: Celeste King) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Publication Order of Dragons of Preor Books

Jarek (By: Erin Tate) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taulan (By: Erin Tate) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kozav (By: Erin Tate) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rendan (By: Erin Tate) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Zadri (By: Erin Tate) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hatched (By: Erin Tate) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ivoth (By: Erin Tate) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brukr (By: Erin Tate) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Baby for Chashan (By: Erin Tate) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Argan (By: Celia Kyle) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vende (With: Celia Kyle) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whelon (With: Celia Kyle) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Radoo (With: Celia Kyle) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tyff (With: Celia Kyle) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Choler (With: Celia Kyle) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Real Men Romance Season One Books

Feral Fated Mate (With: Celia Kyle,Marina Maddix) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Howl for Me (By: Celia Kyle,Marina Maddix,Cecilia Lane) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Howling for You (By: Celia Kyle,Marina Maddix,Kate Rudolph) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sanguine Scent (By: Celia Kyle,Marina Maddix,Reina Torres) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Her Home (By: Celia Kyle,Marina Maddix,Willa Hart) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vampire's Pixie (By: Celia Kyle,Marina Maddix,Moxie North) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Rogue Warriors of Lorr Books

with Celia Kyle
Stolen by the Alien Prince (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured by the Alien Prince (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prisoner of the Alien Prince (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ravaged by the Alien Prince (By: Celia Kyle) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Abducted by the Ruthless Royal Books

Taken by the Goblin King (By: LaraRoth) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Naga King (With: Celia Kyle) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Felida King (By: Mary Ashe) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Devilish King (By: Rhys Wilder) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Minotaur King (By: Luna Hunter) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Wraith King (By: Chloe Graves) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Zypherian King (By: Bella Blair) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Gargoyle King (By: RobinO'Connor) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Lich King (By: Synna Star) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Anne Hale

Anne Hale delves into the realm of paranormal romance with a fiery passion, spinning tales that center around majestic dragons. Her writing captures the sizzling connections between these mythical creatures and the partners destined for them. Hale expertly navigates the complexity of a romance where dragons are fiercely protective of their chosen companions. Her stories offer an escape to a place where the enchanting bond between shifters and humans unfolds.

Hale has a knack for bringing her characters to life with vivid details and relatable emotions. The protagonists she creates aren’t just figures in a fantasy; they resonate with readers through their deep desires and struggles for acceptance in a world that often feels alien. Their tales are not only about love but also about finding one’s place in the midst of the extraordinary. Readers find themselves cheering for these characters, fully invested in their journeys toward love and self-discovery.

She skillfully blends vivid imagery and intense passion in her writing, presenting a unique spin on romantic fantasy. Her storytelling weaves together the magical and the sensual, capturing readers’ attention and transporting them into her imaginative realm. She has a knack for crafting compelling narratives that resonate with fans of the genre, keeping each tale fresh and engaging.

What also makes Anne Hale’s work stand out is her ability to weave captivating storylines that keep readers glued to the page. The narratives she crafts are filled with thrilling adventures and heartfelt moments, all set within a beautifully constructed paranormal world. Her gift for storytelling ensures that each novel is a delightful mix of excitement and romance. Fans of the genre will find Hale’s contributions both refreshing and utterly entertaining.

Early and Personal Life

Anne Hale resides in a realm brimming with enchantment, reflecting a vivid world of magic in her writing portfolio that includes urban fantasy alongside paranormal romance. Her literary journey reflects a common thread shared by countless authors who seek solace in the act of reading and crafting stories. Hale’s embrace of fantastical elements in her work serves as a delightful departure from the everyday, offering both her and her readers a passage into the extraordinary.

Throughout her career, Hale has nurtured her writing, using inspiration drawn from the boundless terrains of her imagination to refine her craft. Like many authors, she has harnessed her creativity to construct immersive narratives that captivate audiences and keep them yearning for more. The growth she’s experienced as a writer echoes the evolution of her characters, who often develop in complexity and depth over time.

Hale continues to flourish as an author by seeking out the new and exciting possibilities that writing affords. Her passion for exploring the unknown and giving life to the tales that dance through her thoughts has undoubtedly contributed to her success. Readers can always look forward to losing themselves in the worlds Hale creates, where adventure and romance intertwine within the pages of her books.

Writing Career

Anne Hale has carved a niche in the literary world with her vibrant tales of strong male heroes who are as nurturing as they are protective, embodying the essence of both strength and tenderness. Her prolific career has given rise to several series, with the ‘Dragons of Preor’ and ‘Precursors’ series distinguishing her as a writer who blends romance and fantastical elements seamlessly. Working alongside other authors such as Erin Tate, Athena Storm, and Tara Starr, Hale has co-authored numerous works that enthrall readers with the dual allure of danger and passionate romance.

Beyond her series, Anne Hale has penned standalone novels, novellas, and contributed to collective series like ‘Real Men Romance,’ expanding her repertoire and showcasing her versatility as a writer. Her stories, like ‘Burned By My Dragon Mate’ and ‘Howl You Like It,’ dive into the hearts and minds of characters that readers adore, earning her a place among the notable names in paranormal romance.

With a bustling schedule of recent and upcoming titles, Anne Hale continues to gift the literary world with her imagination, promising her readers more enthralling tales to come.

Monster’s Mate

‘Monster’s Mate,’ co-authored by Anne Hale and Celeste King, was released on June 9, 2023, by Protheka Publishing. This fantasy romance is the third installment in the ‘Prothekan Monster Pets’ series. The books in this series are designed so readers can enjoy them in any order, all while following the theme of fantastical monsters and who they love.

Tanem, the formidable being feared across races, finds his dark essence calmed only by Moira, the angelic woman he adores. Her innate purity is a balm to his tormented soul, making her unique in a world that cowers at his presence. Tanem’s love is fiercely protective, ready to destroy anyone who dares threaten her.

Despite her feelings, Moira is bound to him for all time, her destiny entwined with his reign over the realm of fear.

The dynamic between Tanem and Moira offers a fresh twist on the fantasy genre, keeping the pages turning. Anne Hale and Celeste King’s cooperative creation stands out in the ‘Prothekan Monster Pets’ series. Newcomers and series fans alike can relish this tale as a standalone adventure.

Dark Fae’s Desire

‘Dark Fae’s Desire,’ penned by Anne Hale alongside Celeste King once again, hit the shelves on October 24, 2023, under the Protheka Publishing label. This fantasy romance book is the introductory offering in the ‘Prothekan Dark Fae’ series. Each novel in this collection can be enjoyed independently, as they are stand-alone stories, while again they all feature a similar fantasy theme.

Duke Carmichael, an elf of nobility, sets his sights on Diane, who seeks to support her family. She finds herself in a position where compromise seems necessary, despite her feigned surprise at his offers.

Their encounters transform Diane’s resistance into acquiescence, as Carmichael resolves to claim her heart and secure an heir through their union.

The book marks a strong start to the ‘Prothekan Dark Fae’ series, inviting readers to dive into a world of romance and mystical intrigue. Each book promises a self-contained adventure, perfect for newcomers to the series.

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