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Anne Korkeakivi is an American author that writes fiction and nonfiction. Anne writes novels that explore the hardships of life. She loves delving into matters of family, war, and personal strife. Her books never tread into the fanciful.


Anne Korkeakivi was born in New York City. She has fond memories of Massachusetts where she was raised. The author went on to live in numerous places from Finland to Los Angeles and Washington DC to mention but a few.

Anne’s living situation is often determined by her husband. A human rights lawyer that works with the United Nation’s, the nature of her husband’s work is such that Anne and her kids are often forced to migrate to new countries.

However, Anne has learned to enjoy the benefit of her migratory lifestyle. The author has a Bachelor of Arts in Classics which she got from Bowdoin College. She also attended Columbia University where she got a Master’s in English.

Anne spent many years in journalism. She had the opportunity to produce nonfiction which was published in numerous forms of print media. The leap to fiction was suddenly but not completely unexpected.

The author saw more success as a fiction writer than she did producing nonfiction. She has been commended for producing highly complicated stories that she packs within a few pages.

+Literary Career

Anne Korkeakivi had been a successful journalist before she decided to change fields. For some of Anne’s friends, her decision to abandon nonfiction was a little sudden. But Anne believes she handled the situation with plenty of caution.

With her nonfiction career behind her, Anne joined a French publishing house as an editor. She used the opportunity to gather knowledge about fiction publishing. Over the next couple of months, the author began writing her first fiction novel.

She somehow managed to complete the story and get it sold in less than a year. The feat not only proved to Anne that she had what it took to survive in the cutthroat world of literary publishing but it also drove her to give fiction her undivided attention.

It didn’t take the author long to garner attention. Readers were swept away by the exotic location to which Anne Korkeakivi took them, not to mention the depth of character development she provided.

While others do not always envy her life, Anne Korkeakivi believes that the many years she spent as an expatriate abroad have done wonders for her as an author. She believes that all her traveling has changed the way she looks at the world.

She has experienced so much of the world and she is happy to bring everything she has seen to readers. And that includes all the colorful individuals she has met along the way. She does admit that living abroad has strained some of her relationships.

Anne has struggled to find a steady group of writers with whom she can connect over long periods of time. She has also struggled to maintain the depth of her relationships with her editors. But, according to Anne, all those pitfalls are worth the opportunity traveling has availed her to discover new viewpoints.

The amount of traveling the author has done might explain why she places such an emphasis on the settings of her books. To Anne, her locations are just as important as any other characters in her books. In fact, Anne has been known to describe the locations in her books as separate characters.

Every location in each one of Anne’s books has a unique personality. And the author isn’t ready to sit down and start writing until she understands each location’s distinct personality.

It is worth noting that all the traveling Anne has done has given her plenty of chances to read. Each new location introduces to the author a plethora of foreign and largely unexplored reading choices, and as with every author, Anne’s writing is influenced by the books she reads.

Anne Korkeakivi has named Chinua Achebe and Willa Cather among the authors that have had an influence on her over the years. She doesn’t exactly replicate their writing styles. But she does attempt to bring the same depth to her words as the authors.

Anne normally likes to prepare extensively before she sits down to write. But that only applies to fiction. The author often writes on a schedule when it comes to her nonfiction. But that is only because things are more straightforward for Anne Korkeakivi when it comes to producing fiction. She can write anytime, anywhere.

With fiction, Anne needs to first immerse herself in the world she is creating before she can begin writing. She needs time to puzzle over her story, to analyze her characters, to do extensive research.

There is no set time for Anne to write. She only ever sits down to put words on the page when she has a clear picture of what she intends to produce. But once Anne has a clear picture of her story, it doesn’t take her long to get the first draft written.

She only slows to a crawl when she begins revising her story. That is where she really struggles.

+An Unexpected Guest

Clare Moorhouse has a problem. Her husband is a high ranking diplomat in Paris and his wife has been charged with preparing an emergency dinner. Clare isn’t without experience in this area.

However, the dinner Clare is preparing this time around will have serious implications for her husband’s career. So with the future of the family on the line, Clare begins shopping for ingredients and taking steps to prepare the dinner of a life time.

Clare doesn’t expect her son to intrude on her efforts with his rash behavior. Clare is even less amused by the terrorist she encounters and the prospect the situation raises for her dark secret to come to light.

+Shining Sea

Michael Gannon was 43-years-old when he died in 1962. This book tells the story of the family the World War II veteran left behind. The widow and the kids watch as the decades go by.

They move from Southern California to London, Scotland to Arizona and Massachusetts, contending with a life of the most turbulent nature and dealing with the ripple effects of war.

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