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Anne Mette Hancock is a bestselling mystery fiction author from Copenhagen, Denmark that is best known for the “Kaldan and Schafer Mystery” sereis of novels.

Anne was born in Grasten, a small town in Denmark but over the years she has lived in both France and the United States. In her young adult years, she went to Berlingske and Roskilde University where she studied journalism and history.
She always wanted to become an author and made her debut in 2017 with the publishing of the novel “The Corpse Flower.” This would become a bestselling title that was the winner of the 2017 debutant prize by the Danish Crime Academy.
This novel would spawn the “Kaldan and Schafer Mystery” series of novels that by 2023 had three novels. In 2018, she was named a Denmark author of the year and several of her works have been translated into different languages.
As it stands, Anne Mette makes her home in Copenhagen, where she lives with her two children.

Mette Hancock got the idea for her debut novel “The Corpse Flower” while she was living in a small Southern France town. It was the same place she called home growing up and where she is used to spending her summers.

One day, she was spending some time at the market square where there was a guy feeding a goat kid with a feeding bottle when she noticed something strange. Her kids were petting the kid goat and standing around in excitement when she saw a stranger woman sitting in a cafe across from her.

The woman was staring at her intently and she could tell that the woman believed she knew her from somewhere. It turns out that she was an acquaintance she had met when she was a child.

However, the look on her face made her start thinking of an opening scene in a crime novel. She started thinking 0f a story along the lines of a woman fleeing after she is recognized as a woman on the run in a small town in France.
That very evening she began writing the first scene for her debut and it was not long before she wrote a chapter and the rest of the work that featured Erik Schafer the homicide detective and Heloise Kaldan the journalist.

The Corpse Flower by Anne Mette Hancock is the story of a 3-year-old homicide that had gone cold. Detective sergeant Erik Schafer of the Violent Crimes Unit of the Copenhagen police is put in charge of the case. He believes that he has a good idea of who may be responsible for killing Christoffer Mossing.

The attorney had his throat cut and had been left to bleed out in his own bed. The security cameras at the residence show Anna Kile leaving a few minutes after the murder with no attempt at concealing herself.
She had never been seen again but had recently begun sending notes to Heloise Kaldan, a business reporter with the “Demokratisk Daglad.” The notes often reference a Sumatran wild herb known as the corpse flower. The author of the letters also seems to know too much about the reporter’s life.

The deeper Heloise digs into the case, the more the nightmarish details seem to point to her own dark past. In the meantime, Schafer the detective is going nowhere with Johannes Mossing the real estate tycoon brusquely brushing him to the side. He does not seem interested in finding justice for his murdered son.

She also suspects ex-reporter Ulrich Anderson but he would not make any progress until he starts working with Heloise.

Anne Mette Hancock’s novel “The Collector,” tells of the apparent kidnapping of a kid which means Heloise Kaldan the investigative journalist and detective Erik Schafer are called into action.

Heloise thought she was having a very bad day as she had just come from seeing a doctor who confirmed that she was pregnant and now she wants to get an abortion. But she realizes that her troubles are nothing when she is informed that Bjerre’s son had gone missing from the Nyholm School in Copenhagen.

In fact, it does turn out that the small boy Lukas Bjerre had not been seen by anyone after he had been dropped off by his father. This had happened several hours ago and Heloise knows that he could have been taken very far away during that time.
Soon enough, someone reports sighting the kid’s corpse in a frozen moat but what the detectives find is only the child’s jacket. There are traces of rat poison and bloodstains which points to some dark happenings.

Erik and his fellow detective from the Copenhagen Police work very hard on the case. However, they are frustrated and horrified to learn that the DNA of the blood found on the jacket points to a man shot to death a few hours after the boy was declared missing.

“Pitbull” by Anne Mette Hancock is set in one of the hottest summers on record such that doomsday prophets have been saying that this is the end of the world.

In the middle of the hot summer, Heloise Kaldan the journalist is working on a report commissioned by the Red Cross. She is on call duty and in no time at all she forms a strong bond with an elderly man named Jan Fischof who has cancer.
While in a delirious state, he tells her in confidence that he had once been responsible for homicide and now fears God will punish him for the indiscretion.

When Heloise digs into it, she learns that the case had been reported as a drowning accident. She decides to head down to Southern Jutland to learn what had happened to the man who the locals had nicknamed Pitbull.
She discovers that the case has connections to the case of several young women that had gone missing during the mid-90s. She will need to work with Erik Schafe the homicide investigator if she is to resolve the case.
They find themselves in a race against time as they battle to uncover the old case before Jan Fishcof loses the fight with cancer.

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