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Anne Patrick is a bestselling author that writes about Romance and Faith. Books like Fire and Ash have earned her prizes like the IDA Award


According to Anne Patrick, one of the most powerful driving factors of her life was the fact that she grew up in a boring neighborhood. It often fell on the shoulders of the children to generate their own entertainment.

Patrick cared little for playing with dolls or race cars. Instead, she accompanied her friends on journeys to solve imaginary crimes around her home. That made for a very exciting life.

Patrick woke up each new day certain that she would find excitement and danger around every single corner. That might have driven her towards a writing career steeped in mystery.

However, everything changed in high school. It was there that Patrick came into contact with romantic suspense, this defining her tastes and preferences as a writer from that point onward.

Patrick’s contemplations typically revolved around the genre she would eventually pursue, not whether or not she would pursue writing for a living. Because of her penchant for making up entertaining stories, Anne Patrick was certain that if she didn’t write, she would act.

And she was lucky to have a mother who encouraged her to pursue her passions. By the time she was in high school, the author was recording her imaginary adventures down on paper for later review. Her mother couldn’t complain because the activity kept her out of trouble.

Anne sometimes speaks of the transformational impact her creative writing class had on her life. She was lucky enough to be placed under a teacher that had written and published multiple novels.

She encouraged Patrick to pursue her dreams. Patrick wasted no time in submitting her work the moment she finished the writing course. Even after accruing quite the collection of rejection letters, Patrick persevered until she was finally published.

Anne Patrick’s one regret is the fact that her mother didn’t live long enough to see her dream come to pass. Patrick will tell you that she always dreamed big. While other authors spoke of being content with simply being published, Patrick wouldn’t rest until she made it to the New York Times Bestseller list.

Patrick went into the publishing field having determined that she wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Patrick always endeavors to touch her readers with her books. Certainly, it is her intention to see every reader walk away having had quite the adventure. But even more than that, Patrick’s goal is to give them hope.

Anne Patrick doesn’t have a muse. She will take inspiration from everything from newspapers to movies and even conversations with her friends. Most of the author’s writing gets done late at night when everyone else is asleep.

She also loves to write on the Weekend. Because she still has a day job, Patrick tries to sneak her writing in whenever the opportunities present. If Patrick has a complaint, it is the effort she requires to juggle writing with editing and promotion, especially when she is working under a contract. However, she has since learned to multi-task effectively, even though the situation still presents a challenge.

As far as her own reading habits are concerned, no one rivals Dee Henderson in Anne Patrick’s opinion.

When it comes to movies and TV, Patrick loves mystery, crime and romantic comedies. She also dabbles in Reality Shows, specifically Duck Dynasty.

+Fire and Ash

When a suspicious fire claims the life of a college student in Emerald Point, Missouri, Sadie McGregor is called back home. Everyone seems certain that the girl just got careless. However, the fire investigator isn’t so certain and she joins force with local Police Chief Quinn Harrington in order to allay her suspicions.

The discoveries they make shake the entire community. And Sadie isn’t left unharmed, still struggling to overcome her guilt over causing the fire that took the lives of her family. For Sadie, there is no reality where God could ever forgive her enough to love her. However, Quinn seems to think that he might be able to disabuse her of that perception.

This book has a very strong Christian message that will appeal to some people while repudiating others. Sadie takes center stage as a Fire Investigator that survived a fire herself when she was just seven years of age.

Sadie believes there is no better person to explore arson as a crime and to find the truth behind life’s fires. Despite her skills as an investigator, Sadie’s life is stuck in limbo. She isn’t going forward, merely going through the motions and using her love for her job to get through her days.

When she returns to her hometown to resolve a suspicious fire, she is forced to change when she encounters Quinn to whom she is clearly attracted. Sadie must make peace with her past and her God.

+Reservations for Two

Maggie O’Brien was married to a pastor for thirty-nine years before he passed on. IN her attempt at finding peace in the place where she had her honeymoon, Maggie meets a retired judge by the names of Carson Jennings on a journey to see the United States in his RV.

Their meeting at Mason Springs doesn’t initially strike either of them as meaningful. But then they begin to discover one another and romance blossoms even in the face of unexpected threats.

There are very few Christian romance novels that are this good. Anne Patrick’s protagonists are impressive; well development and vividly painted. You cannot help but love them, especially as they encounter obstacles at home and in the wild.

Patrick writes a book that explores that inevitably difficult chapter that challenges most married individuals, when they lose their partner and must undergo a journey of rediscovery in the absence of the most significant person in their lives.

Anyone who is tired of all that young love that inundates the book shelves today will find this book refreshing. Very few romance novels bother to explore the lives of older characters. Certainly, the likes of Nora Roberts will remember to sprinkle an elderly man or woman or two in their works, but they are never the protagonists of their own story.

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