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Anne Randall writes under the pen name of A J McCreanor. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland. After university and graduating, Anne Randall worked in various secondary schools located in inner Glasgow. She has never lost her passion for writing and is the author of several crime fiction novels that fit within the series titled DIs Wheeler and Ross.

The first novel in the DIs Wheeler and Ross series is Riven, published in 2014. It is followed by Silenced, published the next year, Torn, published in 2017, and Deceived, published 2018.

Anne Randall has won first prize in the category of crime fiction writing at the Wells Literature Festival. She currently lives in Glastonbury with her two cats, one dog, and her loving husband.

In Riven, everything is upended when a psychologist is found dead. The suspect is nowhere to be found and the shrink is not only dead but was brutally murdered. A student is also found dead and all that is known is that an addict has also taken his own life as far as they can tell by jumping to his death.

Detective Inspectors Wheeler and Ross are the main characters in this novel. The two only have the facts when it comes to this case, but sometimes the facts are all that you need. It’s more than enough to try and make something out of for the two detective inspectors. As far as they can tell, the murderer kills first and then waits some more time before striking again.

The two DIs have to find the killer and figure out how all of this has happened. The Glasgow underbelly is seedy to be sure, but it stands no chance against these experienced men. They must dive deep into the underbelly and the subculture of the place that they thought they knew in order to track down the killer. While they do that, they must weave through the truth and the lies that are being told in a place where honesty and lies are interchangeable commodities and violence is the method of choice when it comes to getting things done.

No matter how close they get, it always seems like the killer is one or even five steps ahead of them. He or she is definitely smart, and that’s never a good thing when it comes to a killer. Unfortunately, the dumber a killer is, the better— at least that way they can be stopped fairly quickly. But that is not the type of killer that they are dealing with. This one is very calculated and strikes with precision.

The killer is always ahead of what they are trying to do and has always left where they have just arrived. Just as Wheeler thinks that they are getting somewhere in the case, he uncovers the web of deceit that goes deeper than she could have ever imagined, and her own nephew may even be involved. Suddenly, things are getting a lot more complicated.

The killer wants to leave a legacy behind, and all that the DIs want to do is find the person responsible and put them behind bars. As the case draws closer to being done, Wheeler has to put all of the pieces together and figure out how to do the right thing. This may involve serving justice in some unorthodox ways. With the killer out there on the loose, how are they going to find them and bring them to justice?

Silenced is the follow-up novel in this series and stars Wheeler once more along with her partner. A killer is out there and he is burying people alive, and now he is out of jail. That’s just great; a killer that has sprung himself from jail and is out and about in the general public on the loose. This is not the best situation to be in. This 2015 novel starts out with a bang with the plot starting out with a conflict right off the bat.

This killer is not just any killer. He is a dangerous threat to all of the people that he comes across, including the homeless. For better or worse, this guy has a pattern. And it’s not just a pattern of buying the victims alive and then leaving them in their graves until the end of time having left this life too soon. So the fact that he is out among regular people is very bad news for Wheeler and her partner indeed.

Not only that, Fiona Henderson is the daughter of what is thought to be one of the victims. She has gone through a lot ever since her mother was murdered. Now she is missing, and her sister will do anything to find her. Annabelle is looking everywhere she can think to look in the city and elsewhere because she is desperate to find her sister. She doesn’t know what has happened to her but after what happened to their mother she fears the worst.

Fiona has already been through a lot, so it’s natural that her sister is worried about her. As she continues to search, the corpse of a homeless individual turns up in an alleyway, and there’s suddenly a lot more to go on. Is the killer escaped from the jail killing these homeless people?

The DIs must investigate as even more murders start to occur among the homeless. So the police must do everything they can to find the murderer before he single-handedly takes out the homeless who are the most vulnerable victims and targets of all. They must go down to the underworld and the bottom of the belly of Glasgow once more in an attempt to get some answers.

The world of Glasgow and a twisted killer come alive in this exciting novel in the series. Readers will love this quick paced murder mystery novel featuring the same old DIs Wheeler and Ross must figure out who in the criminal class is acting to kill the homeless– and what they are getting out of it. But when they become stalked by the killer, will they be next? Pick up this book and find out who the killer is and if they can stop them for yourself!

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