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The Messenger of Athens (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Taint of Midas (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Doctor of Thessaly (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lady of Sorrows (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Whispers of Nemesis (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bull of Mithros (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Feast of Artemis (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gifts of Poseidon (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Demons of December (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Anne Zouroudi is a British author and novelist who is widely known for the Greek Detective series. She was born in England but was raised in the Greek islands. Up to this date Anne is highly attached to Greece and most of her inspiration comes from Greek. Currently, Anne resides in Derbyshire peak District. Anne has written more than 6 mystery novels about the Greek Detective. These novels were nominated for the ITV3 Crime Awards and the Desmond Elliot Prize. Anne grew up in Yorkshire. After completing her high school education at Sheffield High, she joined the IT industry. Her IT career took her to Colorado and America. While in the United States, Anne began taking her writing career more seriously that she even bought a typewriter for her short stories.

Upon returning to the United States, Anne booked a holiday vacation for her sister. The location that she chose was an exceedingly tiny Island known as the Greek Island. Anne and her sister arrived at the island at night, hence they could not see anything, but upon daybreak, Anne fell in love with the island. The scents of the herbs, the brilliant blue sea and the place timelessness. Anne lived in the island for a fair share of her adult life. While in the island, Anne met a Greek and later on they got married. Anne eventually moved back to the United Kingdom and continued with her writing career. Most of her short stories by now had grown into novels and were mostly based on the Greek Island. Now, Anne lives with her son and currently she is working on the next book in the Greek Detective book series.

The Messenger of Athens

The Messenger of Athens is the first installment in the Greek Detective mystery series by Anne Zouridi. The storyline is set in a small island of Thomino. The timelessness of this island is what really makes the story sound like a folk tale. The life of the island is exceedingly terrible. The inhabitants are not only depressed but also bored with their lives. They had very little and in some cases no ambition, to change their lives. They woke up each day only to be welcomed with the view of the graveyard, which reminded them of the meaningless of their lives. When a man who is reffered to as the fat man in the book, shows up to look deeply into the death of a woman, The fat man continues with his investigations amidst the protestations. The local inhabitants were unhappy with the two man local police force who were extremely corrupt.

Furthermore, they had even gone ahead to declare the death of the woman as suicide. The author draws the reader into the story in more than one way. The first storyline follows as the fat carries out his investigations. The man follows the word that is out on the streets. He is also exceedingly knowledgeable about all the things that were involved. Upon questioning each person, he gets deeply into the matter. He is also able to display gratitude to each person who successfully cooperated in the investigation. In the book, we are never told who exactly the man, why he came to the island or how he exactly knows anything.

However, when justice is finally done, it is perfect and fair. The author also tells the story through the eyes of Irini. Her lover, Theo and her husband, Andreas. Additionally, Anne also employs the use of flashbacks in the story. The flashbacks alternate between the chapter involving the fat man and the things happening concurrently with the man’s investigations. With that said, Anne is an excellent author because the juxtaposition in the story works exceedingly well.

The Taint of Midas

The Taint of Midas is the second book in the Greek Detective book series. In this book the fat man makes a return. Just like in the previous installment, the return is not only quiet but also an understated event, which sees him working in conjunction with the police officers on another case. However, this time the case is more personal. Hermes the fat man’s longtime friend was involved in a hit and run and was left for dead. Hermes is more than determined to find justice for his friend by finding the person who did this to his friend. When a person has led an extremely long and honorable life, then the person’s death must reflect this.

However, as Hermes goes on with his investigation, there is another type of evil, which emerges. This evil rears its own greed and face. However, it is not a fickle mistress but rather a controlling demon. A father together with his sons have selected a least moral way to not only take over a town but to also control the town’s fortune with little regard of who is going to perish along the way. The Fat Man travels quietly, therefore he is able to maintain an exceedingly low profile. Nevertheless, this time every person knows that he is around and the police also gladly welcome his intervention, since it seems he is the only person who is going to assist them to find all the answers that they are desperately looking for.

Temptation is also on the rise, and resisting easy money that is flowing from one hand to the next is exceedingly difficult to both the highly experienced officers and the newbies fresh from the police academy. Hermes is an extremely quiet person who commands force which moves stealthily irrespective of his body’s girth. He is more than determined to make any person attest their sins and also let fate decide the correct punishment for you.

Lady of Sorrows

Lady of sorrows is another great novel written by the critically acclaimed Anne Zourodi. Just like all the previous books in the series, the Lady of Sorrows features an exceedingly wealthy man who does nothing else but travel throughout the world on business. However, the fat man manages to stumble upon a number of mysteries, where the life is traditional; many at times it is good and sometimes it is terrible. This time around, Hermes has moved his yacht to a specific island to establish as to whether the exceedingly famous Madonna statue is able to perform the miracles that it is believed to.

However, the lady of sorrows is not what everyone thinks it and so is everything else in the island. A truly excellent read.

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