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Apart from being a scientist, Annelie Wendeberg is also a renowned author, who is widely known for the award-winning book series, Anna Kornberg, which has been well received on Amazon and B and N. Publishers in more than five countries have purchased the right to distribute her books. Whenever Annelie is not writing about her kickass heroes who many at times live disguised as males, or about women who blow up satellite network or jump from planes more than 15,000 ft up in the air, Annelie can be found herding her goats or making cheese. Due to her brilliant writing skills, Annelie Wendeberg’s work has been compared to that of Ariana Franklin, Louise Penny, Anne Perry, Robin LeFevers and many other writers.

Annelie Wendeberg Best Books

The Devil’s Grin

The Devil’s Grin is the first installment in the Anna Kronberg book series. This book has been set in Victorian England and is a mix of historical and fiction facts. Jack the reaper is haunting the streets while disease is spreading at an alarming rate in the streets. The author introduces the readers to Anton Kronberg, who has just been asked for her assistance in the identification of a cholera victim by Inspector Gibson at the Hampton Water Treatment plant. Anton Kronberg works at Guy’s hospital located in London city. She has been posted in the ward where patients with infectious diseases are taken care of. Anton is not only the best epidemiologist but also the best bacteriologist in the country. One of the most prevalent diseases is Cholera, and the hospital is usually packed with more than three patients sharing a bed. This, in turn, results in the further prevalence of the disease.

While inspecting the man, Anton meets with the famous Sherlock Holmes, who surprises the reader as well as Anton by making the discovery that Anton was one Anna Kronberg, a doctor who earned her medical degree in Germany. To some extent, Anna is upset. During this era and time, women are forbidden to become doctors or to study medicine. The only women who were allowed in the field of medicine are nurses. Anna Kronberg had worked extremely hard to ensure that her identity was hidden by changing her appearance and her countenance. There are moments when she was forced to hidden bottles that were full of water in her pants so that her colleagues could see her peeing as men do. If her secret were revealed then she would be incarcerated. Just like Sherlock, Anna is an exceedingly sharp observer. These two characters agree to work together, despite the fact that none of them is pleased or is used to working with a partner. They are more than eager to find discrepancies on the body.

As time goes by, Anna and Sherlock will learn to deal with each other and try to get used to someone, which is quite knowledgeable as they are. It is expected that they will from time to time, get on each other’s nerves. As the two continue to see more into the corrupt corporations and the dark underworld, which are involved, they eventually begin to come to the realization how deep they are. Could the man who was killed injected with tetanus? Apart from trying to learn how to deal with their dark demons, Sherlock and Anton must also consider how far each of them is willing to go, to ensure that they unearth the truth. With that said, all the characters in The Devil’s Grin are quite intriguing. Sherlock is a character who has quite a reputation and majority of readers have already met him in different reads. Sherlock’s depiction in the Devil’s grin is much similar to that of his original character. Obviously, there are going to be various discrepancies because this novel was written by a different author and also because he is interacting with characters that he has never met before.

Sherlock is quite a compelling character, who can carry the narrative forward, but Anna is also equally compelling. Because she has no choice but to hide her gender, Anna spends most of her time as a man. This, in turn, makes her question her gender from time to time. Just like Sherlock, Anna is going to push herself to her mental and physical limits when she is looking for answers. The chemistry between Anna and Sherlock is palpable. With that said, the writing is fluid while the story and plot are clever. All the characters in The Devil’s Grin are well developed and quite fresh.

The Fall

The Fall is a tantalizing tale that revolves around the life of Anne Kronberg, the best bacteriologist throughout the United Kingdom who works for hand in hand with the famed Sherlock Holmes. In this installment, Anne Kronberg is forced into a chemical warfare, where she is asked to develop a germ for Dr. James Moriaty, who happens to be Sherlock Holme’s evil arch-nemesis. Throughout the narrative, Dr. Anne Kronberg is held captive inside Moriarty’s mansion and is at the center of his fiendish plan. As the second book in the series, the reader should be prepared to go straight to the third book as some of the key issues in the Fall are not resolved. Because all the books in the Anne Kronberg series are referred to as thrillers instead of mysteries. This is mainly because they revolve around Kronberg and the danger that she is predisposed to.

The readers are definitely going to fall in love with Dr. Kronberg because, she is highly entertaining and constantly surprises everyone around her with her capabilities and audacity as well. Unlike in the Devil’s Grin, where Sherlock Holmes played a central role, in the Fall he plays the role of a facilitator of Anne’s attempted escapes. With that said, the Fall is a fast-paced novel, that will grab the reader’s attention from the first page. It is evidently clear that Annelie Wendeberg has gone into lengths and researched on the methodologies used in the preparation of bacteria so that the readers can comprehend the science involved. The Fall is highly recommended for mystery and thriller lovers.

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