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Beyond the Distant Hills (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Waterfront Lass (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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New Beginnings (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Annemarie Brear is a Sagas and historical romance fiction author from New South Wales, Australia. The author was born in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and was the youngest of five siblings.

She spent much of her life during the 1980s living in England and it is from this time that she developed her love for history by visiting old and grand English houses.

This is what would develop into a fascination with what happened behind the grand old walls. She would then put to use her interest in the research into her family tree, castles, and old family estates in writing fiction works.

She now sets most of her works in Australia and Yorkshire in the era between WWII and the Victorian era.

After a long winding road, she finally published her debut novel in 2006. Since then she has published more than two dozen historical family sagas and romance fiction, becoming an Amazon bestselling author.
She has also won several awards for her work over the years in addition to being nominated for a Ruby Award by the Romance Writers Australia chapter.

In her childhood, Annemarie Brear was quite an avid reader. She was very fortunate that her mother then had her own bookshop and she could get all manner of books that she wanted to read.

During this time, she loved reading Enid Blytons even though she would also read Black Beauty. However, her favorite has always been Elyne Mitchell’s “The Silver Brumby,” which she believes is one of the best classic Australian stories.

As a child, that always had a very good imagination, she started writing fan fiction based on Mills & Boon when she was in her teens. During this time, she also used to pen essays in high school for which she got top marks.

When she won a class contest for making a different ending for a film the class watched, she finally started believing that she could become a fiction author.

It was her first inkling that there were people out there who believed that she could write something they could enjoy.

As she grew older, she felt characters in her head pressuring her to tell their story. Most of these harked back to the historical fiction she used to read when she was a teen

Annemarie Brear started writing in 1997 but it was not until two years later that she thought she needed to look into publishing.

Back then, she was a greenhorn when it came to publishing and she lost a lot of money sending her manuscript to different publishers in the mail. She was determined to become a published author but she did not know about slush piles or agents.

It would take several years before she learned that she was doing everything so wrong. She finally got the internet installed in her house, which made it possible to join writer forums and groups.
She finally got signed by a publisher in the United States even though her agent was from London. The agent got her into Robert Hale, among several other small publishers who have published her works over the years.

She is now happy to call herself a published author with more than forty works to her name spread across several series, single-standing novels, collections, and novellas.

“Millie” by Annemarie Brear is set following the end of the Second World War. Millie is ready to become a wife and leave her loving family home to be with Jeremy, her husband.

He was her dream man until soon after their wedding she learns that her man is afflicted by shell shock. The problem only becomes worse when they move into the dark and cold estate that had been left to him by his father.

Millie tries her best to help him but he only grows colder as he has made friends with Monty, a wounded, homeless veteran with secrets.

As Milly continues to distrust Monty with each passing day, there develops a huge rift between her and her husband as she starts feeling abandoned by her husband.

When her family has to deal with a horrible loss, it is up to Millie to be strong. However, just when she feels it could not get worse, she has to deal with her own tragedy.

Alone in her grief, she starts thinking maybe she made a mistake getting married. Could moving to a new country and new home solve her marital issues?

Annemarie Brear’s novel “Prue” opens with the lead being informed by her feisty grandmother that they will be traveling outside England. She is unsure of what she wants and needs but when she arrives in India all she wants is to have a good time.

However, Prue soon comes to the realization that while India can be a tantalizing and exotic place some escapades could be costly. In the meantime, family secrets from the past are being unearthed causing a lot of havoc in people’s lives.

Leaving heartbreak and India behind, she heads to Italy wiser than she was. Still, she is determined to have fun on her vacation but never thought she would meet a man that made her question who she is.
Unattached and single, Barandon Forster had survived World War II alongside Vincent, his best friend. Together, they are trying to banish their past as they seek out entertainment and adventure through rock climbing and carousing.

But when Prue and Brandon meet, the sparks fly resulting in a beguiling and enchanting read.

“Cece” by Annemarie Brear is an enchanting novel set in the Scottish Highlands. The lead is Cece, who has been bequeathed a small cottage even though she doesn’t want to go to Scotland or even town a cottage.

She believes her siblings had been granted more interesting gifts. When she is asked to take care of the process of selling the family home and soon after is abandoned by the man she believed was her soulmate she is downcast.

Alone and despondent, Cece discovers that the unwanted gift in the Scottish Highlands may just be her way out. She soon discovers that the rundown and old cottage is nothing like what she thought it would be.

Just like her, it needs some tender living care. The cottage soon becomes the place where she can hide from the world and lick her wounds.

She had never expected that she would be sharing her new home with a homeless orphan or finding herself the center of attention in the small village.

One person who has broken through the barriers and made her feel like a queen has been the school teacher that she just cannot stop thinking about.

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