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Publication Order of Annie Graham Books

The Ghost House (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secrets of the Shadows (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forgotten Cottage (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lake House (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girls In The Woods (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face behind the mask (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Annie Graham book series is a bestselling and successful series of mystery, horror, thriller, fantasy, crime fiction, and paranormal genres. It is written by a well-known novelist from England named Helen Phifer. The series is comprised of 6 books in total published between 2013 and 2017. Every novel of this series features the main protagonist in the role of Annie Graham, who later becomes Annie Ashworth after her marriage. Helen Phifer has described Annie Graham as a dedicated police officer, who is determined to fight against crime and keep the city safe. She gets frequently involved in chasing serial killers and preventing them from taking the lives of innocent victims. The timeline of the stories keeps changing between past and present to depict certain important events happened in the past that have links with the mysteries that Annie Graham is working to solve in the present time.

Author Helen Phifer has mentioned a number of other exciting characters in each of the books. Some of the essential ones include Alice Hughes, Sophie, Martha Beckett, Will Ashworth, Henry Smith, Walter, Tuffy, Alfie, Lady Heaton, Edward, Lord Heaton, Mike, etc. Helen has done the books’ settings in Abbey Wood and in her hometown of Barrow. Initially, Annie Graham is seen as the battered wife of a man named Mike and working in the police force. There seems to be nothing around that can scare Annie, not even the extreme horrors that she has faced in all the years of her career in the police force. But, when her brother asks her to look after his farmhouse in Abbey Wood, Annie Graham finds herself drawn to an old mansion in the nearby woods of the farmhouse inexplicably. She decides to explore the ruins of the spooky mansion and comes across the diary of its former resident named Alice Hughes. The disturbing contents of the diary reveal something Annie had never imagined. Knowing that the diary holds some important secrets of the dark past of Alice’s family, Annie Graham begins to look for more. She thinks that Alice’s dark past is somehow related to the recent killings of young women and tries to establish the connection. Her search leads Annie to a serial killer who has been out of the reach of police for long and has been preying on innocent young women.

Annie makes it her mission to stop this serial killer before murdering another woman. During the course of this task, she is haunted by the dark past, but she doesn’t let her guard down and keeps her motivated to serve justice. This is the first encounter of Annie Graham with a serial killer in the series. She goes on to deal with several other as the series progresses further. Annie Graham is assisted by other members of the police force to catch the murderers and keep the town crime-free. This series was very much appreciated by readers, especially the fans of murder mysteries and horror stories. They reviewed the books with great comments and loved each and every aspect of the stories. Many critics believe that this mystery series was able to succeed because of the excellent writing style of Helen Phifer, the exciting storylines, and the interesting set of characters mentioned in every book. The overall success of the series gave a much-required boost to author Phifer and enabled to write several more successful mystery novels. She hopes to continue writing many more interesting stories and keep entertaining the readers in the upcoming years of her writing career.

A very popular book of the Annie Graham series written by author Helen Phifer is entitled ‘The Secrets of the Shadows’. It was released by the Carina publication in 2014. The book contains the main characters in the form of Sophie, Annie Graham, Mike, Will Ashworth, and several others as well. At the book’s start, author Phifer has mentioned an even in the past in which a young woman named Sophie goes through a haunting experience. In the 1984 event, it is described the Sophie is frequently chased by the shadow of a man. When this incident occurs several times with her, she becomes very much afraid. The shadow would terrify her when she was alone and then disappear immediately when there was someone else around, he would disappear.

After experiencing this frightening incident for a few days, Sophie gets taken by the man in June 1984 and was never found again. Annie Graham reads about this case in the present time and seems worried about the fact that it was never solved. Later, the police come to know about a chilling murder case in which a woman is discovered on a gravestone. When Annie arrives at the crime scene, she senses striking similarities with the case of Sophie. Annie Graham becomes certain that there is a new killer in the town, who needs to be stopped before other women fall prey to him. As she investigates further, she sees some eerie differences, making her realize that the past has come to haunt them again. But, she is determined not to let that happen. Annie strives to set right the wrongs that had taken place 30 years ago and stop the deadly killer before it is too late.

Another exciting novel of this series is called ‘The Lake House’. The Carina publishers released this novel too in 2015. Helen Phifer has created the lead characters in this novel as Martha Beckett, Jake, Will Ashworth, Annie Graham, Henry Smith, and a few others. The story starts by showing that the old Martha Beckett lives a prisoner’s life in her home and has been living like this since the day her elder brother went missing at the age of nine. The two were playing hide & seek when Martha’s brother went to the cellar to hide and was never found. Martha believes that evil lurks below the floorboard of her house that has taken her brother away from her. She is determined not to let it victimize others and so spends all the time in her home and keeping a watch on the cellar. But, it appears that the evil has managed to escape and is hungry for more. When Martha realizes this, she calls for help and Annie Graham is the one to respond to her call.

Annie is now married to a fellow officer named Will and has become Annie Ashworth. Now, she owns a nice home and loves her job very much. But, when she learns about the escape of serial murderer Henry Smith from his mental institution, she knows it’s time to hurry and be alert. Soon after, a police team finds a severed head that makes them believe that Henry Smith has started the old tricks again. Annie knows he will try to come after her as he almost took her life the last time they came face to face with each other. With Henry Smith and the evil from Martha’s cellar both on the loose, Annie has too much to handle with not much time left they start killing again. She devises a plan to catch them with the support of her fellow police officer and succeeds very well.

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