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Extra Virgin (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ripe for the Picking (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Journey to the South: A Calabrian Homecoming (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Handful of Honey: Away to the Palm Groves of Morocco and Algeria (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Annie Hawes
A British novelist, Annie Hawes writes with a cosmopolitan outlook, really getting to the heart of her subject matter. Entertaining and informative, her stories pull the reader in, with their light and fun tone that sweeps her audience up. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula too, as her novels have achieved a worldwide bestselling status.

Regardless of where the readers themselves come from, she knows how to speak and write on a truly international level. Her stories feature real people too, in realistic situations that her audience can easily relate to on a basic personal level. Knowing what her readers want, she’ll continue to write for some time to come, with a lot more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life:
Coming from Sheperd’s Bush in London, Annie Hawes would always be a gifted storyteller from an early age. Always witty, she really knew how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand, keeping their attention hooked on her every word. Later she’d take this gift to her own life, telling stories from her time spent living away, becoming a bestselling household name in the process.

Focusing on the memoir, she’d always be interested in writing, allowing her novels to speak for themselves. Writing about her own life, she’d pepper her work with witty and insightful observations that really spoke to her readers. Knowing her market, she’d build a rapport with her audience quite unlike any other, as they felt they came to her know her.

Moving to the Italian Riviera, she’d soon find herself living a new life, one that would inform her work greatly. Living abroad, she was always on the lookout for new experiences, many of which would make it into her next novel. Always entertaining, she developed herself as a writer, becoming an extremely versatile and talented author over time.

Currently living in Liguria, Italy, she continues to write, whilst keeping somewhat of a low profile in her own life. Putting most of her experiences into her work though, she’s always honest in her writing, something which her readers have come to respect. With a lot more to come, she isn’t stopping any time soon either, as she continues to publish stories from her life abroad.

Writing Career:
The first book to come from Annie Hawes would be the novel ‘Extra Virgin’, which would initially come out in 2000. This would introduce her as a writer for the first time, charting the time that she spent living in Italy having just moved there. Many readers would come to enjoy her witty and irreverent takes on the culture clashes she would come across whilst adapting to life there.

Later she would follow this up with ‘Ripe for the Picking’ in 2003, thus securing her status as a full-time writer. Mostly taking note of her time spent abroad, reader would feel as if they had come to know her personally over the course of her writing career. This would be something which she’d also come to perfect in the books to follow, with more released later in the ‘Italy’ series.
Spending much of her time abroad, she’d bring a cosmopolitan sensibility to her work, and that would gain her a lot of attention internationally because of this. She has a lot to say in her work, and a lot of observations to make as well, pushing forwards ideas that really speak to the reader. Gaining acclaim from both the critics and general public alike, she’d receive good reviews and press, along with the high sales to back this all up. Still writing to this very day, she carries on from her home in Liguria, Italy, whilst also spending time between Whitechapel in London, and Ireland too.

Extra Virgin
Inspired by real-life, this is somewhat of a memoir, with plenty of funny observations, in a warm and witty take on life in Italy. First published in 2000 through the Penguin label, it would come out on the 26th of April to much acclaim internationally. Setting up the first in the ‘Italy’ series of novels as well, it would pave the way for a much loved and highly popular collection of books.
Moving to the Italian Riviera, Annie Hawes initially had no plans to heading their, but finds this offer to be a once in a lifetime chance. It’s here within the Liguria olive groves that her and her sister really find themselves though, as they both attempt to make a new life. This may be more difficult than they’d initially anticipated though, as it appears that they may have their work cut out for them. Will they both be able to adapt to their new life? Can they make the most of what Italy has to offer? What will the future bring them?

Ripe for the Picking
Brought out through the Penguin Books imprint once again, this would pick up from where the last left title left off. The second novel in the ‘Italy’ series, it would look at the next chapter in the life of the author Annie Hawes and her time in the country. Released in 2003, it would come out just three years after the first, allowing readers to catch-up with Hawes and what she’s been up to. She would later follow this book up in 2005 with the novel ‘Journey to the South: A Calabrian Homecoming’, along with ‘A Handful of Honey: Away to the Palm Groves of Morocco and Algeria’ in 2008.
Still adapting to her new life, Annie Hawes heads out to the vineyard of local culinary superstar Ciccio, who has become a companion of hers. Wanting to prove herself, she quickly becomes accustomed to the rural life, helping Ciccio, whilst enjoying nearby concerts as well. She really wants to go native at all costs though, as she finds herself adapting into the day-to-day of the Italian countryside. Will she ever truly manage it? Are she and Ciccio going to become an item? Where will her journey take her to next?

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