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Paws for Murder (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Groomed For Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Collared For Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Annie Knox is a well known and popular author of the Mystery genre from The United States. She is very well known as the national bestselling author of the Pet Boutique mysteries. As an author, she loves to write mystery novels that consist of interesting and suspenseful plots and has even been successful in writing a few popular novels under her debut mystery series. The series is comprised of three novels with highly mysterious plots. The novels of the series were published between the years 2013 and 2015. Annie states that she has an unending love and towards animals. She likes to devote most of her time towards her pet animals, other than writing novels. Her style of depicting the characters and the plots of her novels makes her readers believe that she must be an expert at committing and solving murder cases, however, she denies doing any of those. It’s just that she has a unique sense of imagination that makes her stand out from the crowd in the art of writing mystery novels. Apart from writing mystery books, Annie is also very fond of music. She particularly likes to listen to the music of the time of the 1980s and also likes to watch reality TV shows and several Asian horror movies.

Annie is considered to be a native Buckeye and has lived in almost half a dozen places in different parts of The United States. She is married and lives along with her husband in her historical house alongside the courthouse square in the town of north Texas. The Pet Boutique Mystery series written by Annie Knox began with the first novel of the series which was called ‘Paws For Murder’. The novel deals with the pets, Jinx and Packer, owned by the main character of the novel named Izzy. Jinx is described as large, whereas Packer is described as a happy character. Izzy runs a ‘barkery’ along with her best friend Rena. Together they keep themselves busy with serving kitty canapes and tasty ‘pupcakes’. The life of Izzy and Rena seems to be going well, but they face several disturbances from a local activist named Sherry Harper, who always scares off their customers and protests against them. They somehow manage to keep her at bay, but she always comes bugging and disturbs their peaceful life. Soon, Sherry gets murdered and is found in the backyard of the Trendy Tails, the shop owned by Izzy and Rena. When Rena is framed as the prime suspect of the murder, Izzy begins to go on the trail of the real murderer, with the help of her pets. The plot of the novel was appreciated by many readers and this gave Annie the much required motivation to boost her writing career. The success of the first novel helped her to complete and release two more novels in the series. Annie continues to write novels and is about to publish a few more of them in the coming days. The fellow authors and critics have always praised Annie for her unique ways of depicting the mysterious lives of the characters in her novels. This has helped Annie a lot and she has progressed in her career eventually. Annie says that she is inspired from the great mystery authors of the past and has developed her wish to become a mystery writer herself by reading their successful works.

The first novel of the Pet Boutique Mystery series was published in the year 2013 by the NAL publishing house. The novel was titled ‘Paws For Murder’. The plot of the novel is set in Minnesota, United States and depicts the life of the central character, Izzy McHale, who owns a pet boutique named Trendy Tails Pet Boutique in the town of Merryville, Minnesota. Izzy is described as an enthusiastic lady, who wants her shop to become famous. She is helped by her best friend Rena, who helped her a lot in setting up her shop. Izzy has a couple of pets named Jinx and Packer. She dresses them to attend the grand opening of her shop. Packer seems to be always happy and likes to seek the attention of everyone and Jinx is just a large and feisty pet. Another character named Sherry Harper always tries to make matters worse for Izzy. She is a local activist and always attempts to scare off the customers of Izzy. The life of Izzy and Rena takes an unhappy turn when Sherry gets killed by someone and her body is discovered in the back of Izzy’s shop. The police investigates the murder and finds out that the clues hint at Rena being the murderer. Izzy decides to take the matter in her own hand and help her friend from getting punished for the crime that she has not committed. Izzy involves her pets, who help her to investigate the murder and save Rena. With the mysterious turn of events, Izzy moves closer to the murderer, but at the same time, she also faces the danger of becoming the next victim of the murderer.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2014 by the NAL publishing house under the title ‘Groomed For Murder’. This novel continues to depict the mysterious life of Izzy McHale in the town of Merryville, Minnesota. The opening plot of the novel shows several weddings that are about to happen under the coordination of Izzy. Both the weddings seem special to Izzy as both the couples are very close to her. At first, she is required to arrange for the wedding of her friend and mentor named Ingrid and then after a week, Izzy has to host ‘pupitals’ for 2 lovable dogs. An enigmatic writer named Daniel, comes to stay above the shop of Izzy and catches the eye of Izzy’s aunt Dolly. Dolly likes to gossip around very much and seems interested in Daniel. However, the events take an interesting turn when Daniel drops dead at the altar on the wedding day of Ingrid. Dolly is suspected to be the murderer as the murder weapon is found in her hands. But, she is not the one who has committed the murder and Izzy seems to be determined to save her aunt from this mess. Izzy is helped by the staff members of her shop, Trendy Tails and her pets, Jinx and Packer.

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