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Annie Nicholas is a Canadian writer of paranormal romance novels that she likes to refer to as paranormal romance with a twist. The first novel she ever wrote was Bait, the first novel in the Angler series of novels, which also happens to be the most popular of her works. Nicholas has always loved to create stories in her head and as a child, pretend play was one of the most fun things she ever did. She has not changed much, and makes up imaginary adventures that she goes on with her imaginary friends. Ever since she was 13, she has always loved dragons and anything to do with the paranormal. This explains her fascination with vampires, shifters, and dragons all of whom she has courted, hunted and slain with her pen. Riding the wind of imagination, she lives her fantasy life of fighting dragons by traveling beyond the realm of reality while sharing them with her readers. According to the author, this is the only way to fight pretend dragon without the neighbors thinking that she has gone mad. In addition to being a wife, daughter, and mother, she is also a part-time nurse working in critical care ER and ICU departments. She lives in Vermont, and when she is not writing, you can find her hiking the dales and hills with her family of two boys and her loving husband.

Ever since she was young, Annie Nicholas has always loved reading and writing narratives of fantastic creatures and lands. However, it was not until her brother introduced her to Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon of Pern, that the idea of heroic dragons and the people who rode them got into her psyche. Needing to write about her own dragons, she gobbled up every book she could find on the magical creatures, but still could not find a good grasp of the character traits she wanted. This is the point at which, she decided that her creatures did not necessarily need to be perfect or conventional, hence the idea of the paranormal romance with a twist. A good description of Annie’s wok would simply be emotional, suspenseful, romantic, and hot and action packed. The characters have incredible depth of feeling and emotion, which she finds inspiration for from her own experiences and research. The novels are chock full of romance action and deception and a struggle to find understanding. Annie Nicholas’s most iconic characters such as Connie swoop you up in frenzied passion before dumping you deep into the depth of despair while still giving you a good laugh with their clumsy and dingy antics. Similarly, her paranormal characters such as the vampires and werecreatures are fleshed out fully. Her vampires are darker and more twisted and seem to be more tortured characters that have incredible and even animal sexual magnetism. Nonetheless, while her vampire heroes have all the magnetism expected of their kind, being alpha male and having incredibly hot bodies, they have more heart and soul, which makes them even more captivating.

Unlike other authors, Annie Nicholas has been every lucky to hit it big with her very first novel, Bait, which was published within six months of her writing it. Nonetheless, like all other writers, she has had to juggle family and work responsibilities with a writing career, given that she is still an active nursing practitioner. Living in the tranquil Vermont with its beautiful rolling mountains and lush landscapes provides a lot of inspiration for her writing. She asserts that she has conceived and plotted many of her stories while she is on her way to work. She is lucky to have a supportive family that allows her to work in her small home office on the front porch, even though she states that balancing work, family, and writing is like juggling knives. As for her writing process, she is one of the most unconventional of writers. While she makes a plot like many a writer, she tends to write most of her first drafts in longhand on paper. She once tried typing directly onto word but found it weirdly missing something and reverted to longhand. While it makes the writing process much longer, the novels seem to be much better, having more of blood and sweat, which gives them more soul as she says. To get her creative juices flowing all she needs are a paper, pen, tea and a locked door and she can write for hours.

In her first ever novel, Bait Annie Nichols introduces the chief protagonist in the Angler series, Connie Bence. Bence is the live bait on a mission to lure Overlord, Budapest’s top vampire into a trap when Casanova, an even darker empire, catches her in the act. Even as her employer has all the evidence damning the Budapest Overlord, it does not help secure her release. She is pleasantly surprised when Rurik, an equally ruthless killer rescues her from his fellow vampire and offers to protect her from the other vampires. She is now confused as to what the vampire is, and begins questioning all she ever believed about his dark reputation. But she is deep in a world where blackmail is the order of the day. With stakes so high, Connie has to trust or betray people such as Rurik that she loves so much, if she is to survive.

Catch, the second novel of the Angler series sees Connie torn between Tane a vampire she desperately wants to stake, and Rurik her one true love. She has an intense craving for Rurik’s blood but when she gets it, it does not provide the same satiation that it used to. Desperate to find a solution to the crisis, Rurik takes her to Rio de Janeiro, a kingdom of vampires ruled by Tane. Tane is a cunning vampire that had manipulated them to gain his empire, then tried to kill the two lovers. Even as she would stake him given the chance, the Nosferatu blood that he had made her drink when they last met in Budapest had developed a weird kind of bond between them. She now feels that her destiny is tied to his, and knows that Tane is not one that would hesitate to take advantage of such weakness. Tane soon finds himself under siege as his rule is being challenged on all sides. He is forced to turn to Rurik and Connie the two people that would see him dead. But Connie finds that as much as she loves and fights for Rurik, she cannot fight the longing for the cold-blooded Tane.

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