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Publication Order of Annie's People Books

The Preacher's Daughter (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Englisher (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Brethren (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Annie’s People series is a famous series of Christian fiction, romance, and Amish fiction novels. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2005 and 2006. The series is penned by a noteworthy American writer named Beverly Lewis. The stories of all the books in this series revolve around the life of the chief character named Annie Zook. Author Lewis has described her as the eldest daughter of the town’s preacher. The books’s plots are set in the Amish community of Paradise, Pennsylvania. Apart from Annie Zook, the other essential characters mentioned by author Lewis include Rudy Esh, Louisa Stanford, Ben Martin, Esther, and several others. Each and every novel of this performed very well in the market after their publication. Their far and wide successes helped Beverly Lewis to keep up with her reputation as a NY Times bestselling novelist. Beverly has penned the characters and the plots in her typical signature style. She has given a great depth to the characters and has also provided unexpected twists to the plots. And on top of all this, she has given an excellent description of life in the Amish community, the church proceedings, ups and downs in the life of the Amish people, and their determination in dealing with the problems of their daily lives. All these elements helped the novels to become extremely successful. They were noticed by many prominent critics and popular authors, all of whom reviewed the books with praise and motivating comments. Even the readers from across the world enjoyed reading all the three books and showered their love and affection in return with their great reviews.

Beverly Lewis is a bestselling author from America, who is well known for writing romance, Christian fiction, Amish fiction, contemporary, and nonfiction novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Abraham’s Daughters series. Her books have made frequent appearances in the New York Times bestselling list as well as a number of other famous literary journals. Beverly has been active in the field of novel writing for the past twelve years and has won several awards for her excellent contribution to literature. Beverly Lewis was born and brought up in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed writing and music a lot. Other than being an established author, author Lewis is also a respected schoolteacher and a well accomplished musician. Her first book in this romance and Christian fiction series became a finalist for the Quill Book Prize in 2006 in the category of romance. Over the course of her writing career, Lewis has given many interesting stories to her readers, for which they are very grateful to her. Her excellent writing style and character development have helped her in making numerous fans from all over the globe. And with every new release, many more readers get added to her fan base. Lewis considers herself blessed and lucky to have achieved so much in her career. She intends to achieve much more success through her dedication and hard work. As of today, author Lewis resides in Colorado, United States, along with her loving husband named David. Lewis is very happy that she found a life partner like David, who supports her in her work with all his heart.

The debut book of the Annie’s People book series written by author Lewis is entitled ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’. It was released by the Bethany House publication in the year 2005. The book’s setting is done in the Paradise town of Pennsylvania and features the primary characters as Annie Zook, Louisa Stratford, Rudy Esh, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Paradise is considered as Earth’s haven by many, but Annie Zook seems to differ as she considers the town to be a dead end for her. Her parents expect her to follow the family lines and join the church. However, she considers herself too young to do that at the age of 20. Besides, she is passionate about the arts and wants to pursue it. But, there are some strict rules laid down in the Plain community that forbids the Amish people and they look already shocked by a disturbing news in the newspaper. It turns out that Sheriff Shane Carter is given the task of investigating a very gruesome murder. The case started when a woman’s body was discovered in the nearby woods, and now a couple of other women are also reported to have gone missing. Shane finds that the woman who went missing recently resembles Jenna Hughes very closely. The whole of pacific northwest gets covered with the cold waves of winter and Shane Carter fears that the grisly work of the merciless killer has only just started. Later, it is discovered that Jenna Hughes’ obsessed fan is the real killer, and he intends to kill her too for leaving Hollywood and depriving him of his star. Shane Carter learns about the danger to Jenna’s life and comes to her rescue. He makes up his mind to not let the killer get close to her at any cost. During the time Jenna and Shane remain together, they develop feelings for each other and takes the form of romance as the story comes to an end.

The second installment of this series is called ‘Fatal Burn’. It was also published by Zebra publishing in 2006. Jackson has described the chief characters in this novel as Shannon Flannery, Travis Settler, and Dani. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a deadly killer is roaming freely in the city and is victimizing innocent women. He intends to kill a few more women before setting his hands on Dani, the girl he seems desperate to have. Dani is the daughter of an ex-Special Forces officer named Travi Settler. The killer succeeds in kidnapping Dani and immediately sets his next plan in motion. Shannon Flannery approaches the police claiming that there is someone watching her every move. She feels threatened by this unknown stalker and fears that she might get killed if the police does not take immediate action. But no one believes her except Travis Settler, who is himself tensed because of the sudden disappearance of his daughter. Travis thinks that the dark past of Shannon is somehow related to Dani’s disappearance. Shannon Flannery feels some very dangerous, fatal, and dark secrets are being kept from her. As Travis doesn’t have faith in her and no one else can be trusted, Shannon decides to go in search of the shocking secrets of her own. With her determination, she doesn’t even fear to face the serial killer and also doesn’t think about losing her life in trying to unravel the truth.

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