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All top of the line creators have a few things in like manner. One is that their books have made the New York Times Best Seller’s List, another is that their books are sold the world over in various dialects and the other is their books have gradually been transformed into amazing movies. Creator Liza Marklund has finished every one of the three deeds which is the reason she is a #1 smash hit International creator.

Named Scandinavia’s ruler of wrongdoing fiction, Marklund was conceived in Palmar, which is a little town situated close to the Arctic Circle in Sweden. Conceived in 1962 as Eva Elisabeth Marklund, she first got to be known as Liza when her more youthful sibling began to talk. Growing up she doesn’t have anything else to do however read books and record the numerous musings and dreams that experienced her head as a tyke. Her guardians both worked nearby and there was nobody else around for miles experiencing childhood amidst the woods where her just organization was moose and salmon. Recording things kept her from feeling forlorn and right up ’til the present time this credits composing to staying normal.

Marklund left home when she was only 16 years of age when she moved to Piteå, Sweden and filled in as a server and maidservant. She had her first youngster, Annika at 21 years old. Marklund met Annika’s dad Michael Zev Spielman while in Israel on a kibbutz. Spielman, conceived in California, was five years more established than Marklund. The vast majority of his family, who was Jewish, kicked the bucket in the death camps in Germany. His guardians were the main ones on either side who survived. Marklund discovered she was pregnant with her little girl after simply getting acknowledged into news coverage school. Before Annika turned one year old, Spielman left leaving Marklund to bring up their little girl all alone. After Marklund completed school, she and her exceptionally youthful little girl went to different spots the world over like the United States, the Soviet Union and different spots all through Europe.

In the long run, Marklund found her first written work at a Swedish tabloid called Expressen which is likewise where she met her spouse, Michael Aspeborg over a half-eaten meatball sandwich. It wasn’t much sooner than they were sharing just sandwiches. In 1990, Annika’s relative Axel was destined to the couple and after three years came younger sibling Amanda. Marklund centered her vitality at the time on both work and bringing up her youngsters.

Marklund filled in as an investigative correspondent for a long time furthermore worked five years as a proofreader for both print and TV news. She keeps on working for TV by creating documentaries. Marklund shows at least a bit of kindness for human rights and has done documentaries concerning youngsters in Cambodia and Russia enduring with HIV/AIDS and has likewise created a series of aggressive behavior at home. Other than composing books, Marklund likewise composes for various daily papers and has been a feature writer for an aggregate of 20 years. Her sections are distributed in Swedish and International daily papers and magazines, for example, Welt am Sonntag in Germany and Ilta-Lehti in Finland. She keeps on doing a general segment for Expressen, a Swedish tabloid furthermore Verdens Gang, a day by day daily paper in Norway. She is likewise the co-proprietor of one of Sweden’s best distributed houses called Piratförlaget. She has composed eleven books and two genuine books. Her first book, Buried Alive was distributed in 1995. She co-composed a book called “The Postcard Killers” in 2010 with James Patterson which achieved the main spot on the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

Marklund lives in Stockholm, Sweden furthermore possesses a home in Marbella, Spain. Despite the fact that she is a widely acclaimed creator, Marklund and her family attempt to live as secretly as could be expected under the circumstances. She tries to exploit her big name status by doing great deeds and has tackled the part as a goodwill diplomat for UNICEF.

Marklund’s most prevalent books spin around an anecdotal female correspondent named Annika Bengtzon who battles to adjust her time between her expert vocation and that of being both a mother and a wife. Marklund’s wrongdoing books highlighting Annika Bengtzon have sold more than 15 million duplicates in 33 diverse dialect


From the confused publication workplaces of Swedish tabloid Kvällspressen and the endless badlands of the Arctic Circle, to the glamorous shorelines and dance club of southern Spain, wrongdoing correspondent Annika Bengtzon’s examinations take her past the news story, and frequently into mischief’s way. The arrangement takes after Annika’s battles in her private life — as a dedicated proficient, wife and mother — and in addition her change from an awkward assistant to a pessimistic editorial manager of the wrongdoing area. The arrangement was not distributed sequentially as to Annika’s life. Beginning with The Bomber, the account then moves back in time quite a while. By the fifth portion, Red Wolf, we are back in the present. Liza Marklund has composed eight Annika Bengtzon books to date.


Youngster correspondent Annika Bengtzon has a desired, yet provisional, position at a noteworthy Stockholm tabloid. Before she has had the smallest opportunity to adjust to the bullish and quick paced universe of news reporting, a dead body is found at a city burial ground. The casualty is a fascinating artist who has been assaulted and choked, and the prime suspect is an administration clergyman. Annika understands this might turn into her very own leap forward story. In any case, as she uncovered the dull underworld of sex clubs, pettiness, and debasement, she is drawn profound into a perilous universe of sex and savagery.


Columnist Annika Bengtzon is chipping away at the tale of a staggering wrongdoing when she hears that a writer exploring the same occurrence has been slaughtered. It gives off an impression of being an attempt at manslaughter mishap. A few ruthless killings take after — all connected by manually written letters sent to the casualties’ relatives. At the point when Annika unwinds an association with the story she’s written work, she is tossed on to the trail of a lethal mental case. Gotten in a furious winding of insider facts and brutality, Annika gets herself and her marriage at limit. Will her refusal to quit seeking after reality in the long run crush her?


Stockholm is clamoring with arrangements for the up and coming summer Olympics when a bomb blasts in the city’s new Olympic enclosure. The stadium, and in addition a standout amongst the most intense businesspeople in Sweden, is blown to bits. The police start a wild and urgent pursue for the executioner, while wrongdoing journalist and mother of two, Annika Bengtzon, finds associations nobody else sees. Along these lines starts the main wrongdoing novel by Liza Marklund, which takes after the rash, constant, and enthusiastic correspondent Annika on her exciting assignments.

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