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Anthony Bruno is a mystery, non-fiction, and thriller author born in Orange, the United States. He graduated from Boston University and later joined Donald Barthelme’s graduate creative writing workshop.

He earned a master’s in Medieval studies from Boston College; the author wrote the crime novel, Seven, based on the Brad Pitt-Morgan freeman movie.
In 2004, Bruno’s novel titled Bad Apple was adapted into a television movie produced by Chris Noth. The Seekers’ non-fiction work was nominated for the Edgar Award for being the best true crime novel.

Detective Lt. William Somerset is teamed with an idealistic detective David Mills who has moved to a large city with Tracy, his wife. After building a friendship with Somerset, Tracy reveals to him that she is pregnant and hasn’t yet informed Mills.

William has been working for the last 23 years as a detective and has only seven days remaining before his retirement. He receives a call informing him about a murder where he meets his soon-to-be replacement at the scene, David Mills.

She’s unhappy with the city and feels it’s not an ideal place to bring up her child. Somerset pities her since he had the same situation with his ex-girlfriend many years back. He advises her to let Mills know about the pregnancy if she’s planning to keep the baby.

Mills and Somerset have been tasked to investigate a series of murders that appears to have been inspired by the seven fatal sins. A criminal defense attorney is murdered after being forced to count a pound of flesh from him representing greed.

While investigating the greed case, they are informed about another case where an obese man is forced to feed until his stomach bursts with a message written in the victim’s blood gluttony.

The detectives notice the killer is trying to copy the seven deadly sins and the crimes appear to continue.

Clues found at the murder scenes lead the investigators to a suspect’s apartment, where they shockingly find the third victim’s body. The victim’s figure prints were found on one of the previous crime scenes. The victim is a drug dealer and a child abuser tied to a bed with his body emaciated and nearing his last breath representing sloth.

He’s in a critical condition and doesn’t have the strength to answer Somerset and Mill’s questions. The photographs of the victim indicate that the crimes were planned. Somerset and his colleague have no clues about the killer, but they have an idea

They look up to the people who had borrowed the books related to the Seven Deadly sins using the Library record, which lead them to a man named John Doe. They go to Doe’s apartment, and upon seeing the detectives, Doe runs, and Mills tries chasing where Mills falls, escaping a fire, and his arm gets injured. He goes ahead and searches a truck before getting struck in the head.

After searching the apartment, they find a picture of a young prostitute who they guess might be the next victim. Later the girl is found dead in a room, and an alive man says she was forced to rape and kill her. There is also a message on the door, ‘lust.’

The detectives also receive another call where another woman is found dead, now the fifth crime case. The woman was a famous model, and her killer cut off her nose and gave her the choice of suicide by sleeping pills or calling for help but live the rest of her life with no nose. The woman chose to take the medication, and the message on the scene was Pride.

After the detectives get back to the office, they think about the remaining victims. Will they finally catch the killer and have him charged for his crimes?
Seven is a fast-paced story with a real, flawed, and believable protagonist. It focuses on Mills and Somerset’s hunting down a psychotic murderer who is avenging the seven deadly sins.

The Ice Man
The ice Man is a true story of a cold-blooded mob contract killer. After hiding a body in an ice cream freezer, he was given the name. Richard Kuklinski boasts of a body count of above a hundred victims. He uses knives, guns, ice picks, poison, tire irons, bombs, and baseball bats in his missions.

Richard is a family man from New Jersey and always killed for fun, to satisfy rage, as a cover-up for his crimes and money. The authorities knew about the killer and had his victims’ names but could not get close to him until agent Dominick staged a mobster and started a dangerous and tricky game.

Throughout the novel, Anthony Bruno dives into the mind of a cold-blooded killer giving details of the crimes and searching for the peculiar dynamics of agent Dominick’s dangerous association with him. As the agent slowly built up the case, he knew the clock was ticking when he realized the Iceman had plans to kill him.

The author gave enough details about the crimes, his setup, and his hunt down. It’s a well-written and fascinating story to have the reader engaged to the last page.
Bruno did a superb job taking the reader through Kulkinski’s progress as he advanced from a mafia hit man to a person who killed in the name of fun, money, cover-up his crimes, and to satisfy his innermost craving.

If anyone made him angry because of a comment, it was more than evident that he’d eventually kill him. The novel makes one wonder how many kinds of the Iceman are out there. Bruno seems to have done his research well to offer fascinating work showing the personality of Richard, a married father of three doing his dangerous profession.

Richard has a loving and perfect relationship with his kids but is cruel in his way of making a living. His wife fears his dark side, yet she isn’t aware of how he earns a living. She lives a good lifestyle but inside suffers the abuse of his husband.

Iceman was smart merciless, and fatal in his activities, and he only needed someone tough as him to take him to town. Bruno uses his unique writing skills to bring to light a killer who had no human feelings.

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