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with Duane Swierczynski
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Dark Prophecy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Revelations (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Murder in Mystery Manor (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Anthony Zuiker is best known as an American executive producer, television creator, and bestselling author of the “Level 26 Thriller” series of novels.
Zuiker made his name as the executive producer and creator of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” the American TV crime franchise.

The TV series was one of the longest-running in American television and at its peak, it was rumored that Zuiker used to earn $25,000 for each episode.

He would then earn a lot more when the shows were ultimately syndicated. According to divorce papers filed by his wife, in the decade between 2000 and 2010, the first CSI series earned him $75 million.
He earned so much money since he was the producer for the entire franchise of CSI TV shows including “CSI: New York,” “CSI: Miami,” “CSI: Vegas,” “CSI: Cyber,” and the main “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Zuiker was born on Blue Island, Illinois in August 1968 and he was just six years old when his family moved to Nevada and settled in Las Vegas.

Diana his mother used to work at several restaurants as a Maitre d’ while Diana his mother was a blackjack dealer.

In 1986, he graduated from Chaparral High School where he has now been honored as the school theater has since been renamed as the” Anthony E. Zuiker Theater.”
Following his graduation from high school, he went to the Tempe-based Arizona State University and then transferred to the University of La Verne.

While he was a student in college, he got into competitive forensics and attended a national speech tournament where he went all the way to the semis.

It was while he was living in Los Angeles that he began writing screenplays. His very first work was “The Runner,” a movie script that he would ultimately sell for $25,000 to Showtime.
It was this very script that would then be turned into “The Runner,” the 1999 movie that starred Jon Goodman, and Courteney Cox among several other actors.

Anthony Zuiker had his first big breakthrough when he had the idea for a forensic science-based crime drama since he had always been fascinated with real-life crime criminal investigations.
According to Zuiker, he had been working as a Las Vegas taxi driver and was heading home when his wife suggested they watch a Discover Channel show named “The New Detectives.”
Even though all he wanted was to go play basketball with friends, his wife insisted that he watch the show and this changed everything.

TV was a medium he had never written for but when he penned his concept, it ultimately found its way to the famous Jerry Bruckheimer. CBS loved the idea and in 2000 “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” made its premiere.
It became a universal hit with its unique blend of procedural storytelling, drama, and science and it was not long before other spinoffs were just as successful.

In the year 2009, he got into writing making his debut with “Dark Origins,” which he loves to call a digi novel for its interactive elements.

“Dark Origins” by Anthony Zuiker is a breathtaking psychological thriller that introduces the lead as a former member of Special Circumstances known as Steve Dark.

The Special Circumstances Division is a section of the Federal Bureau of Investigations most people never get to hear about, even though it is charged with investigating the worst serial killers.
Most of the time, agents who work for the division are there for a short while due to death, insanity, or burnout getting the better of them.

Given that Steve was the best in his class he usually got the most difficult cases In his last case, he was to track down and take out Sqweegel a Level 26 killer. Unfortunately, the predator would turn into the prey.
Following a close encounter between them in which Dark almost takes out Sqweegel, the man takes his revenge by killing Dark’s entire family at the division.

Unable to deal with his grief, he leaves but Sqweegel and the highest members of the government force him back. They soon find themselves in a game of destruction and death, which pushes him into the farthest reaches of his soul and mind.
It leaves behind a wake of devastating destruction, unlike anything they ever experienced before.

Full of dynamic characters, a lightning-paced plot, and eerie settings, it makes for an unstoppable thrilling ride.

Anthony Zuiker’s novel “Dark Prophecy” is a work that follows the events of the previous novel that left Steve Dark a broken man.

He has lost the love of his life Sqweegel in addition to his adoptive family. Ultimately, he managed to track down the man and exact his revenge in a very horrific way.

Since he is no longer working with a team he easily loses control and he knows this is likely to reoccur. Even though he tries his best to live a normal life and move on, he realizes that this will not be possible.
He is not your usual person and letting go of that side of his life will not be so easy. Even while he is not active on the job, he always keeps an eye out and when a new killer comes onto the scene, he quickly becomes aware of it.
He is tempted back into investigations by a mysterious woman with a lot of money and his colleagues back at Special Circumstances.

Steve soon finds himself in a race against time trying to beat his team to the scene of a homicide, even as he tries to stop the killer before the red tape gets to him.

“Dark Revelations” by Anthony Zuiker is a work that gets off to a flying start.

Steve Dark is now employed by the Global Alliance and has been charged with going after “Labyrinth,” a new level 26 killer who will do anything to change the order of the world.

He is very different from the other killers as he has more laudable intentions but just as horrific methods. This makes it harder to deal with the man as for the most part the public approves of his intentions.
Labyrinth always follows a common modus operandi of sending a packet with a clock to determine when he will strike, an object to guess who his victim will be, and a riddle with clues regarding the next murder.
Steve soon finds himself in a cat and mouse fame with Labyrinth, making for an explosive storyline.

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