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Anthony Falco
Anthony Falco is a food and drinks author known for his cookbook Pizza Czar. The celebrated pizza chef worked in restaurant Roberta’s in Brooklyn for eight years before exciting the New York food scene.

Falco then traveled to Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Japan, Kuwait, Panama, and Thailand, sampling all kinds of pizza. As he toured all these areas, Falco had only one mission- find best-kept secrets and share them to help others make better pizza.
Today, Falco is a pizza consultant keen to help other chefs and even households improve their pizza-making. He also shares knowledge on pizza making in his debut cookbook.

Pizza Czar
Pizza Czar is a comprehensive book on all things Pizza. World traveling Pizza Czar pours his knowledge into this book and teaches you what you need to make this versatile delicacy and get the best out of it.

Whether you like your crust thick or thin or you prefer pan pizza over the oven variety, there is something for you in this book. It is notable that the author explains every step in detail, starting with the art of dough making to selecting toppings.

Even if you do not want to become a pizza chef, this book will make you appreciate the effort that goes into making this delicacy. That crunchy crust that you like takes a lot of effort, and chefs have to get it right for it to come out as perfect.

Pizza comes at the top of the most celebrated foods in the world, and you will find it in every region, climate, and kitchen. It is available in different flavors, and the crusts are just as diverse as the toppings.

Many cultures have managed to infuse some local flavor into their pizzas, making their creations unique. The author has managed to pick the best of these custom recipes in his tours and present them in an easy-to-understand way.

Every recipe is explained in great detail, so it is easy to replicate the same in your kitchen. He also highlights the classics that got pizza recognized the world over.

There is a lot to love in this book. First, there are captivating pictures that are sure to leave you drooling. The recipes are also lovely, and there are enough options even for those who want simple pizzas they can make using readily available materials.

Each recipe comes with just the right amount of humor and all the information you need to bring magic to your kitchen.

The pizza czar also dedicates an entire chapter to family pizza recipes. These come with a variety of healthy toppings and surprise additions that are sure to fascinate even the pickiest of eaters.

Another outstanding thing is the overall tone of the book.
The writing is fun and light, and while Falco is without a doubt an expert, his writing style is entertaining.
There is also a part where he has discussed the pizza cooking process and explained why your home oven might not do an excellent job as the commercial one.
Commercial ovens are much hotter than domestic ones, which explains why it may be hard to achieve the same taste at home even when you follow the recipe to the end. His recipes also include the best accompaniments making it easier for you to plan your meals and enjoy your pizza to the maximum.
Pizza Czar is an exciting cookbook filled with tips, hacks, and secret techniques.

Some of the information here has never been shared elsewhere, making this a valuable book for any Pizza lover. If you plan to start a pizza-related business, this book will also offer insights on what to consider before starting if you want to increase your chances of success.

The author has included enough recipes from around the globe as well as the classics we all love.

He also takes you through the steps of making a perfect crust, the best sauces, and great toppings.

In this book, you will not only learn what vegetables to add to your pizzas but also how to prepare them right. Amazingly, the author has managed to pack a wealth of information in just 270 pages and keep the information entertaining to the end.

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