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The Rescue Man (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Half of the Human Race (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Streets (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Our Friends in Berlin (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Cruel: America’s Slow Burn to Conscious Dysfunction (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Klopp (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anthony Quinn is a Liverpool born author that is known for writing quite a number of books including the one titled The Rescue Man. He was born in 1964 and has been the film critic of Independent since 1998. He went to St. Francis Xaver’s College for Boys and proceeded to Pembroke College, Oxford where he pursued classics. Besides being a film critic at Independent, he has also been a freelance writer and reviewer. He has also been able to contribute to various magazines as well as newspaper reading including The New York Times, The Observer and The Telegraph. He also worked for three years as an arts editor for Harpers and Queen. He was one of the Man Booker Prize judges in 2006. His main pastime is reading, which is probably one of the reasons why he has become one of the best writers of today.

The books that Anthony Quinn has been able to write are well-written and have title characters that are very easy to identify. You will enjoy reading them from the beginning to the end. Every page of the books makes you curious of knowing what is on the next page. One of the captivating books that he has ever written is The Rescue Man. The book is set in Liverpool around a lonely Historian by the name Tom Baines. He is at work studying the architectural past of the city but he is being distracted by a number of things, namely the ominous new from Europe, his growing friendship with a young photographer called Richard, and his adorable wife Bella. When the bombing starts, he joins up as a rescue man trying to retrieve the dying and wounded from the ruins of the buildings. The love affair that Tom embarks on leads him into a dangerous situation.

Rescue man is a cleverly written book that has many strands of stories that are beautifully interwoven. Even if you are not from Liverpool, it is worth reading. You will find it hard to believe that it is fiction at times because Anthony Quinn has written it with creativity that makes it sound so real. It can be best described as a natural that encompasses believable, accurate and easy to read material. Rather than just telling a story, Quinn gives the characters in the book real opinions and puts a lot of himself into it. From the book, you will realize that he cares about his architecture as well as Liverpool and its history. It is definitely one of the novels that you can look up to if you are the kind of person who likes reading great stories that keep you involved.

Another masterpiece that Anthony Quinn has been able to write is called Curtain Call. The main character in this book is Nina, a West End actress. During one sultry afternoon in 1936, she is witness to an attempted murder in a London hotel room. She is in a dilemma: she was not supposed to be at the hotel in the first place. To make things worse, she was at the hotel with a married man. When it comes apparent to her that she has seen the man’s face in the newspapers with a headline dubbed “The Tie-Pin Killer”, she realizes that she is supposed to act quickly in order to prevent more women from dying.

The 1930s will come alive with this novel. You will be mesmerized with the historical detail and the intricate characterizations that it encompasses. It is a brilliant read with a very interesting plot, beautifully drawn and believable characters as well as a wonderful evocation of the World War II era. It features a mix of theatre critics, prostitutes, journalists, patrons and a sprinkling of fascists all which create a maze of suspicion and intrigue that is centered on a murderer. As you read the book, the story will run through your mind like a black and white film.

Anthony Quinn has also written a book called The Streets. This one is a thrilling and intricate tale of love and conspiracy. Just like most of Quinn’s books, it is also set in London in 1882. The main character is David Wildeblood who is a young idealistic journalist. He pounds the streets of Camdem creating and reporting news on the notorious slums. He is surprised by the misery and squalor of the slums, but what is even more shocking is the realization that there is someone somewhere profiting from this destitution. He develops interest in uncovering the truth but things do not go very well for him. He is faced with mortal danger because his investigations reveal a trail of corruption that involves people of the highest ranks in the society. Apart from the focus on corruption, The Streets is even more pertinently focused on starvation, illness, poverty and villainy. It is an exciting read with an engaging set of characters and an element of surprise.

Half of the Human Race is another one of Anthony Quinn’s great books. It is a story about love, friendship, fighting for what you believe and celebrity. It is set in a fascinating period of the British history particularly towards the end of the Victorian long reign up to the beginning of the Great War. It was the period of the idle rich having the freedom not to grow up and also a period of ideas. The key theme that the book is centered on is the issue of the suffragette movement as well as the opportunities of women to be more than just homemakers. You will be drawn into the story completely that once you are done reading, you will be left with a sense of loss.

Anthony Quinn has also written Freya in which he focuses on the big issues of the century, including homosexuality, feminism, immigration as well as individuals versus society. He handles these issues with a deceptively light touch. When you start reading the book, you will be drawn into the consciousness of the protagonists in a rather compelling way. The characters in the book will continue living on long after the final line. The main character of the book, Freya Wyley is such an intriguing character with all the good characteristics that a person can have. She is loyal, passionate, smart, outspoken and brave. However, she also has a bad side to her. She is tactless, reckless and very slow to forgive.

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