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Publication Order of Antique Lover Books

Death is a Cabaret (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weedless Widow (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Casket (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Four on the Floor (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Majolica Murders (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Antique Lover’s series by Deborah Morgan

Author Deborah Morgan pens the “Antique Lover’s” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2001, when “Death is a Cabaret”. The series ended in the year 2006, when was “The Majolica Murders”, the fifth novel of the series, released. Every book in the series has made multiple bestseller lists.

She was nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award for Best First Mystery Novel, for “Death is a Cabaret” in the year 2002. The novel was nominated for a Barry Award as well.

The series stars Jeff Talbot. Jeff is an ex-FBI agent that collects antiques, and drives a 1948 Chevy woodie. He is the first ever fictional character to become a member of the National Woodie Club. He makes a living working as an antique picker. His Chevy is perfect for hauling the loot. The character first appeared in “The Mysterious Case of the Urn of ASH”.

Sheila, Jeff’s wife, is beautiful and young, just do not hold this against her. She is intriguing, likable, and fights an illness that can be tough for Jeff to comprehend. She collects antique inkwells, gourmet chef, Victoriana, and hotel stationery. The internet is her best friend.

Greer is the Talbot’s new-age butler. He is gay, young, and highly loyal to his employers. Greer collects art that depicts his profession as well as movies.

Gordy Easthope is a former co-worker of Jeff’s at the FBI. It is zero surprise that Jeff is always looking for angler collectibles for his friend. The pair are now fishing buddies.

Blanche Appleby is one of the Talbots’ friends and owns All Things Old, the largest antiques mecca in all of Seattle.

“Death is a Cabaret” is the first novel in the “Antique Lover’s” series, which was released in the year 2001. Jeff Talbot, a former FBI agent, believes he has found a much more serene life working as an antiques picker. The hunt for a French cabaret set sends Jeff right to Michigan’s Mackinac Island for the Annual Antiques Auction. It is here that rival collectors begin dropping dead, and Jeff has to polish off his old crime-solving abilities.

“The Weedless Widow” is the second novel in the “Antique Lover’s” series, which was released in the year 2002. Jeff Talbot is going on his annual trip with his fishing buddies. He is also looking to set up the listing and transportation of his recent haul of antiques. When he shows up at the Northwest Territory Bait and Tackle to buy supplies, he joins the Judge, his fishing buddy. They both find Bill Rhodes, their buddy and owner of the shop, murdered. Over the entire fishing trip weekend, Jeff finds that he is assisting the local sheriff’s department during the investigation of the murder.

While he aids the local law enforcement, Jeff sends pertinent information back to his home computer. When he gets back home from his trip, he finds Sheila missing. Using old FBI resources, Seattle’s police, and friends, the hunt to find Sheila Talbot has just started. While Jeff searches, he finds her going missing is clearly connected to the killing.

“The Marriage Casket” is the third novel in the “Antique Lover’s” series, which was released in the year 2003. The holidays draw near, and Jeff is close to making a bundle of cash on all the antiques that he just bought from the recently deceased Verena Rose’s estate. Jeff did not bargain for, though, was the blood stain found underneath one of the ancient packrat’s priceless rugs. This indicates that her death was not an accident.

Unlike the police, Jeff does not think that Nathan the nephew (the guy that cut him the sweet deal on the antiques) is the killer. After being convinced that the answer lies in the cluttered house somewhere, Jeff starts to rummage and finds an antique marriage casket that is filled with ancient letters. He starts to read through each of these, and finds that the old lady was keeping her share of secrets. Now Jeff must figure out who hated or feared her just enough to kill her. All before he winds up inside a casket, too.

“Four on the Floor” is the fourth novel in the “Antique Lover’s” series, which was released in the year 2004. Just months after Jeff’s Chevy woodie is wrecked, it has finally been restored. He and Greer go to get the car from the shop, they find the asphyxiated bodies of four different men, one of which is Louie Stella, owner of the shop and an old informant from when Jeff was still with the FBI.

What first looks like an accident is quickly ruled a homicide. Tony, Louie’s son, has gone missing and he left behind an envelope. It was found in one of the woodie’s doors during the restoration, and it is filled with many clues and links the Talbot family to the killing. The media has dubbed this the “Four on the Floor” murders. It leads Jeff to Los Angeles as he hunts for a mysterious woman who might hold the key. All while he tries not to become the fifth on the floor.

“The Majolica Murders” is the fifth novel in the “Antique Lover’s” series, which was released in the year 2006. Jeff asks Lanny, also a picker, to look out for some antique majolica to give his wife as a gift. He has zero idea just how costly it is going to be. Jeff has always liked Lanny, yet he is a loner. It is a total shock that the young guy is arrested for killing an antiques dealer.

Jeff finds out that Lanny fought with the dealer after she sold two pieces of majolica that she was supposed to sell to Lanny. This is out of character of the trustworthy, kind, and caring guy that Jeff knows well. While Jeff investigates Lanny’s claims of innocence, he finds out that the majolica has got a long history attached. It is one that someone is determined to keep quiet.

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