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The Interloper (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Panorama City (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mouth to Mouth (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Critically Acclaimed(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eat Joy(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silver Waves of Summer(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Antoine Wilson is an award-winning novelist of mystery fiction that is best known for her 2022 novel “Mouth to Mouth.” The author was born to an Anglo-Canadian father and a French Canadian mother in Montreal and his first language was French.
As a seven-year-old, Wilson’s father moved the family to the California town of Madera, a few miles from Fresno. It was similar to a human landing on Mars but a few years later they moved to Santa Monica then on to the Middle East and Saudi Arabia and then back to the United States where he finished middle school.

Over the years, his works have been very popular and have been featured in the likes of “The Los Angeles Times,” “The Paris Review,” “Best New American Voices,” and “Story Quarterly” among many other prestigious publications.
He published “The Interloper” her debut novel in 2007 and has since kicked on from there. He now has at least three titles to his name among them “Panorama City,” and “Mouth to Mouth.”

His works have won the author several fellowships including one from the University of Wisconsin and another from the University of Iowa. In addition to his novels, he works for “A Public Space” as contributing editor.

Growing up, Antoine Wilson had always been a writer as he penned all manner of poems and stories and even acted in theater while he was still in high school.

Given that he was very creative when he joined UCLA, he enrolled for a major in theater but ultimately switched to English. He would then study and be influenced by the likes of James Baldwin, Thomas Pynchon, and Paul Auster.

It was very clear that he was destined to become a fiction author and it was not a choice a choice he just plucked from thin air. In the middle of his college studies, he knew that there was nothing she wanted to do more than write fiction.
Nonetheless, he completed her medical studies course and went on to practice as an EMT. Soon enough he decided to put on hold medical school and pursue his dream of becoming a fiction author.

Antoine attended the University of Iowa’s Iowa Writers’ Workshop intending to become an author and picked up many skills that she now uses to write her fiction works. He believes that the best thing he got from doing her MFA was to take himself seriously as a writer and human being.

Ultimately, he made it with his first novel “Interloper,” and became a household name with “Mouth to Mouth,” which was on President Barack Obama’s reading list.

Antoine Wilson is currently an occasional tutor of creative writing at the University of California and Los Angeles. He tries his best to help people develop their writing skills as he can still remember his own poorly developed, misguided, immature chunks he used to write in his very early days.

He is grateful to sometimes find someone that blows his mind away, even if most of the students are very raw and a few are just lost causes that should not be doing any fiction writing.
When he is not writing his novels or teaching at UCLA, he loves to read novels from authors such as Lars Gustafsson, Bohumil Hrabal, and Thomas Bernhard.

“Mouth to Mouth” by Antoine Wilson opens in the first class lounge of JFK lounge. The narrator keenly listens to his former classmate Jeff Cook who is sharing some uncanny tales about his adult life.

His entire life had changed from the time he had rescued a drowning man then he would then go on to resuscitate. Jeff says that following that galvanizing and traumatic morning on the beach, he had a compelling drive to learn more about the man he had rescued as he believed their destinies were forever entwined.

However, he soon discovers that the drowning man was Francis Arsenault the renowned art dealer. He begins visiting the Beverly Hills gallery he runs secretly. While the man never realizes that he is the man who rescued him from drowning, he soon begins to take notice of him as someone worthy.

He takes him to be his understudy and initiates him into his world where the real currency is access, taste, and knowledge. It is a world in which there is a constant shifting of value and what matters and what is real is always being called into question.

Antoine Wilson’s novel “Panorama City,” tells the story of a man named Oppen Porter. He has been living a very comfortable life in a small town where he has been nicknamed the Mayor. He loves the nickname and nothing makes him happier than when residents call him that when he passes by riding his bicycle.

He is very different from any of the residents in the small town, particularly in the fact that he is slow in most people’s eyes. He has a very different perspective of the world, especially as compared to his no-nonsense, buttoned-down, and straight-laced aunt.
She has no right to budge into Oppen’s life but when Oppen’s father is deceased, she tries to control everything. His life changed upon the death of his father particularly when he follows the man’s wishes to the latter. He buried him in the yard but when the authorities get wind of it they get involved.

Oppen is taken in by her aunt and it is while he is living with her that he meets an intriguing stranger. The crocodile-looking man goes on to introduce him to how he could become a man of the world.

“The Interloper” by Antoine Wilson tells the story of Owen Patterson, who wants nothing more than a happy marriage and a normal life.
A year following the brutal killing of his brother-in-law, his wife is not yet done with mourning her brother while his father and mother-in-law cannot talk about anything except for their murdered son.

Henry Joseph Raven the killer had been sent to prison but Owen does not believe that is enough punishment. Owen decides to go on a quest to exact revenge on the man. He starts writing letters to the homicidal man under the name Lily Hazelton.
He intends to seduce him and ultimately leave him heartbroken. Pursuing his mission of revenge, Lily Hazelton comes up with an amalgam of details that includes snippets from his childhood, his imagination, and memories of Eileen his cousin.
It makes for a compelling debut with creepy suspense and quick pacing.

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