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Antonio Hill is one of the popular authors from Spain. He has written many successful novels in his writing career. The debut book of his career was translated into English and titled as The Summer of Dead Toys. It received a grand success and was reviewed excellently by many prominent reviewers and critics. Author Hill was born in the year 1966 in Barcelona, Spain. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in the subject of psychology. After his graduation, author Hill worked for more than 10 years for the Random House Mandadori, S.A., as a literary translator. This publishing house is one of the leading publishers of books and novels in the Spanish language and author Hill is still associated with it. Some of the most prominent novelists whose novels author Hill has translated include Jonathan Safran Foer, Peter May, A.L. Kennedy, David Sedaris, Rabih Alameddine, Glenway Wescott, and Rosie Alison. His job as a translator proved to be of great help for him to write his debut novel as he was exposed to a number of stories and various writing techniques. Author Hill says that he has been a great supporter of thriller stories all through his life. In fact, he has been reading the books written by Agatha Christie since his childhood days. Author Hill wrote his first book in the form of a detective novel. It was released in the year 2011. The translation rights of the book were purchased in France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Greece, Finland, and Italy.

Author Hill has set the book in the current scenario of Barcelona and has shown a wide range of themes in it such as revenge, crime, sin, and guilt. The novel went on to sell over the 25000 printed copies in just two months of its publication. Author Hill had once told in one of his interviews that he spent around 6 months thinking what should he write about and then the next 6 months in actually writing the novel. As of now, he is busy with the development of the 4th part of his highly successful debut novel. Currently, author Hill resides in Barcelona, but he keeps making frequent trips to the English speaking countries in relation to his translation work. He is recognized as a professional translator of the English language fiction works in the Spanish language. He is able to speak English as fluently as Spanish and this talent helped him to develop the plot of his debut novel. Following the success of his first book, author Hill wrote two more books titled Good Suicide and Hiroshima. With the help all these three books, he successfully completed a trilogy series of crime novels featuring the lead character in the form of Inspector Hector Salgado. In another book titled Los Angeles Ice, author Hill has offered an excellent story of psychological intrigue that penetrates through the darkest corners of the mind of the humans while reflecting the atmosphere of the years marked by social tension and war. As of today, author Hill is busy with his writing works as well as his professional translation work. His ability to accurately translate the books into Spanish has earned him wide popularity. This has helped him greatly in getting associated with numerous other publishing houses in Italy as well as in the western countries. Author Hill says that he enjoys writing his own novels as much as he enjoys doing translation work.

The Inspector Salgado series written by author Antonio Hill consists of 3 books in total, which were published between the years 2011 and 2014. Its first book is set in Barcelona, Spain, and is titled as ‘The Summer of Dead Toys’. The critics have reviewed this book as a skillfully plotted story of murder and misdeeds. Author Hill has introduced Inspetor Salgado in this book for the first time. He is depicted as a detective who lives with the memories of a complicated past. Also, he has a deep love for cinema and often tends to become violent. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a vulnerable witness in the case of voodoo and human trafficking gets killed. Due to this, Inspector Hector Salgado, who is normally very calm, becomes very aggressive and beats up someone very badly. Consequently, his superiors decide to move him off the case. Later, he is asked to investigate the case of a teenager, who fell to death in the one of the uptown areas of Barcelona. Now, as Inspector Salgado begins to investigate the case, he learns the both the cases are somehow connected to each other. He goes on to uncover the inconvenient truth of the most powerful families of the city.

The second book of the Inspector Salgado series written by author Hill is titled as ‘The Good Suicides’. This book was published by Crown publication in 2014. As the book begins, author Hill has depicted that the senior staff members of the Alemany Cosmetics return to their homes with a secret. They had assembled for a team building retreat in a country house remotely. When they reach home, each one of them finds that they have received an anonymous photo of dead dogs hanging from a tree near a farm. Following this, they begin to commit suicide one after the other. Now, the connection between the suicides and the disturbing photos becomes a befuddling mystery. This mystery racks even the executive think tanks of Barcelona and seems to lead towards a deadly end. Inspector Salgado begins to decipher the personal lives of each of the executives in order to find any clue related to the case. Initially, he finds it very difficult to get any success, but he knows ways with which he can get what he wants. In the meantime, Barcelona seems to be suffering from a spell of unusual cold that seems to freeze everything. In the middle of such a frightening cold, Salgado’s wife named Ruth goes missing. As a result, Inspector Salgado faces a tough challenge to not only save the city and his reputation, but also his family. Both these books were very much successful and helped author Hill to gain the much required popularity in his writing career. The success also motivated him to try out different techniques to write the thriller plots so that they could be appreciated by the readers and the critics.

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