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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Dragonwyck (1941)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Theodosia (1941)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Turquoise (1946)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hearth and Eagle (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foxfire (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
Katherine (1954)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mistletoe and the Sword (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon
Avalon (1956)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winthrop Woman (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil Water (1961)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smouldering Fires (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
Green Darkness (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Anya Seton

Known for revolutionizing the historical novel during her lifetime, the American writer Anya Seton would change the way contemporary readers thought about the biographical novel. Many of these would go on to become bestsellers, making her a name to be recognized on a worldwide scale, known by many. Going under the pen-name of Anya Seton, she was actually called Ann Seton, but it was Anya that many would know her as. Over the years some of her novels would even reach the big-screen, with Hollywood adaptations being made from her work as well.

Often using romance as well, she was a gifted writer who would easily draw from many disparate sources when it came to inspiration. This was in large part due to the sheer scope and scale of her imagination, allowing her to speak and write in a style quite unlike any other. Making a powerful impact with her work, she was definitely a writer that had something extremely important to say through her stories. An expert at combining both character and narrative, she also had a well trained eye when it came to detail, knowing exactly what to look for in her stories.

Setting herself apart from other writers in her field, she definitely knew and understood her audience, giving them precisely what they wanted and more. The extent of her research when it came to telling her stories was something that she became noted for over time as well, as she would leave nothing out. Creating rich and vibrant worlds, she would lead readers back into the past, really giving them a feel and understanding of what it was actually like. All this whilst never forgetting to entertain them either, and this is something that many readers continue to discover to this very day.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Manhattan, New York, on the 23rd of January 1904, Ann Seton was the daughter of the English-born naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton, who also established the Boy Scouts of America. Her mother was also a famous American travel writer, who was Grace Gallatin Seton Thompson, and Ann would grow up in Cos Cob in Connecticut. Raised in wealthy family, she would grow up with a keen passion for literature, which would gradually develop throughout the years.

Marrying twice over the course of her life, Ann Seton was first married at 19 to Hamilton Cottier, himself a Rhodes scholar. They would have two children together, and then she would marry her second husband, Hamilton M. Chase, and they would have one child. Living her final days in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, she would be interred at the cemetery in Putnam, and her legacy is still highly regarded today.

Writing Career

Her first novel would be published in 1941 and it would be titled ‘My Theodosia,’ and it would establish her as a writer with something to say. This would lead to more books, although she would focus on any long-running series, largely opting for stand-alone self-contained titles. These would all fall under the historical fiction banner, although she herself preferred them being called ‘biographical fiction.’

Researching her novels extensively over the years, her name would become synonymous with accuracy and authenticity. Her books have reached the top of many reader’s polls, as she is regarded as one of the leading pioneers within her genre. Winning numerous awards for her work, she was a huge success in her own lifetime, and continues to inspire new generations of readers to this day.


This was originally published in 1944 through the ‘Houghton Mifflin’ publishing outlet to much acclaim, being the second novel from Seton as an author. It would be a historical stand-alone title set in 1844, and it would fast become a bestseller, with it still being cited as a classic today. Made into a film in 1946, it would star Gene Tierney along with Vincent Price in the lead-roles, a Hollywood adaptation which is also highly regarded.

Working essentially as a Gothic romance title, it’s seeped in atmosphere and ambiance, and it’s easy to see why it was so successful. When it comes to creating rich and vibrant locations Seton really excels as an author, as she definitely pays close attention to detail. Everything comes to life on the page, with its old mansion location and setting becoming a character in of itself essentially.

Tired of her day-to-day life tending to the garden and receiving the attention of local farmers, eighteen-year-old Miranda Wells is looking for something more in life. That’s when she heads off up-state to New York, as she receives an invitation from her distant relative Nicholas Van Ryn, where she intrigued by life at Dragonwyck. Becoming fascinated by the classic mansion of Dragonwyck, she slowly begins to fall under its spell, as the country around experiences great social upheaval. Where will her journey take her? How will she find life in her new home? What will become of the mansion known as Dragonwyck?


First published in 1954 through the ‘Houghton Mifflin’ publishing imprint once more, this would be another historical romance from Anya Seton. Ranked number 95 in the Britain’s best-loved novels during a nationwide poll there, it’s fast become a hugely admired classic that has stood the test of time. Continually in print since its release, there has also been an audio reading of it, with Wanda McCaddon narrating the story. It’s a well told story and has all the hallmarks of a great classic romance that fully resonates with the reader, making it timeless throughout the ages.

Telling of the romance between Katherine Swynford and the Duke of Lancaster, John Gaunt, this is a classic romance story. Taking place during the 14th century, it’s English setting sees many major historical events surrounding them, such as the aftermath of the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381. With Katherine already married, the love between her and John persists throughout the decades, despite the war and turmoil that surrounds them at the time. Will they overcome the many obstacles in their path? Where will their historical journey take them both? What will become of Katherine?

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  1. Linda Williamson: 5 months ago

    One of my favourite books “Katherine” was recommended to me by my Mum and I have reread it a number of times.It is a bit romanticised, but never mind!It was written in the 1950`s after all.It would be great if a film was made of it I`m surprised that there hasn`t.Very well researched and so enjoyable.

  2. Marianne Johnson: 3 years ago

    Katherine is also my favorite, followed by Devil Water and Green Darkness. Ms. Seton really had a gift. These three novels are ones I return to—first reading them as a young girl, and then later, periodically through the years; I forget about them, and then pick them up and feel as I did when I first read them.

  3. Susan Jennifer Moeller: 3 years ago

    I grew up reading Anya Seton’s books but Katharine is my all time favourite and I have read it numerous times – my copy being an old Boots library book, which is still on my shelves and probably stolen by my Aunt Lesley, who used their library many years ago.


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