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Publication Order of Apple Valley Love Stories Books

The Mostly Real McCoy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Own Best Enemy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pretending I Love Lucy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Even Odder Couple (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jill Came Tumbling (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apple Valley Love Stories is a romance series by American author Julie Christianson. The Mostly Real McCoy, the first in the series, introduces us to Brooke in a story set against the charming backdrop of Apple Valley, a place she chooses as her refuge from undisclosed troubles. The intrigue surrounding Brooke’s past adds a layer of mystery. In an unexpected twist to her life, Brooke works as a security guard at the local library. Her inherent kindness, ironically, becomes the reason for her dismissal, especially after an incident that portrays her in a less favorable light to her boss. This humorous yet endearing encounter at the library is the perfect setup for the story’s unfolding, leaving readers eager for more.

Enter Mac, the male protagonist, embodies chivalry and kindness, further complemented by his exemplary role as a father to his adorable daughter, Daisy. Mac’s character is instantly likable, not only for his paternal warmth but also for his immediate recognition of the special bond that forms between Brooke and Daisy. His decision to involve Brooke in Daisy’s life speaks volumes about his character and judgment.

With her irresistible charm, Daisy becomes an integral part of the story, enchanting not just the characters within the tale but also the readers. Her interactions with Brooke and Mac add a delightful dynamic to the narrative, enriching the plot with moments of genuine connection and warmth.

As the story progresses, Mac’s true character is further revealed, mainly when Brooke’s parents unexpectedly appear. In these moments, Mac’s depth, understanding, and support come to the forefront, solidifying his role as not just a great dad but also a pillar of strength and compassion in Brooke’s life.

This enchanting tale from Apple Valley is a testament to unexpected beginnings, the beauty of forming new connections, and the power of kindness. Through Brooke and Mac’s journey, readers are reminded of the importance of empathy, the strength in new starts, and the unexpected paths to finding where we truly belong.

Pretending I Love Lucy is the third novel in the Apple Valley Love Stories series by Julie Christianson. Mrs. Dodd, a quirky and seemingly troublesome elderly woman, inadvertently sets the stage for an unlikely romance when her suitcase is left at the library, leading the librarian, Lucy, to uncover a contact number inside. This discovery prompts the arrival of a rugged stranger a day later in search of Mrs. Dodd. This stranger is Felix, also known as Fix, her grandson who has spent the last six months abroad on a quest for self-discovery, only to be drawn back by his grandmother’s mysterious absence.

Lucy, the epitome of selflessness, is the glue that holds her family and community together. From caring for her mother and foster siblings to ensuring the well-being of her library patrons and navigating the delicate feelings of a coworker smitten with her, Lucy struggles to prioritize her desires over the needs of others. Her innate kindness and inability to say no often mean her dreams are sidelined in the pursuit of helping those around her achieve theirs.

Fix’s return to his hometown forces him to confront the shadows of his past, but it also introduces him to Lucy, whose altruistic nature resonates with him. Recognizing the burden of Lucy’s relentless caregiving, Fix wonders who looks after her, setting the stage for an unexpected and transformative connection between them. Mrs Dodd, the mastermind behind their meeting, harbours intentions of bringing Lucy closer to the family, having seen in her a perfect addition long before the events unfold.

As Lucy and Fix’s relationship deepens, they explore the true essence of family—not defined by blood but by the bonds of care and mutual respect. Lucy’s mother exemplifies this through her dedication to fostering children, creating a nurturing environment beyond conventional familial ties.
The narrative beautifully captures the essence of self-sacrifice, love, and the importance of recognizing one’s own needs amidst caring for others. Fix emerges as a beacon of support for Lucy, challenging her to acknowledge her worth and aspirations. Their journey is a testament to the idea that everyone deserves someone who sees and attends to their needs, highlighting the reciprocal nature of care and affection.

This enchanting story culminates in a series of heartwarming moments and a grand gesture that epitomizes the depth of their love and the beauty of their chosen family.

The Even Odder Couple is the fourth novel in Apple Valley Love Stories. Unlike the common trope where female characters grapple with feelings of inadequacy, this book introduces us to Spencer, a character whose intellectual prowess categorizes him as a nerd yet who harbors deep-seated insecurities about his worthiness of love. Spencer’s struggle is internal; he battles the fear that no woman could genuinely love him for who he is, leading him to erect barriers around his heart to avoid the pain of rejection.
Tess, the female protagonist, mirrors Spencer’s emotional journey but from a different vantage point. She wrestles with her sense of insignificance, mainly when measured against her sisters, leading to a shared undercurrent of feeling undervalued and misunderstood that runs between her and Spencer.

The beauty of their relationship lies in their mutual recognition and acceptance. Spencer and Tess ‘see’ one another with clarity and understanding that surpasses superficial interactions, offering a profound sense of completeness and mutual respect. They embody the idea that true companionship stems from seeing and appreciating the other person’s essence.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Spencer, always the one to plan meticulously for any situation, finds himself in a scenario he could never have anticipated—Tess suffers a snake bite at a moment when he is utterly unprepared. This incident symbolically underscores the unpredictability of life and the limitations of living in a state of constant readiness for disaster.

The character development throughout the story is compelling and insightful, charting the growth of Spencer and Tess as individuals and as a couple. Through their journey, the narrative celebrates the idea that true compatibility and understanding can transcend societal stereotypes and personal insecurities. The evolution of their relationship underscores the message that everyone deserves to be seen and loved for their authentic self and that together, individuals can grow to complement each other and become the best versions of themselves.

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