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Publication Order of Apprentice Adept Books

The Apprentice Adept series is a successful series is science fiction and fantasy novels. This series is written by an English-American author named Piers Anthony. The series is comprised of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 1980 and 1990. Author Anthony has described two different worlds named Proton and Phaze that occupy the same space in different dimensional planes. He has shown Proton as being a barren science planet of mining, while Phaze is shown as magic’s lush planet. At the start of the series, author Anthony has shown that the people born on either of the planets have the option of alternate self-living on the other one. However, if a person’s duplicate is not present on Phaze or Proton, this case can arise in case of immigration of death, then he can move to that place through a band of energy called ‘curtain’. This energy band circumstances, each of the frames of a person’s life on the planets. In the first 3 books of the series, the main character is shown to be Stile. He is a citizen of Proton, but crosses over to Phaze and turns himself into a well known political figure over there. The 3 books that follow next in this series have Mach as the lead character. These 3 novels concern Mach’s adventures as well as those of Bane’s and his companions’. Mach is depicted as the son of Citizen Blue, while Bane is described as Stile’s son. The last and final volume, Phaze Doubt, shows the journey and adventure of the 9 year old children of Mach and Bane, name Nepe and Flach. The planet of Proton is shown as a world inhabited by humans. A major portion of its atmosphere has gotten destructed because of the continuous mining of an energy source called Protonite. Proton’s inhabitants reside in the doomed cities and have artificial life-support. This planet appears to have an advanced form of science, but its socioeconomic scheme looks like that of the medieval period. The wealthy Citizens are the ones who run the planet, while the serfs form the bulk of its inhabitants. The serfs get employed by Citizens and are required to be naked all the time, unless a Citizen order him otherwise. The Citizens are authorized to make the serf do anything as per their desires. However, the serds are not treated as slaves. They choose their serfdom on their own as a form of occupation. And after serving for 20 years, they are allowed to retire and are given a Protonite gram for their service. The serfs can become wealthy with just one gram in any other part of the galaxy.

In spite of this freedom, many serfs choose to remain on Proton. The other dwellers of Proton include advanced robots, many of which have self will. Phaze is more like a verdant and lush world. Other than the humans, it is also filled with several other species like werewolves, trolls, unicorns, vampires, etc. Magic appears to be an integral part of the daily life of the people in Phaze. The magic gets its power from Phazite, which is similar to Protonite. However, Phaze does not have advance technology, just like there is no magic in Proton. Even though most humans on this planet are able to perform small magic tricks, there are no actual magicians of the trade. But, there is an exception in the form of Adepts, who are powerful wizards. Each Adept has a special magic mode of its own.

Mostly, the Adepts have their names based on colros. Despite their magical powers, the Adepts are not able to harm other Adepts. They can only use their magic on other creatures and affect them. An Adept can make use of a spell only once, but he or she can create numerous variations of it. Humans is Phaze cannot perform by themselves.

They require the use of Phazite to be able to do some magical tricks. Phaze has one very important feature in the form of Oracle. The access to the Oracle is by a speaking tube. The actual Oracle is kept hidden for some reasons that are explained in the later parts of the series. Piers Anthony was born as Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob on August 6, 1934. His birthplace in Oxford, England. However, he moved to the United States later and continued to live there. A number of books by author Anthony have appeared on the bestseller list of the NY Times. As of today, he resides in Florida along with his lovely wife. He was blessed with a couple of daughters named Cheryl and Penelope Carolyn, but Penelope died in 2009 due to respiratory paralysis. The debut book of the Apprentice Adept series written by author Piers Anthony is entitled ‘Split Infinity’. It was released by the Del Rey publication in the year 1987, following its initial release in 1980. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that in the decadent, technological Proton world, someone was attempting to destroy the master Gamesman and serf named Stile. The only way he could escape his destruction was by immigrating to Phaze, so he did it. But, he did not know that this new world is full of magic.

Later, Stile comes to know that his alternate in Phaze has been killed already and that he has now become the next target. When Stile was in Proton, he had to win the great Games in order to survive, but in Phaze he must become the master of magic for surviving. However, the problem lies in the fact that if he uses any form of magic in Phaze, he will be killed by his friends. Stile was aware that they were determined to do so and were waiting for him to commit the mistake of using magic. So, he thinks of using another mode for ensuring his survival in the 2 worlds. The next installment of this successful series is called ‘Blue Adept’. It was also published by Del Rey in 1987. The primary characters of this particular book include Blue Adept, Lady Blue, and Stile. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that survival for Stile keeps getting difficult everyday on both Proton & Phaze. He wants to prove the right of his existence because of being a serf, but he needs to compete in Great Games for proving this right. After his immigration to Phaze, he becomes Blue Adept. Now, he must master the sorcery powers in order to survive among the dangerous creatures. He seems to be a target for assassination wherever he goes. One more problem faced by Stile is the job of winning Lady Blue’s love. Also, he is required to discover an ultimate weapon and fight against a dragon to prove his worth for using magic. But, the most important of all is the task of finding out the Citizen, who is trying to murder him.

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