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Not the Witch You Wed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Your Ex's Hexes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Your Crush's Cauldron (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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I Need a Hero Box Set: A Military Romance Collection(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

April Asher otherwise known as April Hunt is a bestselling paranormal romance author that is best known for the “Supernatural Singles” series of novels. She has made a reputation for herself writing hilarious romantic comedies with a paranormal twist.
When Asher is not writing stories in which supernatural entities find themselves in embarrassing situations she writes romantic suspense.

Writing as her thrill-seeking alter ego, April Hunt, she has a reputation for writing high-octane romantic suspense novels that have also become very popular.

In her novels may be found sassy heroines that can usually get out of the most difficult situations and gorgeous heroes who cannot stay away from them.

Growing up, April Asher loved reading a lot. She used to love playing football during recess but when it came to serious business, she was to be found seating on the bench and reading next to the teacher.
She famously spent much of her allowance buying Waldens Books of all stripes. However, it was not until her teenage years that she realized that she loved romance fiction more than any other genre.

She was first introduced to the romance genre early in her teens. Her mother was and is still a voracious reader of romance with a huge bookshelf full of books in the genre.

One time she found bodice ripper romance on the bedside table of her mother’s bedroom and she was hooked. She would read all manner of romance fiction over the years but ultimately, she started gravitating toward paranormal romance fiction.

Paranormal romance would become her favorite novels, particularly when she started reading Christopher Pike and RL Stine’s paranormal romance novels.

She was also very much obsessed with popular culture works and used to read LJ Smith’s “The Vampire Diaries” long before Ian Somerhalder of the TV series became a regular on American TV screens. April Asher was also a huge fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.
However, when she got into publishing her novels, paranormal romance was not really a thing. It was because of this that she decided to go with romantic suspense writing as April Hunt. While she was sure that romantic suspense was going to make her a millionaire, she just could not get the escape she desperately desired.

As a practicing nurse, what she needed was something that could take her as far away from reality s possible. It was for this reason that she went back to writing her paranormal romance fiction starting with “Not The Witch You Wed” the debut of the “Supernatural Singles” series of novels in 2022.

April Asher currently lives with her college sweetheart husband in their own happily ever after alongside their two kids, and a cat that believes she is more human and dog than feline.

She spends most of her days practicing as a nurse, donning light nursing scrubs, and her nights taking in copious amounts of caffeine. She usually writes most of her novels from her laptop in the evenings after her children have gone off to sleep.

“Not the Witch You Wed” is the first novel of the “Supernatural Singles series of novels by April Asher. It is a playful and delightful paranormal romance novel that is sure to make readers laugh out loud and warm their hearts.
At its heart, it is a second-chance romance along with some laughs and some magic making for a beautiful story.

The lead in the novel is Violet Maxwell that is the eldest sibling among a set of triplets. However, it just happens that she is the only one among her sisters that does not have any magical powers.
She has been contented with being the witch without magic and she does not mind that her two younger sisters are lucky to have magical powers while she does not.

The witch’s council informs her that given that she is the eldest sibling, she needs to find a mate right away. This throws her into a panic since she hardly knows anyone that she would love to spend her life with.
On the other hand, is shapeshifting wolf named Lincoln, who is the leader of his pack that has to find his mate in five weeks right before he turns 33. Violet and Lincoln have a history as they had been friends and dated for several months before Lincoln had gone missing and broke her heart.
As such, when he makes a reappearance she is not too pleased about it, even though they ultimately decided to do a fake bonding to prevent the council from breaking them apart. Soon enough, the old attraction is coming back and the sparks start to fly.

April Asher’s “Not Your Ex’s Hexes” is the second novel of the “Supernatural Singles” series of novels. This work introduces Rose Maxwell, a woman that since she was a child had been trained to ultimately join the “Supernatural Council” as the next “Prima.”
However, she recently stepped down as she wanted to focus on her own life. She also wanted to get her mind off the impulsive one-night stand she had with half-demon Veterinarian Damian Adams.

Neither Damian nor Rose is looking for a long-term relationship and they do their best to avoid each other. But when Rose is taken to court over a misdemeanor she is sentenced to community service.

She is to work at the animal sanctuary run by Damian and once she starts her service their sparking attraction soon becomes too much for both of them. Neither of them would mind a no-strings, no-feelings, friends-with-benefits relationship.
Following several dead-end jobs, Rose only believes she could have found her path after she has a dance with two snarly demons.

Nonetheless, the events put Damian back into the orbit of a world he once believed he had left. He hates that Rose intends to become a hunter but if there is one thing he had learned about her, it is that she can be very stubborn.
The surest way of ensuring she did something is by telling her not to do it. Sleeping and working together awakens feelings in the man he should not and never knew he had.
However, it is clear that he is falling in love and might lose his humanity in addition to his heart.

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