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April Davila is an upcoming American writer of fiction stories. She has recently written and published her debut book, 142 Ostriches. She is a resident of California and currently resides in La Canada Flintridge with her loving husband and 2 children. Davila is a 4th generation Californian. The family of her mother owned a dairy farm in the 1880s in the Sacramento Valley. Davila’s father’s family migrated from Oklahoma at the time of the Dust Bowl. For short periods, Davila has resided in places such as the Caribbean, Marshall Islands, Ecuador, etc. She studied at Scripps College and obtained a degree in marine biology. Davila aimed to enter a traditional, steady profession, but she ended up having thoughts about becoming a scientist when she realizes that she will have to spend too much in the laboratory.

Following her graduation, Davila went adrift and made various obligatory, poor choices of a girl in her early twenties. However, one good thing that happened to her was that she succeeded in finding a super supportive and wonderfully creative life partner. In 2007, while Davila was pregnant with her first child, unemployed, and living in a student’s quarter at Standford University, where her husband was finishing his master’s program, she decided to try her hand at writing short stories. Writing had always been an interest for her, but she never saw it as something that could help her earn a living. When Davila’s husband graduated from university and their first kid was born, they relocated to Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, where she joined the Professional Writing Program at the master’s level at the South California University.

When Davila finally graduated, she was 3-months pregnant with her second kid. After this, she worked as a freelance copywriter for 2 years before being hired to work full-time at a marketing firm. And after some time, Davila progressed to become a technical writer. In order to continue with her habit of writing fiction, Davila purchased a coffee machine and set its timer to begin brewing at 4:50 am every day so that she could utilize a couple of hours peacefully to write her fiction before everyone woke up. Davila followed this routine for several years. In 2016, she left her day job to focus on her writing prospects on a full-time basis. A later, Davila’s blog was listed as one of the top 101 sites for writers by Writer’s Digest. And in January 2018, she completed writing her first novel and also found an agent to represent her at the Intellectual Property Group.

Author Davila is a past president of the Dorland Mountains Arts Colony and a Squaw Valley Community of Writers attendee. The publishing rights of her debut novel were sold to Kensington Books, which published it in February 2020. As of today, Davila writes from the comfort of her home. She is at work on her next book and is expected to finish it soon. In her spare time, Davila practices Buddhism. She also spends time studying how to become a mindfulness instructor. The activities that she likes to indulge in during her free time include swimming, gardening, and running. Davila is happy to know that she has succeeded in establishing herself as a novel writer. She looks forward to writing a number of interesting novels in the years to come.

With her first book, she has managed to form a small fan-base and intends to increase it to a large extent by adding fans in large numbers with every new book. Davila is grateful for her fellow writers and the critics for reviewing her debut novel genuinely and giving good comments. She is also thankful to all the readers who liked her work, praised it and helped it to become successful. She believes that a novel’s fate depends on whether the readers like it or nor. So, she never intends to compromise on the quality of her work no matter how much time it takes. Davila also expresses her gratitude to her husband and kids for providing much-needed support to her and making her believe that she has the ability to make it big.

The debut book written by author April Davila is entitled ‘142 Ostriches’. It was released in February 2020 by Kensington. The central characters mentioned in the book by author Davila include Tallulah Jones, Grandma Helen, and several others. Davila has set this book’s story against the splendor of a ranch of ostriches located in the desert region of California. The beautifully written debut features a compelling and absorbing heroine in a tale a family, forgiveness, and courage. Initially, it is depicted that Tallulah Jones was 13 years old when her grandma took her out of the Oakland apartment in which she lived with her unreliable mother and brought her to the Mojave Desert-based family ranch. Now, she has turned 24 and accepted a job far away in Montana.

After spending 11 long years caring for the graceful, curious birds, Tallulah prepares to leave the ranch and her grandmother’s home. But, Granda Helen dies suddenly and everything that she owned gets inherited by Tallulah. And just before the grandmother’s death, her graceful ostriches had stopped laying eggs inexplicably. While Tallulah guards the secret of the now barren birds, she tries to sell out the ranch so that she can move to Montana and begin her job. However, the complicated task of forcing the ranch’s sale gets even more complicated when Tallulah’s extended family arrives at the ranch. The designs of the family members of Grandma Helen’s property and the deep-rooted dysfunction seem to threaten the ambitions of Tallulah Jones and her life.

As there are no options left, she is forced to take up the path that she tried to steer clear of, so far. Suddenly, Tallulah finds herself facing the 50-year legacy of her family’s turmoil, including the reality behind the death of her grandmother, the alcoholism of her mother, the covetous anger of her uncle, and all the ostriches, whose lives now depend on the decision that she will end up taking. This story is told in great depth about the things that people inherit from their families. Davila’s characters look believable and familiar. Critics and readers all over the world have liked this book and praised author Davila’s dedicated efforts in writing it.

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