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April Hunt is an American author of romance novels. She was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania someplace near the chocolate capital of America, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

She always had a lot of time during her childhood and teen years to develop an active imagination. April wrote her first book on a children’s typewriter at the age of ten using a lot of white out to correct mistakes. Her writing methods and stories have evolved through the years, but she always has used her imagination to fuel her characters and stories.

April likes to write contemporary and romantic suspense and enjoys the thrills of sweet romances that are second chances and also the thrill of being with a manly man who is more naked without his gun than when he is without clothing. She also enjoys military men and cowboys as leading characters in the alpha bad boy trope that corrupt the good girl of the novel.

April enjoys writing, but when she is not penning a story she is hanging out with her children and her husband. She continues to write and use her imagination on a daily basis and never seems to run out of stories to think of. She is the author of the Alpha Security series, which has three novels in it. The first title is Heated Pursuit and was published in 2016 and the follow-up novels are named Holding Fire and Hard Justice, both published in 2017.

Heated Pursuit is the first book in the Alpha Security series. The main character of this novel is Penny Kline, an attractive redhead that is no stranger to danger. She is a bounty hunter who has come to Honduras on the very serious mission of rescuing her niece. She is the only family that Penny has left, and she has been kidnapped. She didn’t exactly plan on walking into the middle of a covert ops mission or meeting Rafe Ortega, a hard muscled military man who works for Alpha Security as an operative.

This operative is calm and collected, but she has to stay focused on getting her niece back. Even if he is really attractive. With an impressive background, Rafe was a former Delta operative that operates with a secret group that infiltrates where there cannot be interference from the government. He and his team of Alphas are in Honduras to hunt down a bad guy that is possibly dealing in the sex, gun, and drug cartel trade very high up and that they have been working to locate behind the scenes for a very long time.

It may just turn out that Penny’s niece is being held by the very same drug cartel that Rafe is hunting. Penny herself gets abducted while in a strange part of town by Rafe and the Security team, who question what she is doing there. But when one of Rafe’s men recognizes her as someone he grew up with, they can vouch for the fact that Penny isn’t against them. Penny still wants to find her niece Rachel and proves her skills to the men in an attempt to get them to help her instead of sending her back home like they want to.

Rafe is ridiculously manly and capable. He’s a tough guy that is physically capable but feels a strong pull towards this new attractive redhead woman. He’s been involved with everything from hostage extractions to clandestine missions, and now he feels an urge to protect this woman and help her out no matter what. That’s a big deal because they’re about to enter the world of a master criminal all on their own and without any backup at all.

This exciting book will have you interested in whether Penny can get her niece back and also interested in the romance and attraction between Rafe and Penny. Will she get her niece back? Will Rafe and Penny finally realize their attraction together? You’ll have to read it to find out whether the explosive chemistry between Rafe and Penny really ever takes off.

In Holding Fire, the main character is Trey Hanson. Trey works with Alpha Security as an operative, just like Rafe did. He’s used to being on his own and wants to settle down at some point. He meets a gorgeous blonde woman in a bar and they have such amazing chemistry that translates to the bedroom once they go home together. He falls in love with her after a night of wild sex and it’s all at the worst time because the night ended with shots ringing out and the blonde gone.

The blonde is Elle Monroe, and she is running from her privileged life. While she found pleasure in working as a nurse in foreign countries, she never quite got that respect from her blue blood father or the man he wanted her to marry. But now she is in danger and it might have something to do with all the backdoor business dealings that are done and his position in the Senate.

With that night being so incredible, Trey Hanson is ready to track her down. But little does he know as he has his own reasons for finding her that she would be his next mission. Not only was their night together incredible, but he has no idea if she is in danger or where she is even– until he gets the assignment and knows for sure. She is in danger and it’s up to him to save her life— officially.

Elle Monroe never thought that she would see Trey again. They had a great night together, but when she disappeared she never expected to see him again. When he shows up to save her life, she thinks it’s just a job. But it’s not, and Trey knows that it’s not just his mission leading him here to save Elle– it’s his heart. He’s determined to win her over and keep her safe too, all while showing her they are meant to be together.

It’s a tough task, but he is up to the job. Can he convince Elle that it wasn’t just the mission that drew him here? Read it and find out.

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  1. Shaz: 3 years ago

    Hi I would just like to say you are totally my best new author right next to Nora roberts, Anne stuart, Sandra brown and Jackie collins. I discovered your books by chance and omg it has just made my year! Please please keep writing as your doing such an amazing job! I read the first book from Steele ops and I totally got hooked like fish to a bait and somehow I just can’t let go. I’ve downloaded all your books onto my kindle and just under a month I’ve read all the Steele ops and now I’m onto the alpha security series. Please write more as I’m running out of these awesome books! Ps first-time I’ve emailed any author. And I’ve been hooked to books since I could first read which was in 1989.
    Good look and happy reading to us… Your fans x


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