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Everything and Nothing (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dot (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Our Kind of Cruelty (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imperfect Women / Perfect Strangers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden Depths / Broken Water (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
One of the Good Guys (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Araminta Hall is an English author of novels. She started a career working in journalism before turning to fiction as well. Hall was employed at a teen magazine called Bliss as as staff writer. She moved on to New Woman, where she was named the editor of the health and beauty sections. She has written regular features for the Saturday supplement of the publication the Mirror. She has also written for supermodel Caprice as a ghost writer for her column in the paper. She was born in the United Kingdom.

She first became a published author with the release of her first novel of fiction, Everything and Nothing. It was released in 2011. She followed it up a few years later with the release of her second novel, which is titled Dot. She has kept going and her book Our Kind of Cruelty was released in 2018. The novel is an intense story of two people that love each other. But when Verity and Mike keep going with a private game, it may threaten everything that they know– and in the end, someone might have to die.

Everything and Nothing is Hall’s first novel. This suspense story is guaranteed to get you invested and the twists and turns in this story are like none other. You will be turning the pages to find out what happens in this incredibly gripping tale that incorporates all the classic elements of suspense.

Agatha is determined to never let the future home that she ends up with become cluttered and messy like Ruth had. Ruth’s oven could barely even be used because of all of the build up on the stove– when you turn it on, it smoked so bad that you had to open some windows. Even the cupboards are messy and sticky from honey and jam that has spilled over. Ruth’s home had become so bad because it had been left to fall apart, and that is something that Agatha never wants to repeat. Her home will be much better.

That’s not the only difference between Ruth and she. Agatha vows never to put her trust blindly into strangers. Meanwhile, Ruth has been married to her husband Christian for years, but now their marriage has hit the rocks. They are just barely staying together, and the affair that he had just a year ago has not helped anything. It ripped Agatha in two, but she is doing what she can to get over it and try to save her marriage from falling apart.

With things getting steadily crazier in the world, the family is left without child care for a time. But then Agatha arrives and comes into their lives and things slowly start to get easier. They think that she can seemingly have the answer to fix all of their problems, but is that really the case? No one’s perfect, and Agatha’s idyllic exterior may be masking something that is hidden and much darker.

This debut novel from Araminta Hall is an intriguing look into a fictional world where the nanny may not be what she seems. The atmosphere of menace and threat that is threaded throughout the story will certainly come to a head at some point. Check out Everything and Nothing at a library or a book store near you and find out whether Agatha’s damage can be overcome or it will lead to something far more destructive than the couple could have ever anticipated.

Dot is the exciting second book from published author Araminta Hall. This is the second fictional novel that Hall has released and it came out to positive reviews. This bestselling author is on to yet another story that involves drama and intrigue in a unique setting that no other writer could come up with.

Dot focuses on three different generations of women. If you are a sucker for a story that makes you feel good, this book can do that. However, as warm as this story is, it has a heartbreaking story behind it. Two girls are playing a game in a Welsh village. The game is hide and seek ,and they are thrilled to be playing it in a large house that has both turrets and tunnels to offer.

In the Druith village, the girls don’t really take in the grand style of the home. They try to open some doors, but they stay locked. With the secrets of this manse hidden away from them, the girls don’t really mind, After all, they are only interesting in finding great places to hide from the other one. The house certainly has plenty of places where they can do that, and so the girls are happy to just play their game and have fun while doing it.

When Dot finds a great place to hide, she’s thrilled. She thinks that her friend will never think to look under her mother’s bed, where Dot is happily squeezed between floor and mattress frame. She is excited because she thinks that she will never be discovered her. But the last thing that she expects is to find a photograph that appears to have been stashed for safekeeping there.

Perhaps it was placed there to keep it hidden, or maybe someone just forgot about it. Either way, she has now seen it. The photo is of a man that has his hair steadily blown out a bit by the wind. She is fascinated by it and stares at the photo for so long that his image starts to go away. But as it is fading for her, she thinks that she knows who the man is in the picture.

When one little girl decides to play hide and seek with her friend, she has no idea that it has the potential to change her life forever. But once she has seen that photo, that is exactly what it has done. This story from celebrated author Araminta Hall shows us that just one small thing has the potential to alter what we know to be true and the course of our destiny. What will happen? Pick up Dot to find out.

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