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Publication Order of Arcadia Bell Books

Kindling the Moon (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summoning the Night (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leashing the Tempest (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Binding the Shadows (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Banishing the Dark (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

This is an urban, fiction, paranormal series written by one of the world’s bestselling authors Jenn Bennett. This thrilling and quite often humorous series is based in Central California and depicts the thrilling life of an occult magician and bartender known as Arcadia Bell. Arcadia bell consists of five books, which have been a major sensation to readers all over the world. In fact, this series has received several award recognitions and positive reviews. Here is a brief description of the first 2 books that made the Arcadia Bell series such a big hit.

Book 1: Kindling the Moon

This debut book introduces our main character Arcadia “Cady” Bell. Arcadia is an occult magician who is a fugitive from the law due to the alleged murders that her occultist family is believed to have executed. The Book starts with Arcadia working as a bartender in a demon-friendly Tambuku Tiki Lounge, where she has worked as a bartender for 7 years in order to avoid unwanted attention from the authorities.

Everything was going perfectly as planned, until surveillance footage of Cady’s parents unexpectedly surfaced. This leaves Cady no choice other than to prove the innocence of her parents or surrender herself. Proving her parents innocence is however almost impossible to accomplish, as the sole witness to the crimes is an elusive ethyric demon and Arcadia does not even know where to start her search for this demon. She decides to find help from a demonologist friend talented in casting sexual spells called Lon Butler. Lon Butler and Cady begin their search for evidence that will prove that her family is innocent but in their search they come about more problems that make solving the case even harder. However, missing evidence and interference from a ruthless bounty hunter and a powerful occult society cannot stop Cady, as proving her family’s innocence is the only way she can avoid being forced into sacrificing her own life.

Book 2: Summoning the Night

This sequel to Kindling the Moon tells the story of Arcadia bell after narrowly evading her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat. Arcadia goes back to her life as the owner of Tambuku Tiki Lounge which still caters for Earth-bound demons. She is currently dating her handsome demonist partner Lon Butler and her life finally seems to be taking a turn for the better.

Unfortunately, her life changes when a vengeful kidnapper stirs up panic and tension in her community. The head of the HellFire Club hires Cady to find the person behind these kidnappings, which she accepts without any resistance. This new mission sends Cady and her new boyfriend to another adventure of tracking the kidnapper.

On their new investigative mission, Cady and Lon come about and untangle so many different clues that trail back to thirty years ago. These clues alert them of the danger that the children of the Hellfire club members face. In order, to prevent these children from being victims of this terrorist, they have to find the person behind these kidnappings. However, in order to locate this kidnapper Cady and Lon will need the help of Cady’s Earth-bound demon loyal bar customers as well as the use of her newly discovered moonchild powers. Cady is under intense pressure to find the kidnapper before the last victim disappears and also before her darkest secrets are uncovered and become her own undoing.

Arcadia “Cady” Bell

This series depicts Cady as a selfless, determined and strong heroine. She is a heroine because of her many selfless acts to help others while completely disregarding her own safety and well-being. Her determination is shown by her strive to prove the innocence of her family even though there were so many factors against her hard work. Another instance of her determination is her dedication to stop the kidnapper from causing any more distress to her community.

Cady is also shown to be a very smart character. She is able to find well hidden clues and decrypt them very quickly in order to achieve her goal which is to help the people around her. She is also very independent which is easily seen in the first book where she ran away and started a new life without any help, and lived alone for seven years.

Lon Butler

Lon Butler is also a major character in the series. He is depicted as a loyal, determined and kind person. Despite not having any stake in the lives of Cady’s parents, he agrees to help Cady in proving their innocence. This action shows his kindness and determination to help his friend. Lon Butler stayed beside Cady through her tribulations even though they had so many factors against them which showed his unshaken loyalty to his partner. Lon Butler’s loyalty is one to be envied. He is also very smart and that is why Cady always asked him to help her in all missions. He is a man that shows true friendship and loyalty to his loved ones.


This series is not only interesting but also original. Readers are guaranteed of an adventure that they have never experienced before and a series that is consistently entertaining. This a captivating book series that will most definitely keep you interested and entertained. This urban fiction thriller series has a lot of humour in it and guarantees the reader a lot of laughs and fun while reading it. The story in this series is timeless and of good quality and it appeals to audiences of all ages, especially to readers with a liking to urban fiction genre. The Arcadia Bell series opens up with an impressive debut that leaves the readers eager to read the sequel in order to unravel the many layers of this story. This series also tells the story of characters that are very intriguing and interesting. In fact, fantasy all readers will definitely enjoy unravelling the lives of these characters. The fact that Arcadia Bell is a series is what attracts so many readers. Most readers nowadays are taken with continuous stories that unravel slowly while keeping them captivated and entertained at the same time.. This is truly a best seller.

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