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Publication Order of Arcana Chronicles Books

The Arcana Chronicles book series is a wonderful series of paranormal, science fiction, young adult, fantasy, romance, and dystopian stories. It is written by a NY Times number 1 bestselling American writer named Kresley Cole. Kresley started writing the series in 2012 and as of now, the series is still going on with a few more books expected to be published soon. The central character depicted in all the books of this series is Evangeline ‘Evie’ Greene. Evie is depicted as a 16-year-old girl, who experiences horrifying hallucinations that lead her to adventurous journeys in search of answers. In order to survive the dangers that lie in her path, Evie Greene teams up with the dangerously charming Jack Deveaux.

With the help of Jack and her special abilities, Evie tries to look for answers and find out the reason behind her weird hallucinations. Besides Evie and Jack, the other essential characters mentioned in the novels include Matthew Zero, Finneas, Violet Joules, Selena Lua, Gabriel, Ogen, Vincent Joules, Death, and several others. Author Kresley Cole has set the stories in Louisiana, United States. Every book of this series has succeeded in reaching out to a large number of readers across the globe. Their individual successes have helped the whole series to achieve overall success. A few books of the series have also been listed in the bestseller lists of various literary journals and magazines. Many noted critics have spoken highly of the novels and given rave reviews on many literary platforms. Even many fellow writers have praised Kresley Cole’s work in this series and have appreciated her writing skills, storytelling abilities, character developments, and extraordinary settings.

The debut book of the Arcana Chronicles series written by author Kresley Cole is entitled ‘Poison Princess’. It was released in 2012 by the Simon & Schuster publication. With this book, Kresley Cole has introduced a post-apocalyptic world filled with dark mysticism, riveting action, breathtaking romance, and Tarot cards. Initially, it is mentioned the Evie Greene lives a charmed life until things take a shocking turn and she starts undergoing terrifying hallucinations. An apocalyptic event destroys her hometown in Louisiana and kills everyone close to her. This makes Evie realize that her hallucinations were future visions. What troubles her more is that the hallucinations are still happening, making it clear that more terrifying things are going to take place soon.

Evie fears for her life and shows desperation to find answers. Her desperation leads her to Jack Deveaux, her handsome classmate. Jack possesses a bad attitude and a wicked grin. Evie has never met a boy like him. Even though Evie was once scorned by him, Jack agrees to help Evie in her search for answers. In spite of knowing that she needs his help, Evie instinct tells her that she should not trust him. As Evie and Jack embark on a quest to find the visions’ source, they come across a few others who are dealing with the same situation. They come to know that an ancient prophecy is getting played out and there are others who possess the same special powers as Evie Greene. It is also learned that a team of teenagers has been selected to reenact the big battle between the good and the evil. But, it is still not clear who is with the good and who is with evil.

The second volume of this series is called ‘Endless Knight’. It was also published by Simon & Schuster in 2014. This novel shows that Evie Greene still struggles with the acceptance of her role in the prophecy that is believed to either destroy the world or save it. Initially, Evie is depicted as having gained full control over her powers as a tarot Empress. Jack is still by her side and helping her in whatever way he can. Evie comes to know that she is one of the 22 teens who have been given special powers after the apocalypse. Also, a brutal war is about to take place and everyone is going to kill others to save themselves. Later, Evie comes across the dangerous and gorgeous Endless Knight named Death. After her meeting with Death, things become much more complicated. Though she has feelings for Jack Deveaux in her heart, Evie finds herself attracted to Death also. Evie cannot remember, but somehow there is a romantic history that shares with Death. However, Death remembers everything and he is here to claim her and continue romancing with her.

Kresley Cole is a proud American writer of young adult, paranormal romance, and contemporary stories. She is well known for writing several popular novel series, including The Game Changer series, The Dacians series, the Immortals After Dark series, the MacCarrick Brothers series, etc. A number of novels of these series have appeared on the bestseller list of the New York Times. Most of the novels penned by Cole have received excellent reviews from reviews across the globe. In addition to being a reputed author, Cole is also a former athlete. She is a university graduate and holds a master’s degree.

Kresley Cole has traveled to a number of places in different countries for research purposes. She has drawn extensively from each of her tours and used her experiences in creating memorable settings and characters. Her first series has been translated into as many as 23 foreign languages. It has won 3 RITA Awards and a Hall of Fame induction by RWA. The books of this series consistently feature on the bestseller lists both in the United States and abroad. Currently, Cole resides in Florida along with her sweet and loving family. She considers herself lucky to have found the support of her fans.

Every member of her family provides full support to her. They believe in her abilities and know that her best is yet to come. Kresley Cole is looking forward to writing many more exciting books in the years to come and keep entertaining readers for as long as she can. She likes to remain in touch with her fans and followers through her website and various social media platforms. Cole uses all such platforms to interact with them, listen to their queries and sort, and give updates regarding the recent happenings in her life and career. As of now, Cole is at work on her next young adult novel and is expected to release it soon for her readers to read and enjoy.

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