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Publication Order of The Archer Brothers Books

Archer Brothers by Heidi McLaughlin is a series of contemporary romance novels by one of the best American novelists, that has been a New York Times USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Heidi McLaughlin is best known for writing a series of contemporary, romance and Chick-lit novel over several series of novels such as “The Archers”, “The Boys of Summer” and “The Beaumont Series”. Heidi was born in the Pacific Northwest though she currently lives in Vermont with her husband and their two children. She had always had a passion for writing but decided to go full time in 2012 when she wrote her first novel “Forever My Girl”. When she is not writing her novels, you can find her attending her daughters’ basketball games. Her critically acclaimed first novel was bought by LD Entertain, which in collaboration with Roadside Attraction turned it into a motion picture that opened in January 2018.

The Archer Brothers series of novels is about a group of Navy SEALS that went on a mission and were presumed dead for six years before they came back to the surprise of everyone. The first two novels of the series “Here with Me” and “Choose Me” are about Evan and Nate Archer, two twin brothers that were once best friends and are now enemies given their love for the same woman. Evan had gone on a mission, only to come back six years later to find his brother Nate engaged to the woman who he loved. Nate is confused when Evan returns to claim his girl and son. Evan is insistent that he has to get back his girl and son resulting in a fight for who gets to make a family with the girl Rylie and the boy EJ. While Evan does not mind a scrap and believes he was deceived, Nate is always the noble character who picked up the pieces when Evan was away and does not want to lose everything. The third novel in the series “Save Me” is about a Navy SEAL named Tucker McCoy that was in Evan’s team thought dead for six years. He returns home to find a stranger in the house he used to share with his wife and daughter. He is a strong, protective, loving and kind man who can also be very complex. But all he wants is answers to why he has lost his family but after six years no one is willing to talk. This results in a complicated man that can be loving, understanding, and gentle one minute and a man dreaming of torturing and killing the next.

In “Here With Me” the first novel of the Archer Brothers series, we meet Evan and Ryley who are broken and looking for a way forward in a therapist’s office. They have been deeply in love since they were in high school and despite the rigors of Evan being a Navy SEAL they have managed to keep their relationship going strong. They have shared all their firsts and are planning a great future when Evan has to go on a mission overseas. Ryley has never been one to hold back her man and she offers her support, but not before telling him that she is expecting his child. But what should have been an in and out mission turns into a series of missions that drag on for what seems like forever. Meanwhile, Ryley was pregnant and all alone missing her man who is in the jungle. It was not long after he left that she got word that Evan was dead which leaves her heartbroken and plunged into mourning. The only person she can turn to is Nate, Evan’s twin brother and a man that had always been a friend since high school. But what should have been a handholding turns into love as Rylie and Nate fall for each other, only for Evan to return back home. It has been six years and the hero’s welcome he expected turns into shock when he learns that Ryley is engaged to Nate. He wants her back and also wants to meet EJ the son who had grown up knowing Nate as his father. The only problem is Ryley feels loyalty to Nate even as she still loves Evan.

“Choose Me” the second novel of the series continues from where the first novel left off. After finding his brother had stolen his girlfriend and son who he had been raising as his own, Evan is determined to do everything to get back his family. None of the brothers is ready to give up on the family and they will do anything including employing dirty tactics to come out on top. It does not help that Ryley is torn over both Nate and Evan. Nate is her best friend and the one that helped pick up the pieces and live again and hence she feels a strong sense of loyalty to him. But Evan is her first love and the father of her child and she had never stopped loving him. What is certain though is that the brothers will do anything to ensure they keep the family safe and protect what they believe is rightfully theirs. Can the brothers set aside their differences and unearth the mystery of the series of missions that led to the situation. Will Ryley choose love or will loyalty win. It is a brilliant story with a good backstory and nuances and complexities of a love story with a satisfying ending.

“Save Me” the third novel of the Archer Brothers series is a beautiful novel of the loss of love through devastating circumstances. Tucker McCoy had been deployed on an overseas mission and was away for six years. He had left behind a wife and daughter that he loved, only to come back and find them missing from the family home. He is now on a mission to find them in a quest that brings him nothing but heartbreak. What he finds out is something that no father or husband should ever have to deal with. Penny McCoy had been a doting mother and wife until her life changes when she is informed that her husband is dead. Fearing for her life and that of her daughter she flees and changing both their identities, leaves their lives in the past. But then when she thinks she can live again, the ghosts of her past reappear and she has to make a decision on whether to face up to them or go on the run again.

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