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By: Bob Mayer, Robert Doherty

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The Area 51 series is a series of science fiction and thriller novels written by the New York Times Bestselling novelist and a well known American author, Bob Mayer under the pseudonym Robert Doherty. The series consists of a total of 9 exciting novels published between the years 1997 and 2004. All the novels of the series deal with the interaction of the humans with the alien race and the consequences of their attempts in doing so. After writing the first novel of the series in the year 1997, author Bob Mayer has tried to complete release at least one sequel every year till the final novel of the series in the year 2004. The setting of the plots of the series is done in the late 1940s. A couple of flying saucers called the bouncers and spacecraft of about a mile long having an interstellar drive were found in the unreachable and remote deserts of Nevada on one day.

The discovery of the spacecraft leads to the important information regarding the locations of several other abandoned flying saucers that were hidden in the Antartica region beneath the frozen tundra. After confirmation of the information, the S government had launched the Operation Highjump for taking back the abandoned spacecrafts possibly filled with some aliens. The government officials find it easy to move and relocate the smaller spacecrafts, but find it too difficult to relocate the biggest on known as the ‘Mothership’. Not knowing much about the alien technology used in the massive spacecraft, the US government officials involved in the Operation Highjump decide to build a secret military base in the area surrounding the massive Mothership. This area was given the name Area 51 by them. Since then, the scientists of the United States government have spent more than 60 years in trying to carry out experiments and studying the results in order to unravel the truth regarding the alien technology. Author Bob Mayer aka Robert Doherty has done an excellent job in writing the science fiction novel series based on the studies related to the alien technology. He gave minute details about the operation of the United States government on the aliens over the last sixty years and the consequences of the experiments carried on them.

The first novel of the Area 51 series was published under the title ‘Area 51’. It was published by the Dell publishing house in the year 1997. The plot of the novel shows the operation of the United States government for taking back the alien spacecraft and studying about the alien technology after the discovery of several flying saucers in the Nevada desert and the frozen tundra of the Antarctic region. In the opening sequence of the series, 9 flying crafts of unknown category are discovered in the Antartica region during the late 1940s. Not being able to move the massive spacecrafts, the US government established the Area 51 surrounding the spacecrafts in order to study the abandoned technology of the aliens. Dr. Han Von Seeckt was one of the original members of the research committee formed by the U.S government, who had previously seen one of the marvelous spacecrafts in flight and had witnessed an exciting array of unexplained and bizarre phenomena. Even though the United States government had given the green signal to the members of the research committee to go ahead with the research work related to the abandoned alien technology, Dr. Han Van Seeckt feared that the technology of the Mothership spacecraft was beyond the understanding and scope of the human race and he also believed that there was an explosion threat to the planet Earth, if the technology of the Mothership was handled carelessly. He decides to do a complete study of the spacecrafts on his own in order to race against time and unlock the secret of the spacecrafts. In his attempt to find out the origin of the spacecrafts, Dr. Han Van Seeckt fears about the harmful consequences of the interference of the US government in the alien race, on the human race.

The second novel of the Area 51 series was published in the year 1998 by the Dell publishing house. It was titled ‘The Reply’ and continued with the research work of the US government on the abandoned flying saucers of the alien race, that were found in the Antarctic region. The opening plot of the novel shows the Area 51 as the most secret and protected place in America. The area has been just a single piece of the in the exciting puzzle that stretched from the Egyptian Pyramids to the planet of Mars, from where the flying saucers were believed to have originated. It was believed that the alien race used to live on the planet Earth around 5,000 years ago and they are returning back only to take back their prominence in the advanced world of the planet Earth. The secret of the Area 51 which was hidden from the people of America for almost 50 years was about to be unraveled. Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte and scientist Lisa Duncan had uncovered the unbelievable truth about the Area 51, which was believed to be a training center situated at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

The two felt the urge to open up the Pandora’s box and bring out the truth about the experiments done in order to explore alien technology in the abandoned spacecrafts, in front of the tax paying citizens of America. The truth that they uncovered about the Area 51 gave answers to a number of questions related to the UFO sightings from decades ago and the mysteries of the baffling history from the Egyptian Pyramids to the Easter Island. However, the findings were only the beginning of a bigger story. This time, a signal had been received from the outer space, which was the first contact that was made with the alien race since the decades of sightings of UFOs and flying saucers. The signal that was received was a message indicating that they were coming to Earth. It was clear that the aliens were not living on Earth before and that they had not left anything behind here. The hidden messages in the drawings of the ancient Chinese tomb and the Rift Valley of Ethiopia were believed to be coming out, which was either going to lead the human race to a new age or destroy them completely. Author Bob Mayer has done a great job in writing the science fiction novels of the series based on his expertise in military suspense thrillers and science and historical fiction genres.

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