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Through My Window (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through You (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the Rain (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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My Wattpad Love (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ariana Godoy is a 32-year-old romance fiction novelist from Raleigh North Carolina. She is also a Venezuelan immigrant who made it big while writing on the social sharing and reading platform Wattpad.
Ella started writing in 2009 when she was in university and discovered that people were writing and posting all manner of stories on Wattpad and thought that she could do so too.

In many respects, she is arguably one of the biggest literary successes to ever come out of Wattpad as one of her works has now been made into a Netflix film.

As it stands, she has more than two million followers on Wattpad which is huge, given that Wattpad has 90 million writers and readers. Outside of Wattpad, Ariana Godoy also has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Godoy was born in Zulia, Venezuela, where she spent much of her childhood and young adulthood. In her teenage years, she went to the University of Zulia, where she graduated with a degree in modern French and English.
Literature was something she had always had an interest in since childhood and hence when she began reading stories by other people on Wattpad, it lit a fire under her.

In 2010, she started publishing on Wattpad under the username Ariana_godoy. It all began with a stolen WiFi password through which she started writing and posting her story on Wattpad.

By 2011, she had achieved much popularity, particularly with the publishing of “My Love from Wattpad.” The story was her very first success on Wattpad and in the years Watty Awards, she was the winner of the Best Story of the Year and Most Read Story.
The novel won several awards on Wattpad getting more than a million votes and garnering more than 41 million readings.

But she would gain even more notoriety with the publishing of “Through My Window” the first of the Hidalgo Brothers series in 2022.

The work became such a sensation that it shot up the bestseller lists, and became a global phenomenon that it was soon made into a Netflix movie.

For Ariana Godoy, the path to becoming an author was not very straightforward.

It all started when she was working as a teacher in Venezuela before she moved to the United States and it was only after she achieved massive success that she started writing full-time.
While she loves teaching and could still do it if she had the time, there were too many stories in her head looking to get out and too few hours in a day to do it all.

While she never expected to have wild success when she first started writing on Wattpad, she is just happy that she gets to write full-time.

Godoy often loves to say that in addition to writing because she loves it, she also does it to prove that Wattpad and fanfiction writers are just as talented as conventional authors.

Ariana Godoy’s “Through My Window” is a fascinating romance fiction work that introduces Raquel Alvarez.

She is a hardworking woman who is serious about her future and has the goal of one day becoming a psychologist and the lesser goal of getting Ares Hildago to notice that she exists.
For as long as she can remember, she has had an obsession with Ares but she has never spoken to the man even though he lives next door.

But she cannot help but think that there is more to him than the hot and rich playboy image, even as she imagines what it would feel like to kiss the man.

Following an unexpected encounter, she learns that her crush is not unrequited and soon they are falling fast and hard for each other.

She is all in but Ares will not commit as he intends to stay unconnected and avoid falling in love and once he is done with college join the family business to work on bigger things.
Their romance burns fast and bright but will it last when they seem to have very different goals in life?

“Through You” is a riveting addition to the “Hidalgos” series of novels by Ariana Godoy.

The lead in the novel is Claudia who knows the gorgeous and wealthy Hidalgo brothers better than most people since she has been living with them for years.
Earlier on, she was the daughter of the housekeeper but now she is in charge of the welfare of the entire household.

At some point, she had a spark with Artemis the eldest brother whom she had grown up with. Nonetheless, they come from very different worlds and it is inconceivable that they would ever be together.
Artemis is now back from college in the pool, in the house, and her mind as he invades all her safe spaces and behaves cold and hot towards her.

Soon the tentative friendship they had formed earlier ignites into something more. Claudia needs to protect her heart and her future and things turn even more interesting with Artemis set to take over the family business.
As Artemis and Claudia realize how deeply they connect in a variety of ways will they ever let anything including personal history, social prejudices, or family obligations keep them apart?

Ariana Godoy’s “Through the Rain” is the thrilling third novel of the “Hidalgos” series of novels.

This work follows Apolo Hidalgo who had watched his brothers move on with their lives and is excited to finally embark on his adventure as he heads to college.

His dream is to study psychology and graduate and go on to help others. But then his plans go haywire when he is the victim of a brutal attack on one very rainy night but this is how he meets Rain.
She had come out of the rain with an umbrella to save him even though she was a total stranger. When he finally locates her, he is more smitten than the first time he laid eyes on her.

It is through Rain that he meets a cafe owner named Xan and the three become best friends. But it is not long before Apolo becomes certain that Xan and Rain are hiding a lot more than he could have ever imagined.
Even though he has good intentions, in love there is never a guarantee of anything.

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