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Arianne Richmonde is an artist and a best selling author.

She is partly British and partly American. The author spent the formative years of her life growing up with her family, living in Britain as well as the United States. Arianne has also had the opportunity to live abroad in France and Spain. Those are just the places she has lived, as she has traveled to many different parts of the world. Arianne loves meeting new people when traveling, and it’s her passion to go to different countries and make the acquaintance of different people.

Arianne speaks French and Spanish fluently. She is married, and her husband is from France. They split their time up between the United States and France but mainly reside in France together along with their pet dogs. There the author has plenty of sunflower fields and vineyards surrounding her home, which is a farmhouse made out of old stone that she restored along with her husband.

There in her farmhouse, Arianne spends her time coming up with intriguing novels that are full of twists and turns. She is frequently writing, but when she is not busy doing so she enjoys traveling. Some of her favorite places to go are exotic countries with warm climates, and while she loves to go travel she also uses research as part of the reason to justify her travels.

Arianne was not always a writer. She used to work as an actress, so it stands to reason why she likes immersing herself in her characters, their minds and their lives so much. She enjoys writing about human nature and passion but also likes to take some time to spend with her husband as well as their dogs. She also loves chocolate to the point of addiction. Arianne likes to write stories that are driven by the characters in them and throwing in some twists along the way for the reader.

Richmonde’s romance and suspense novels have led to her becoming a best selling author in publications such as USA Today. The Pearl series is extremely popular and has sold over a half million copies internationally. Forty Shades of Pearl was her first novel and Arianne was ‘thrilled’ to have the chance to publish her first book for readers on an international basis, hoping that readers will enjoy the story just as much as she enjoyed sitting down and writing it.

Arianne Richmonde is the creator and the author of the Pearl Series. This erotic fiction series began in 2012 with the publication of the first novel, Forty Shades of Pearl. The title is an obvious tip of the hat to the title and content of the book Fifty Shades of Gray. The series continues with the second installment, Shadows of Pearl, and furthers a story that readers and fans of romance stories will not be able to get enough of!

Shades of Pearl is the first book in the Pearl series by Arianne Richmonde and also goes by the title Forty Shades of Pearl. In this book, readers get to meet the main character of Pearl Robinson for the first time.

Most of Pearl’s life is really great. She’s a documentary producer and her career is going fantastically. She’s attractive, with some considering her beautiful. She is forty years old and divorced, but doesn’t have to rely on her looks as she’s independent and intelligent as well. The only thing that’s kind of a bummer is that she hasn’t been on a single date in the course of the past two years.

Things are going as usual and Pearl keeps working. She hears about a young French man named Alexandre Chevalier that has found success through the Internet. Naturally she assumes that he’s the intellectual type– maybe even something of a nerd or a geek. The tech start up type that finds riches in their field due to their brainy abilities.

But when Pearl meets Alex in person, she’s taken aback. Everything that she assumed he would be is wrong. He’s handsome, sophisticated, and charming. She can’t help but feel attracted to him right away. Alex is 15 years younger than her, not to mention extremely wealthy and successful. With his situation and looks, he could clearly get any woman that he wants.

HookedUp was Alex’s social media site that went big and made him millions. But despite all that he has in his life, he’s missing one thing. He also knows that when it comes to Pearl, there’s just something about this woman that draws him in. When they get together, Pearl realizes that she’s never felt this way before.

Something about Alex’s touch seems like magic. But when jealous relatives, secrets, and more get in the way, will it ruin what they have together? Read the first book in the Pearl series to find out!

Shadows of Pearl is the second novel in the Pearl series by Arianne Richmonde. This is a sequel to the first book and not intended to be read as a stand alone novel. In this story, Pearl Robinson’s adventures continue!

Pearl feels like she’s floating on the air itself right now. She’s engaged to be married to a guy that she’s totally fallen for. Alexandre Chevalier is everything that this woman never knew that she wanted. Even if he is younger than her and a wealthy man thanks to founding his successful social media site, which is worth at least a billion dollars.

The producer is planning her Lapland wedding, which is going to have a winter white theme. She has a couture gown to wear designed for her and everything leading up to the wedding is going well. However, Pearl suspects that Alex’s sister Sophie has dark designs for their future. Could Sophie Dumas, Alex’s business partner, be attempting to split the two of them up for her own reasons and potential gain?

When Pearl’s past starts to resurface, can she overcome it all to walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams? Or will everything get messed up? Find out by reading the engaging second novel in the Pearl series!

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