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Arisen Series
The British author Glynn James and American author Michael Stephen Fuchs have been writing together for some years now. Largely writing fantasy fiction set in apocalyptic dystopias, Glynn James draws from a range of different influences, from Lovecraft to King to Roald Dahl. Focusing more on thrillers, Michael Stephen Fuchs is well versed with the mystery genre, looking at the deeper ideas behind it. Working both together, they combine their unique sensibilities, allowing their different voices to help compliment one another. This has also allowed them to both create a series, bringing a number of different elements to the story, creating one distinctive franchise.

Exemplifying the best of this, the Arisen series of novels is a perfect example of their combined talents, featuring a collection of post-apocalyptic stories. Set in a Zombie apocalypse, it features the undead walking the Earth, as survivors fight to remain alive and in the land of the living. Running for over fourteen novels, it would begin in 2013 with ‘Fortress Britain’ and steadily progress from there.

Fortress Britain

Originally published in 2012 on the 6th of August, this would first come out on the Kindle too, setting up the Arisen series. Establishing the premise and the overall tone, it manages to also introduce all of the main characters as well. Not only that, but it provides the SAS team’s first adventure together, providing plenty of action and excitement along the way.

It’s a fun and fresh take on the zombie genre, which is a considerable feat in of itself considering how popular it is. With interesting ideas and an exciting setup, it takes the reader on an action packed ride, with plenty of high stakes along the way. James and Fuchs really do know how to take the story to the next level, creating a narrative that will immerse the reader throughout.

They have also created strong well drawn characters too, and ones that don’t become stereotypes, showing a lot of personality. Staying with the reader long after they’ve finished, they’re sure to stick with the audience for the duration of the entire series. This is something that both writers clearly excel at, in what it is a highly entertaining and compelling read from start to finish.

The world has fallen around the Britain, as a zombie apocalypse has descended upon Earth, with six million survivors holding up there. Now an elite team of SAS operatives have been stationed out in Hereford, staying at the barracks there, before being deployed to Europe. Looking for a vaccine in the remnants of society, they must do whatever it takes to find something, anything resembling hope. Will they be able to survive what awaits them though? Can they return in one piece? What will become of the team outside Fortress Britain?

Mogadishu of the Dead

Published in 2012 not long after the first, this continues the action of the previous book, which left on a cliffhanger. Providing the second in the series of ‘Arisen’ books, it also paves the way for the third, which would be released not long after. Both James and Fuchs work on it together again, combining their talents as authors for one exciting adrenaline fuelled story.

This is definitely part of a series, and shouldn’t be read out of order, with each title featuring a cliffhanger for the next book. Working together though, the series manages to capture the energy each time, carrying it at a fast, fun, and frenetic pace. Making for an exciting collection of adventures, it really works on a number of different levels, in terms of both character and narrative.

Crossing the Atlantic this time aboard the only remaining super-carrier in the world, the Alpha team commandos are being sent on a mission. With rumors of a vaccine there that may hold the key to saving humanity, they must fight for this one final hope against all odds. Finding a bunker with someone who may be the last man on Earth, they’re surrounded by hordes of the undead, as they must fight their way out. Will they be able to survive and make it out? Can they find the vaccine? What will become of them as they face the Mogadishu of the Dead?

Three Parts Dead

Following not long after the second book, this would continue the action in much the same vein, in what is the third in the ‘Arisen’ series. Initially released in 2013 just one year after the previous two, this would first arrive on the 25th of February to an already eager audience. Continuing from where the last left off, it recaptures the excitement and the thrill, while providing some interesting twists and turns of its own.

Many narrative strands open up in this instalment, opening the world of the series out somewhat, making it more expansive in the process. This ensures that there’s a lot for the reader to really invest themselves in, along with the plight of the characters as well. Knowing them well at this point, the story moves along at a fast, funk, and brisk pace, really capturing the excitement of the novels.

Finding themselves located in Lake Michigan, the Alpha team now face a hostile shoreline, all while a survivalist battles to keep herself alive nearby. Meanwhile there’s a super-carrier which has run aground, as it faces the undead on the coast of Virginia, with the dead quickly closing in on them. Not only that, but back in Fortress Britain an outbreak of the zombie virus has broken through the Channel Tunnel and is making its way to London. Will they be able to stop it in time, or is humanity doomed? Can they unlock the key to saving them all? Who will find themselves three parts dead?
The Arisen Series

Whether it’s shorter stories or longer more epic narrative arcs and sagas, this is a franchise which really keeps on delivering with every page turn. James and Fuchs have really gone all out when it comes to action and suspense, pooling their talents as authors, creating one unforgettable series. This goes some way to explaining how the series has gone on to appreciated by readers the world over, as its audience continues to grow every day.

Authors Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs write the “Arisen” series of horror novels. The first of which, called “Fortress Britain”, was released in the year 2013. Starting with the ninth book, Michael Stephen Fuchs began writing the books by himself. He also writes the “Arisen Prequels” series solo, too.

The series has made it to number one on bestseller lists on Amazon, and has sold well over half a million copies.

The books are set in a world that is plagued by a large horde of walking dead, numbering around seven billion. A single team of the world’s most elite special operators are humanity’s last hope to survive and not succumb to the undead.

“Fortress Britain” is the first novel in the “Arisen” series, which was released in the year 2013. The Zombie Apocalypse came, one country shut its borders down due to a major terrorist attack. Fortress Britain is now the final bastion of the living that still has fifty million survivors confronting legion of seven billion animated corpses.

When civilization fell, a single international team of supremely elite special operators was assembled for a close to impossible mission, and was deployed out of the SAS barracks at Hereford. They were supremely trained and armed, they are always the most unstoppable, skilled, and resolved among us, now they are the commandos of Alpha team. They make up humanity’s last and best hope to survive.

Hunting through the debris of fallen Europe, scavenging the pharmaceutical labs to get clues to a vaccine that could bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. They have now been tasked with one final desperate operation. They have to cross the Atlantic on the world’s last surviving supercarrier, insert by the air into the center of a dead continent, and fight their way on foot through a city that is made up of three million ravening undead. These Zulus are unlike any of the zombies they have faced before.

This book is totally riveting, and is unlike anything else the zombie fiction genre has to offer. It offers moments of terrifying horror, and non-stop action. The books take all the quality, excitement, and charm the zombie genre thrives on and magnifies it a lot.

“Mogadishu of the Dead” is the second novel in the “Arisen” series, which was released in the year 2013. The commandos of Alpha Team’s mission goes dangerously wrong right from the get go, with their team getting scattered to hell and back. Their target site is a dry hole, too. Now they have to fight their way through all three million ravening dead, hunting for an underground bunker that might have the Last Man on Earth in it.

These undead are still unlike anything they have witnessed before, and they surround their new target in a writhing ring of death that stands thirty feet high on each side.

These are likable characters that you feel for right off the bat, and every member of Alpha Group is totally awesome. If something happens to any one of them, you feel for them and root for each one.

“Three Parts Dead” is the third novel in the “Arisen” series, which was released in the year 2013. Alpha team, which is the last surviving and best in the world Tier-1 operators, are currently adrift on Lake Michigan, quickly drifting into what appears to be a hostile shoreline. Deep inside the National Forest close by, a survivalist and former cop battle to ensure her family survives. She also attempts to figure out if Alpha team is more dangerous to her dead or alive.

At the same time, the John F. Kennedy, the world’s final floating supercarrier, gets run aground off of the coast of Virginia. It faces a hurricane of the undead, which comes in fast.

In the Fortress Britain, the horrible outbreak that comes from Channel Tunnel winds up not being so contained after all. A death grip is starting to close in on London and beginning to shape up into what will be humanity’s last stand.

These books are total entertainment, fun, and excitement, but the authors are still able to challenge their readers with some tough questions about man’s nature, nature of good and evil, love, faith, and family. The way that Cameron’s story and Alpha’s story is woven together was a nice touch, some found.

“Maximum Violence” is the fourth novel in the “Arisen” series, which was released in the year 2013. In Canterbury, while the virus continues to rage out of control, a troop of Royal Marine Commandos battles in a 360-degree fight for survival, and also racing to rescue all of the Channel tunnel survivors from a relentless siege. They have to do so before carpet bombing and Hellfire missile strikes kill anybody that is left alive.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the crew on the USS John F. Kennedy risks a major reactor meltdown to get out of the way of a ten-mile-wide tide of undead. Onshore at the Naval Air Base, Wesley’s small team is maintaining a lonely vigil, which becomes terrifyingly dangerous when the edge of the storm hits it, and pushing some desperate civilians ahead of it.

Up in the air, Master Gunnery Sergeant Fick leads the hand picked fire-team of spec ops Marines halfway on the other side of North America in order to take and then defend an airfield on an isolated island. He learns that, to his cost, that the place comes with a horrible history, and some very dangerous secrets. Out on Lake Michigan, Alpha team races to be extracted. First, they will have to fight their most harrowing battle so far. This time it is against the living, who are more treacherous and a whole lot better armed than these dead.

This is another fantastic book from this incredible series. In this one, readers really get to know each of the main characters better. The books don’t just feature the same typical zombie, but show them evolving from the slow and dimwitted kind to undeterrable to runners to quick hunters.

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