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Publication Order of Arizona Vengeance Books

Sawyer Bennett is a published American author of fiction. It is the pen name used by a Southern woman, who also writes under the pen name of Juliette Poe for some of her more fun and light romantic reads, like the Sex and Sweet Tea series.

The author was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina. She used to be a trial lawyer and now she is a published author. One day, Sawyer decided that she was going to finally begin taking all of those stories that she had in her head and putting them down on paper. Things worked out and she hasn’t looked back since. Sawyer has relatable stories for her readers that hopefully appeal to a variety of them and draws from her own experience in life to try and make them realistic.

Bennett is a best selling author that has been featured in the likes of publications such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times. She writes in a variety of fictional genres and in particular romance stories. Her romance stories are often contemporary or fantasy. She loves bringing all of her stories and her fictional characters to life and hopes to write something that can be appealing to everyone.

The author is married and has a daughter with her husband as well as three dogs that tend to take over the bed. Her husband works as a market researcher. Even though she is a full time author, Sawyer also serves as a full time mother. She is often a personal assistant, chef, stylist, maid or chauffeur on a daily basis for her daughter, who is adorable. She also stands in much of the same position when it comes to caring for the dogs. She says that she does not have ‘many weaknesses’ but milk chocolate as a bribe could be one of them.

Sawyer Bennett is the creator and the author of the best selling Arizona Vengeance series. This series of novels kicked off in 2018 with the publication of the debut novel, titled Bishop. It was quickly followed by the sequel, Erik. If you like romance stories or books that feature sports, this is the right series for you! Fun and with plenty of sparks, this is a great series to check out whether you’re a fan of the genre or looking for something new to read.

Bishop is the first book in the Arizona Vengeance series by author Sawyer Bennett. The hottest team on the ice right now is the Arizona Vengeance. This hockey team has been setting the ice on fire. But a romantic entanglement may spell trouble for one of their players.

Main character Bishop Scott is a great player. He’s the co-captain of the Arizona Vengeance. He’s happy with the position, which is part of him starting over with the most recent expansion team from the NHL. The transition means that a lot of things are going to be new, from the city to his contract, his teammates, and his coach.

Bishop is excited about the change, though, and also wants to show up his old team and make them see that they’re missing out. Before it all gets started, however, Bishop wants to see what’s going on locally. He hits the town and finds out that the girls in Arizona are attractive indeed. When he makes the acquaintance of a girl that wants a night of sex without any strings attached, he figures it’s a match made in heaven.

Later, the hockey player is in an office at the Vengeance arena, and Bishop’s surprised to see the woman again. Then it all fits together as he realizes who she is. Brooke Perron is the woman that he met and the daughter of the coach of his new team. While this should be information that he puts to good use, the two end up having another rendezvous, just as her father enters the office. Just like that, Brooke’s saying that she and Bishop are engaged.

It’s a lie to save them both in the moment, but could this false relationship develop into something real? Is attraction about to become something more? Find out by reading the first book in this series!

Erik is the second book in the Arizona Vengeance series by Sawyer Bennett. If you loved the first book or are a fan of the author or sports and romance stories, check this sequel out!

Hockey is seeing a new team come up as the Arizona Vengeance starts to make a name for themselves as one of the top teams in the league. But while their reputation on the ice may be strong, one of their players may be running into trouble with their reputation outside of the rink.

Main character Erik Dahlbeck is trying to make a name for himself in the league. He’s part of the expansion team the Arizona Vengeance, and is loving playing with his teammates. They’ve earned some victories, and now they’re carrying that momentum forward. Erik wants to make sure that everyone in the league knows that they should watch out for them.

But Blue Gardner doesn’t seem to care that he’s a hockey star at all. The team plane’s flight attendant is gorgeous, but doesn’t seem to be interested in Erik at all. His teammates think it is really funny that she wants nothing to do with him. Hockey players usually get a lot of attention, but not in this case.

Erik is surprised when he runs into her and finds that she’s caring for her handicapped brother. Just like that, he’s intrigued by who she is and what she’s like as a person. He needs to try and warm through the ice first, however. He’s really crushing on Blue, but will she ever feel the same? This hockey player is not going to be able to rest until she likes him back and gives him a chance. Can the girl of his dreams ever return his affection? Read the second book in this series to the end to find out!

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