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Vicious Circle (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chosen / Last to Die (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Outsider (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Escape (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
While She Sleeps (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Arlene Hunt is a bestselling author of mystery fiction novels from Dublin who is best known for the “QuicK Investigations” series of novels.

She published “Vicious Circle” her debut novel in 2004 and has since then penned many other novels. Hunt now has at least a dozen novels to her name across several series and single-standing titles.
The 35-year-old author is also a book and film reviewer which she does as her day job.

Arlene Hunt has also been a contributor to many anthologies including the Declan Burke edited “Down These Green Streets,” the Gerard Brennan edited “Requiems for the Departed,” and a title intended to raise money for the Asian Tsunami – “Moments.”
Arlene currently makes her home in Dublin where she lives with her husband, her daughter, three felines, and Opus her beloved basset
When she is not writing her novels, she can be found reading and particularly likes the works of John Connolly, Robert Crais, James Lee Burke, James Ellroy, and George Pelecanos.
When she is not reading or writing, she likes to participate in long-distance running or trekking the mountains alongside her two German Shepherds.

What is very interesting about Arlene Hunt’s career is that she turned down a publishing contract with Hachette Ireland and found much success going it alone.

In 2011, she teamed up with her husband to set up the independent Portnoy Publishing company. As was to be expected, Arlene says that it was a nerve-racking experience, even though it was also fascinating.

It was a drive to explore new terrain as she felt the need to take on new challenges as a publisher. She was lucky that Andrew her husband is a technical whizz who took to the technical side of publishing like a duck to water.
While it seems like it would be a daunting switch, Arlene believes it was to some extent easy as her world has always revolved around books, and hence publishing was nothing but a natural extension.
Moreover, she had learned a lot while working with the team from Hachette where she had previously published her novels.

It was with Portnoy Publishing that she published several fiction and non-fiction novels including “The Chosen,” the sensational thriller.

Arlene Hunt is now a full-time author who spends much of her time writing her novels.

When she wakes up in the morning, she usually checks her mail, goes online for a bit, reads the papers while having tea, and then gets down to work for about three to four hours at a time.
Hunt usually has a daily word count and is very disciplined about not quitting until she has achieved it. In the evenings, she will usually edit for about an hour before calling it a day.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found walking the dog, running, kickboxing, exercising at the gym, or reading.

Sometimes, she will head to the cinema twice a month with a friend to see some appalling movies that have come out.

She has said that if she was not an author she would probably be working as a dog trainer.

“False Intentions” by Arlene Hunt is a riveting work of fiction that is a great introduction to the “QuicK Investigations” series of novels.

At the opening of the novel, the lead is introduced as James Kilburn who is struggling to the Dublin shore while hauling one of his largest-ever cocaine loads.
Later, a woman named Ashley Naughtopn leaves a city nightclub that is known to belong to Vinnie York a lowlife criminal.

Soon enough, both Naughton and Kilburn go missing and Patrick York the notorious Dublin criminal comes from the Netherlands to look for his missing haul of cocaine.
The heat is turned up for Vinnie his son and his long-term associate Edward Naughton the father to the missing girl.

John Quigley and Sarah Kenny are rookie detectives charged with finding Ashley by the seemingly distraught mother.

With each passing moment, people begin fearing for Ashley as her disappearance seems like a huge puzzle.

Could Edward have sacrificed his daughter to get ahead in a highly competitive multi-million euro industry? Things turn very interesting as just when the detectives start making headway, their employer calls off the search.
It is a gripping storyline full of twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages trying to find out what happens next.

Arlene Hunt’s “Black Sheep” is a fascinating mystery fiction novel of the “QuicK Investigations” series of novels.
At the start of the novel, the body of a young girl brutally murdered is found deep in the Wicklow mountains.

A month later, successful designer David Rid is found dead and his body is dumped in a canal in Dublin. Close to the corpse is a broken silver ring on which are imprinted the words “Meridian Club.”
According to the police, the death was an accident, even though his brother is not too convinced. He engages the services of Sarah Kenny and John Quigley of QuicK Investigations to work on the case.

Working on the case, the two detectives soon discover that there is more to Reid than his siblings ever knew. But then the killer seems to be back with a vengeance and they cannot get anywhere as everyone seems to be lying for some reason.
Just what had happened on the night Reid died and could his death have been linked to that of the young girl? Another big mystery is the meaning of the Meridian Club which they found imprinted on the key ring of David Reid.
Struggling to find some answers, they never realize until it is too late that they have stepped on the toes of a very dangerous man.

“Missing Presumed Dead” by Arlene Hunt is an interesting addition to the “QuicK Investigations” series.

In 1980, a blonde and beautiful toddler named Katie Jones went missing one hot summer day while playing on the water’s edge and had been presumed dead.

In 2006, a young woman came onto the scene from Dublin carrying a firearm. She knocks on the door and immediately shoots the man who opens it before shooting herself.

It turns out that she is the blonde beautiful girl is Katie Jones and this event leaves her family and just about everyone scrambling for answers. Where could she have been all these years and why did she shoot retired GP Walter Hogan before killing herself?
Sarah Kenny and John Quigley of QuicK Investigations are called in to investigate what has to be one of their most complicated cases.

Delving into the murky world of Katie Jones, they could never have imagined that someone from Sarah’s past was watching and could strike at any moment when the time was right.
It is a compulsive thriller dealing with revenge, betrayal, and loss and the detectives will soon discover the cost of all three.

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